The World Gamer

26. The beginning and nature of the work.

“Fine. Let's just say you're right about everything. And how do you know that? ”

“My father showed me something special. ”



God showed you something special? What's the matter with you?

“Why? ”

“Angels do not protect the universe. Every universe has a God. My father is in charge of the universe in which you humans live now. ”

“Then who guards the universe? ”

“Why do you think we have to protect it? The universe itself flows according to its own laws. Even a devil or an angel or a god is no more than one creature before the universe. The extinction of the universe simply means that even God dies. ”

Since it is the condition for the destruction of the universe that there is not a single living creature… If a god is included in that creature, even a god must die in order for the universe to perish.

“This cosmic collision is not necessarily the annihilation of those universes. As I said before, life has no problem. But most of them won't make it. We can't withstand the many interplanetary collisions and dimensional collisions that occur in the process of fusion. But there are also places to stand. And yet another universe colliding with this universe is holding up its collision course. ”


“But they don't hold out perfectly. Why do you think we care about the planet? There are already so many life forms that the Earth is almost the only one that survived in this universe. ”

“... which means, in other words, aliens. ”

“Stupid. Think about the size of the universe. You humans are not masters of this universe. Now, Father cannot create new life because of the collision of the universe, but if the collision of the universe stabilizes, He will create life again. ”

“Tell me why you're talking about this. I am.”

“I'll explain that. ”

At that moment, I heard a very familiar voice.


“It's been a long time. Space. How you doing? I know you're doing well from above. ”

A bubble. Not lying in a coffin, but smiling brightly.


“Stay alert. Speed up the brain load. Dude, the reason Michael's telling this story is so simple. The world of cosmic civilization I created is actually somewhere in the middle where these two universes collide. That means everything is unstable. On the other hand, you can do anything with that instability. The new world I created is proof of that. ”

“Made the world...? Not really. But...”

A world of cosmic civilizations. The planet's resources are infinite, with the exception of Manassite, and food is scarce. Certain units never get old. Of course, I can only say it's strange.

“I didn't know that I had settled where the two universes collided. It's just that it's the easiest place to make a world of space civilization. But that was the problem. I made the world a better place than I thought, and thanks to your extraordinary performance, the world is fixed in one dimension. Problems come from that. Monsters have appeared on Earth, right? ”

“Yeah. What the hell happened to that? ”

“After the cosmic civilization world has been stabilized to one dimension, you have been to and from that dimension and from Earth, and from those you summoned. And the cosmic collision is still ongoing. As the range of dimensions is expanding, there are many things gathering on a planet with four nations at the center of all dimensions. Evidence of a sudden increase in occurrence of dungeons and increased difficulty. ”

“It's not just my country, is it? ”

“No, that's just your country. Because you've traveled back and forth between Earth and that world. Besides, the Earth is slowly going to be influenced by the civilized world of space. ”

“I already have a lot. ”

“No, it's just the beginning. More accidents will happen and the Earth will undergo more changes. The cosmic collision has the power to destroy all common sense. No one can predict how that's going to change. ”


“You have to suffer. Four kingdoms of Earth and space civilization. You have to keep both of these safe. It's good to be bold about the monsters on Earth. I'll only get a headache if I think about it. ”

“So there are monsters on Earth? ”

“Right. So you want me to quickly find the monster's lair and kill the monster's leader?" ”

“Damn it. I want to. But we don't know where he is. ”

“I'd like to tell you where I am as a bonus for that. ”

You say that, and the bubble looks at Michael next to you.

“As you can see, I handed you the Manassik and the Manassite Ore, and it's not enough because I'm a horny angel. But I can give you a hint. Monsters' strongholds are not in a place called the continent. It's on an island somewhere. ”

“An island somewhere? ”

“Yes. The island. Eurasia, Africa, no continent, no continent of America, no island. On the same island as Japan. Of course, now that you've confirmed that you're not in Japan, you'll have to find another place. ”

“We need to move the Navy. ”

“That's it. Work hard. That's all the monsters you'll need to take care of the boss back at the base. Then you can only play with monsters. ”

“Where does that play? People on Earth are fighting for their lives. ”

“That's them. You didn't do that, did you? You have nothing to fight for anyway. All your men fight. Oh, and you haven't met the heretics, have you? ”

“... I'd meet an elf. ”

“I'm sorry about that, too. Space collisions do the unexpected, like I said. These people I created must have been chewed up by the collision. Maybe those Elves aren't there now, either. ”

“What's that supposed to mean? ”

“Simply put, game files collided with each other and flew away. ”

“... and what about the xenogens? ”


“What the...”

How many things have I prepared for the arrival of the heretics….

“Oh, that doesn't mean it's not there at all. I'm doing my own thing. If you go out into space, then you'll see the Strangers again. as aliens.”

“That's not good enough. ”

“Hahaha. I'm sorry, but I'm going to throw your complaint in the trash. I'm already making a lot of arrangements. Can I count on it?”

“I'll throw your expectations in the trash. ”

The foam smiled at my words and said.

“Now I feel like I know the universe. Don't take it too seriously. It's a once-in-a-lifetime life, right? ”

“A ghost who died and appeared to me as a ghost says something. ”

“Ah, I'm the odd one. There's basically a death sentence, and then there's all the next steps. I'm doing this because I'm weird. If he dies anyway, that's it. ”

“So what does the guy who died and intervened in my life keep saying? ”

“If you die, it's over, so enjoy life more! Friend! That's the end of the story! Time to wake up. Have fun and come back! I'll meet you later and ask you a lot of questions! ”

The bubble disappears.

“... What the hell is he talking about? ”

“I don't know. One way or another, you'll find out why you became that power and the Earth became that. Why do I ask you to protect the humans? ”

“To prevent the extinction of the universe? ”

Isn't the scale too big?

“Yes, so I hope you'll try. When the universe disappears, it's all over. ”

And Michael was gone. At the same time, I heard a footsteps, and when I closed my eyes again, I saw the ceiling of my house.

“Easy for you to say...”

I felt a headache when I tried to get up from my seat, muttering like that.