The World Gamer

27. A heterogeneous monster on Earth.

The girls all changed their names as secretaries, but at the same time they changed their clothes slightly. Some wore modern, redesigned hanboks from clothes worn by old ladies, and others wore women's suits like Serie.

In this case, it all came together as all black. Because they are not all Asians, it is the desire of men to have different attractive girls standing in one uniform and in front of themselves.

“Is this the final assignment? ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

Secretarial. This place is my private property. Cleaning, rice, laundry, my schedule, simple paperwork. And a cruise with an escort... What is that? It also includes... night service. Of course, it consists of all women only.

One of the most important things to study to accept as a secretary is definitely Mimo. I assure you, one of my most despicable assistants has the beauty of casting on the streets of Earth.

Next to this beauty is talent. Talent is the highest priority among all Talents. Secretaries do many things. Basic paperwork and my escort, from cooking and laundry. And cruise. My bedtime cruise. I do various things up to.

So most of my assistants have a universal talent. All of those Talents are at least 6. Of course, there are those who are not universally talented, but they have an extraordinary ability in one field.

And with these, Seria formed a few teams. It was Serena's explanation that I was a professional response to what I was doing through that team, and I allowed it. The final organization chart of the secretarial office was in my hands.

Of course, the secretary is Seria. Then there are the two secretaries who are directly below Seria. After that, there are a total of five teams.


The secretarial office was officially reborn.

All women are renamed secretaries.

Looking at the notification windows, I nodded. Through this, the secretarial office was officially founded.

“Then keep up the good work. ”

“I'm just doing my job. Baja, if you'll excuse me. ”

And Seria out of my room. After she left, I reorganized the paperwork. This guy's paperwork can't be finished even though it's organized, but now it's slowly shrinking.

In fact, the reason for the most documents was because of the buildings that were constantly being rebuilt. However, now that many things have been reinforced, it was also natural that the amount of paperwork was reduced.

High security is firmly in place there. It was quite difficult to manage the security, but it still had to be managed. High or low security means different penalties in war.

In general, high security means no penalty in the event of war. But if security is mediocre, there are crimes. Typically, robbers and thieves succeed, and as a result, security is further diminished.

And when security is lowered, crime rates begin to spike, and when security is really lowered, civil revolt begins. I have never experienced it firsthand, but I have been very concerned about security ever since, as security has been common and crime rates have risen.

That's why they say the number of soldiers is insufficient. We've doubled our security forces since then. Of course, since it has doubled now, it has tripled again.

It is for increased occurrence of dungeons and maintaining security due to increased difficulty. If we put together soldiers that are only for the security of my empire right now, close to a million soldiers are moving only for the security of our empire.

I'm going to go to war, except for all of these soldiers, so I'm sure there's not enough of them. I had no choice but to think of an army to leave behind in case of empty house hairs. However, when Manafertilizer appeared, the problem of shortage of troops was resolved.

Return to Earth in 5 turns.

“It's over.”

Time has run out in space civilization. Earth will be in the morning... so we should get back to work. Space civilization is obviously a game, and I don't know why I just work like this...

* * * * * * *

“Phew... Why are you so...”

Aris, who killed the giant Minotaur, sighs and looks around. You see the buildings crumbling and falling. There were also people's bodies.

“I heard the incidence of monsters is gradually increasing worldwide. Plus, the levels have gone up. ”

Her current location was London, the capital of England. Because of the sudden appearance in London, she had to come and get it herself because it was too strong.

That's why she's the transcendent. And the monsters were really strong. It was the size of a Minotaur in a Greek Roman myth, but its power was enormous.

300 British powers rushed in, but they were powerful enough to kill them all and special forces. A monster that can also be called a skill.

“Class B... like this. This monster.”

Monster Company, the world's greatest transcendent. The dungeons and monster ratings announced by the Kim universe, also known as the guardian of humanity in the present world. A special power must be a B rank based on that rank. Skill can be used.

That means the Minotaurs are a class B minimum.

“Humanity has no hope if these monsters keep appearing. ”

The sea is guarding the universe at all costs by summoning an enormous number of soldiers and by summoning battleships, but it is not completely defeating the sea, but it is preventing monsters from approaching it by patrolling important paths.

It was because the sea was so vast that the universe couldn't do everything by itself. But the universe was doing it because we could do as much as we wanted to protect a particular course.

It is said that the situation that could have caused a major economic panic has been barely survived. In fact, if the sea is broken, rising water prices cannot be avoided. The problem is that no one knows how much that ramp will increase.

Now, the universe is somehow guarding the ocean's tracks, but since it can't be for life, nations have been studying ways to kill sea monsters somehow, and figuring out how to make it easier for capable people to fight at sea.

“Well done, miss. ”

“Ah. Chamberlain. You're late.”

“You're going too fast. We came as fast as we could. It was just a traffic jam. That's too bad.”

“I can't help it because of him. How about more damage? ”

“We can't say for sure, but we still see over a thousand deaths. And no matter how little the economic damage is, it's going to cost more than 100 million pounds. ”

“That's a lot of damage. ”

“Yes, and what's even scarier is that this level of monster appears at least once a week in Korea. ”

Yes, it is South Korea called Monster Heaven. In South Korea, monsters appear so severely that they are said to have perished in the past.

But it's not falling down. With a life force stronger than weeds, South Korea survived. Rather, it was in better shape than before the monsters came out.

South Korea has been growing in every way since its political career with the nation-state protests called the Democratic Revolution. Of course, the damage from monsters continues to increase.

However, the changed government was taking swift measures, and the talents that were growing at a rapid rate as they caught the monsters were unleashing their own power.

Equipment is also a byproduct of monsters. Due to the agreement with the government, monster companies have announced that some of the equipment they sell is sold to Korea, and they are Korea's competents who are enjoying the benefits.

South Korea's growth rate makes the United States nervous. No, the United States was already nervous. The largest are also the ships of the universe that rule the sea.

Currently, the oceans were perfectly packed and the universe could not sail properly without the permission of the universe. Fortunately, it is now simply being paid for fuel instead of tolls, but there is no denying it in many countries.

Why didn't the United States, called the World's Greatest Country, think about getting the ocean back on its feet? Of course I tried. However, the results were miserable. Alas, only 60 battleships including three aircraft carriers were destroyed.

The main reason is that if you attack monsters, their power will be doubled, just like other modern weapons. There are no ordinary monsters, but some class of monsters make a faint shield on their bodies.

The monsters with these shields are called Class C monsters, and monsters in the sea were strong enough that no monsters under Class C had been found so far.

Apparently, the United States of America was forced to fight monsters with disapproved weapons. Of course, more attacks were necessary, but the damage was substantial.

Killing monsters does not guarantee that they will not appear new, but it was a unilateral disadvantage for the United States to use all of its naval forces, so it was inevitable that the United States would be escorted into space. Like all the other countries.

“How are you doing...”

The moment Aris was worried about the body of the universe.