The World Gamer

27. A heterogeneous monster on Earth.

I am on my way to Merlin's place as I am guided by the Palace Lady. I woke up in the car dreaming. Then I experienced a headache and muttered to myself.

I can say he's crazy when I see a stranger, but even the driver of the car is sitting next to me, and all my people. There was no one to say a word against me.

So without any tackles, I went back into the cosmic civilization world, wrote down all the Theories of Zion Energy and handed them over to the Eternal Hall, informing Qiu that there is a monster base on an island somewhere in the sea. And we're going back to Earth to where Merlin is. So much has happened in the short term.

“This is it.”

With the guidance of the palace master, I entered the secret laboratory of the monster company I had founded. Even in a secret laboratory, they don't do anything great. It is because there is nothing to study in secret.

If you want to study in secret, you can just do it in the civilized world. There were better equipment, better security, and more researchers to study with, so there was no need to suffer on Earth.

So I made this place because I thought it wouldn't be bad if it was just a formality... I didn't think it would be used like this.

“Welcome, Your Majesty. ”

Merlin's words make me nod and look at the creature that Merlin is enchanted with. It's definitely the monster I saw on the surface.

“Where did you get this? ”

“I found it on the Hawaiian side. I was brought here by Admiral Lee Sun-Shin, just in case. ”

“You didn't notice, did you? ”

“Of course. We just can't be sure that the first thing we've found in Hawaii is this. ”

“Hmm… does that mean there's a chance that others might have found it first? ”

“Yes, and if it were, the United States would have found it. Hawaii is their territory. And if they did, they wouldn't just kill them. Monsters are the first creatures to appear on this planet. ”

“I don't die well there. ”

The surest way to kill a monster is to kill it with Mana. Strangely, monsters can't fully recover from Mana's attacks. In other words, Mana suppressed the creature's regenerative power.

That's why I allowed all the soldiers to learn Mana. Those who can't use Mana to catch monsters are almost useless if they attack in broad daylight.

Even monsters can't regenerate with a simple Mane Shredding attack, but before that, they were more likely to be defeated by monsters. Among monsters, those called heroes can be regenerated even if they are shredded.

I can assure you that I have seen the reproduction of the shredded creature in Hercules' clubs. Of course, when Hercules attacked again with Mana, he was definitely dead by then.

“This is serious.”

“The reason why monsters appear on this planet is still unknown. ”

“Oh, that's okay. Because of me.”


“According to the angels, I kept moving through dimensions, and I kept summoning soldiers, and it seemed to me that the effects on them were spreading to other creatures. ”

“So the people in that world could appear on this Earth? ”

“Theoretically, yes. ”

Of course it won't be easy. According to the knowledge given by the bubble, Humans can never pass on. Why? I don't know. I just got that knowledge.

Then there are creatures other than humans, the most notable of which are monsters. Other species, other than monsters, have long since disappeared due to a cosmic collision. Only monsters that survive the aftermath of this collision can cross over to this Earth.

“It's good to inform on the monsters and be prepared... but the question is, do these humans listen to me and be prepared?" ”

“Impossible, isn't it? We're also studying the corpses of monsters from the extermination of monsters, but it should make a difference if they're human beings on Earth. Rather, if you do more, you do more, you don't do less. ”

“Ha... That's why I'm worried. ”

These bastards won't listen to me. Research on catching monsters is very dangerous. As I said before, using Mana is the best way to kill a monster completely.

However, the only people who know how to use Mana on this planet are my subordinates and the users who are called transcendents. Therefore, the death of a monster using Mana is almost impossible.

Then we have to tear them apart with an overwhelming attack that exceeds their regenerative power, but the problem is that there are monsters that do not work. Of course, at that level, it's considered to be a hero, not just any monster, but what's important is the nature of these monsters.

This crazy regenerative power. Humans are interested in this ability, which is almost immortal. That's the problem. Even in my empire in the civilized world, monsters are being captured and researched, and this is the place to be.

If the information about monsters spreads, the whole world will try to light their eyes and catch them. It's because it's not a dream to cure all incurable diseases and make them immortal if you use the creature's regenerative power well.

Research in the Gagari Empire is not immortal. It's almost done through the gaming system. Death is unstoppable, but at least not old. Game units.

What we study like that is healing. Even in the civilized world of space, there are many diseases. In particular, new epidemics are emerging as the limits of the game are lifted.

And the research that we've been doing to catch monsters to develop new drugs for these things has been very helpful. Above all, the monster was a very good test subject.

Monsters don't die from a heavy disease. Therefore, it is possible to study the disease by allowing the monster to get the disease and observing the pathway. With so much regeneration, monsters will never die easily.

Of course, incurable diseases on Earth are also being studied. Treatment methods for cancer are now in a state of near-complete state, and for almost all other diseases, treatment methods have been available from monsters.

And that's not all we got. We've also found a way to kill crazy renewables, which is to say we've found the perfect way to kill people.

In fact, even at just 1 mg, 10,000 adult men developed a poison that could kill them. We can develop these massive bioweapons, but humans on Earth are not going to use them.

Especially when you think of it as being passed on by a terrorist group, you have a really terrible imagination.

“I have to kill a tribe of monsters. And I found out that the monster base is on some island in the ocean. Tell Yi Sun-Shin to take a closer look at the base since we can't rule out the odds of it crossing over to this Earth. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

That's how I instructed Merlin, and I left the secret lab.