The World Gamer

27. A heterogeneous monster on Earth.

Monsters appear, talents appear, dungeons appear. So much has changed on Earth. But people are adaptable animals. People were adapting to this changing planet.


“Everyone flee to the refuge!!! ”

“Hurry up!!! ”

The advent of monsters. Of course it's a disaster. It is impossible for ordinary people to deal with this monster. But God did not abandon man.

“Ice Cannon!!! ”

Along with a man's cry, a huge chunk of ice bursts from the man's hand and collides with the monster's torso. Then the monster freezes again with a chunk of broken ice.

“Ice Hammer!!! ”

As the man makes a hammer made of ice in his hand toward the frozen monster, he strikes the monster's torso hard, causing the frozen monster's torso to shatter and fall to the ground with pieces of ice.

“Ice sulfur!!! ”

“Thanks for your help!!! Ice sulfur!!!! ”

People stop running and thank the man who killed the monster for it. Abilities. They become stronger by hunting monsters while exercising their superpowers.

We call them many titles, but people on Earth now call them two things. Heroes and villains. In other words, heroes and villains.

Talents definitely have superpowers. Help people or defeat monsters with incredible power. But even abilities are people. They don't just use their power to their advantage.

Those who commit crimes will have this superpower. In that case, more extraordinary and terrible crimes are possible. At the same time, the police can't usually catch it.

Calling these people villains villains only makes them sound strange, so people call them Villains. And there are people who are both capable and not capable.

Their strength was too strong. They literally have powers that transcend even the most powerful minds. That is why they are called transcendents. And there are only five transcendents on Earth. Originally there were six, but one died suddenly.

All four of them had different powers, but they had something in common that was so strong that one dimension was different. Victoria Aris of England had swords and swords that could cut through anything.

China's main light source was a master of martial arts and a versatile transcendent who could even use magic. And Michael in the United States is a transcendent with the ability to control all nature in a way that makes him the strongest.

And the Canadian transcendent, though his name is unknown, is called the Grand Summoner, summoning all kinds of extraterrestrial beings and having the power to voice them.

Finally, even though we are called the greatest transcendents in the world and defend the Earth alone, it is no exaggeration. A person who is named Emperor of Korea, the world's best gamer and has two companies. There is the Kim universe.

His abilities are summoned like the Grand Summoner of Canada. But what he summoned was special. We summoned great men from the past, or we summoned men and warships.

The ability of the Kim universe is still a heated debate between people. Summoning a Great Person. This is certainly a tremendous ability, but it's understandable somehow. That's what transcends people in the first place.

But what about the battleship? At the same time, over tens of thousands of soldiers? This changes the story. One or two great men, no problem, but tens of thousands of soldiers? It is said to have survived to this point, but summoning the carrier was truly a common sense destruction.

No one knows where this aircraft carrier appears. Only you would know who summoned the carrier. But he doesn't talk about it at all.

That's why his abilities had to stay in the maze. The only reason he is called the Emperor is because these soldiers call him the Emperor.

Humanity was adapting to this sudden change once again, demonstrating the tremendous adaptability that has been shown throughout history, but there was another great change in humanity.

“You can see it! Viewers! Sudden appearances of unknown monsters and those bizarre forms of creatures slowly occupy the land. ”

Monster. A monster that makes people hate you the moment they see it so well. And with those monsters, it's like a huge creature, like an architecture.

These things came out of nowhere and took over an island in northern Japan. And starting there, we slowly started south of where Japan is, and now many of these monsters have taken over.

“Ah! Finally! Citizens! Emperor's army!!! ”

The Emperor's army, meaning the universe of Kim, were the Battleships of Kim, who were guarding the sea on Earth. An entire fleet of 80 fighters has left the carrier and warships have begun firing at monsters and large creatures such as buildings.

“Attack has begun! Will the Emperor's army be able to defeat those new monsters and keep Japan safe? ”

Announcer: The helicopter is broadcasting all of this live. The camera was filming all the scenes on the camera as if it didn't want to miss a single spot of the battle.


At that time, when the cry of the bird was heard loudly, naturally, neither did the camera reporters, but they looked around the sky to find out the identity of the cry, and found a black crow with three legs approaching at a rapid rate.

“Three tribes! The Emperor's Creed! The Trident is here! ”

A raven that eats dragons with three legs. In fact, some of the airborne monsters that appeared in South Korea had been treated by these three tribes before, so they called them the Trinity.

“Huh? The man on the tribal floor... Ah! I am the Emperor! Emperor Kim Joo-woo himself appeared!!! ”

The one on Samsaeok's back. The announcer was surprised to see him and cried out. And the camera quickly turned there and caught him zooming in to catch the man on the back of the Three Tribes. The most powerful man in the world, known as the Emperor. It was Kim Yooseok.

Unlike other competents or representatives, Kim Jong-Wook himself had no different power than any ordinary person. Canadian transcendents, known as the Grand Summoners, also have the means to protect their own bodies, but the Kim universe has absolutely nothing like that.

He said to himself during the interview: Nevertheless, what he is called the world's greatest is not because he is strong, but because the people he summons are strong.

“Ah! Looks like you're summoning something new again!" ”

In front of the Kim universe, a person appeared with a light. The announcer who saw him silenced for a moment. The indescribable pressure presses on her. And it turned out to be a camera director.

Above all, monsters fighting on the ground had to stop fighting for the sudden appearance of a man and stare into the air. And after Kim said something to the man, the man nodded lightly and jumped off the back of the three tribes.

The man's body suddenly stopped in midair, dropping vertically towards the ground. The man pulls out his sword from his waist and swings the sea as he goes toward the island where the monsters are occupying it.


Splitting the sea. Moses from the Bible split the sea. Is this what they would look like if they actually saw it? The sea split, and the island split. The island the monsters are occupying has been broken into two pieces.

And the man swung his sword in the air a few more times. But each time, the sea breaks and the island breaks. No, I cut it clean. He was cutting down the seas and islands that were so easily bought.

The man who cut the island into 16 pieces suddenly put his sword back into his waist and after a while the man disappeared with the light. And just as the 16-piece islands weren't the kind of people who missed the opportunity for monsters to reign supreme, Kim's forces unleashed brutal fire on the monsters.

As the split seas began to merge again, the monsters in the sea had to be overwhelmed or swept away by the pressure of the sea.