The World Gamer

25. Asian Unification.

Chiu brought me the final decision and I agreed to it. The operation is very simple. Just shut up and charge. Ignorant, but we're okay. It has the power to succeed in the ignorant way.

“Hmm. When do I use these? ”

Fighters, transporters, bombers. There are no battleships, no aircraft carriers. No, it wasn't worth it. I also talked about the use of these, but the children objected.

It's not because it's overwhelming science. It is a means of emergency. It is said to wipe out enemies at the last moment.

And above all, the scientists of our empire are a bit of a problem. Once he made all the weapons of the 21st century, It still needs more time, but people's standard of living is gradually becoming a burden in the 21st century.

Architecture and clothing are introducing 21st-century objects, although the Internet and telecommunications network have not yet been installed. It takes a long time to build a network, but the problem is that something better is coming out.

So I found something better and decided to install it properly afterwards. His eyes have been raised like this.

“The problem is the main light source, which is the Chinese user. We don't have a problem killing this guy, but China does. ”

If there is a problem with China, it will also hit our export industry, and most importantly, China is right next door. If China becomes an outbreak, it will affect Korea as well. Nevertheless, there is no reason to keep him alive.

“Just take care of it, too. If this country is shaking that much, that's the only way. ”

But I think it's going to work out. Unlike before, the political system has become largely divided and so has the judicial system. Even if the crisis comes because it has become a big change as a whole, they will be able to do it on their own.

“Ha. What should I do with the dungeon...”

The only thing that is hurting my head right now is this dungeon. On Earth, he became the mastermind of those who dream of earning a thousand dollars, but only when they are all dead can they regain consciousness.

I wish it were that simple. But it's not that simple. It's a place where you really have to fight for your lives. Make no mistake and you will die. They're just beating it up because they don't know it well.

Of course, it's not that big a deal. Monster bodies from the dungeon are worth every drop of blood. Besides, it's not cheap. It is definitely something to call awesome. If he makes it out alive.

Our soldiers also make sacrifices while circling the dungeon. Even with skilled people, accidents happen all the time, and not all dungeon traps can be predicted.

“The best way to do that is to decide and recruit soldiers...”

The limits of the game have been lifted, but the basic game system has not disappeared. At home, the unit vomits randomly every 20 turns.

Thanks to this, workers are being freed up to cover more ground. Workers build buildings and build roads, that's not the end. They must be repaired. There is an enormous task waiting for the completion of communications from over four generations and five generations.

Workers have a lot of work to do. There are too many homes, but here's why you don't delete them. This means that workers and other units that come out of the home every hour are definitely helpful. I was thinking about the dungeon and the story went in a strange direction.

“There's no answer. ”

Yeah, it's really annoying, but there's no answer. I can't help it. We're a little short on food, though. I think we should make a decision and recruit some soldiers.

“Then order right away. ”

The good thing about being emperor is that I don't have to take care of everything myself. I write and deliver my orders to each of the kings, and that's it. Then they will take care of their business according to my orders. I just need to make sure it's going well.

It doesn't look like much to do... but the problem is that we need to check each agency's reports, including those from their respective kings. Fucking paperwork. I wish someone would do this for me.

* * * * * * *

“Well done. You can tell the Emperor that. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Goodbye, then…”

A battle that is neither magnificent nor glamorous, but delicate and refined. And the woman sitting at the top of the battle looked at the paper in her hand and said, looking at those beside her.

“The Emperor has sent an order. His Majesty has been ordered to produce additional soldiers for the sudden increase of dungeons. ”

“Additional production...”

“Yes. Determine and recruit soldiers." ”

“Of course.”

“From now on, I will build a building to train soldiers on an empty site. The goal is to make the number of all troops on the island a million. This will dramatically increase food consumption. If you have a solution to this, you can speak up. ”

“Your Grace, I believe that the best way to increase the production of food is also to use magic. Farming uses the energy of the land to fertilize it and replenish the energy of the land. But if you want to produce more food, you have to replenish the growth rate of the crops and the energy of the land consumed faster. And to do that, there's nothing quite as magical. ”

“There must be some way to say that, right? ”

“Of course, Your Grace. A recent experiment has found a solution to all of these problems. ”

“What's that? ”

“Finely ground Manasik and sprinkle it with fertilizer on the ground. ”


“In fact, the experiment showed that crops were made 10 times faster. That's 10 times the same amount of time. We did not lack the energy of the earth, so we could start farming again. And it's about 20 times more profitable than conventional fertilizer. ”

“Twenty times... That should be enough to put a dent in the food. Is that something we've developed ourselves? ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“It's a great invention. I will write to His Majesty and let him know of your invention throughout the empire. Well done."

“It is an honor to hear that you have been of assistance to this empire. ”

“We've all solved the food problem somewhat with this. So don't hesitate to recruit any soldiers. ”

So Queen Dowager's officials took measures against the food, and it was delivered into the hands of the emperor, the universe. As important as that, a report was made to the universe in an emergency.

Of course, the universe saw this report and ordered all fields within the empire to implement this method immediately. Manasik is very expensive. On Earth, 1 gram of Mana Seok is about KRW 100,000 at the Korean exchange rate.

One gram is 100,000 won. One kg is 100 million won. Sprinkling such manna stones on the field would be crazy if they saw it on Earth. Of course it is. But it's different here.

There are also Mana Stone mines, and the most important thing is the dungeon. As too many dungeons appear and their quality increases, Manasik catching monsters is getting thicker and thicker.

Of course, he had enough Mana Seok to sprinkle on the field. It was good news for some people who were still thinking about what to do while seeing Manasik piling up.

If Manasik's value is too low, it is also a big problem in the market within the empire. The most important thing about the artifacts that wizards make and sell is Manasik. And this manasik takes up most of the artifact's prices.

How much. And it is natural to use compressed manacles to determine the performance of the artifact. However, as the price of this manasik drops, the price of the artifact starts dropping, and if it does, there will be many ruined merchants. The wizards' labor costs were not low.

However, it was only fortunate for the Artifacts merchants that Manasik was consumed nationally. The production of soldiers from the Gagari Empire, who have overcome such a great challenge, has gone unchecked.

You quickly build a Training Hall with a large number of workers and continue to recruit soldiers with abundant resources. Queen Seon Deok, who is responsible for the Japanese islands, has a target of 1 million troops.

Given that we need to have some basic training and hands-on experience in the dungeons to be treated as proper soldiers in our Empire, we will include more than 1 million soldiers when the 1 million soldiers are ready.

Not to mention the Korean Peninsula and Manchu. Especially since Manju's expansive expanse was determined and began to be drawn, it was only recently that the order of the universe was delivered, and in an instant, more than 10,000 soldiers were drawn out, like crazy.

The Korean Peninsula is the center of this Gaelic empire. Of course, there was hardly any spare land, but I managed to build a training camp and I calmly recruited soldiers from the land.

The Gagari Empire has begun to increase the number of soldiers in ignorance. Then the universe and its attendants had to gather again in the Imperial Hall of Meetings.