The World Gamer

28. The Gagari Empire of Advance.

There was nothing more appropriate than that. The vanguard led by Qiu went forward, destroying everything that stands in his way. I reached the capital city of the Myeong Empire too quickly.

“Is that...”

“That's big.”

“Usually the capital of the empire and the imperial palace should be about that. We're just too small. ”

Hercules nods at the harbor horse. Chiu's vanguard suddenly reached the capital city of the empire. On the wall surrounding the capital, the soldiers were ready, and as they looked at it, they said,

“Could the messenger have arrived? ”

“I don't know. Maybe we can somehow convey something magical. Well, that doesn't change the outcome, does it? General.”

Speaking of which, Hercules walks towards a huge wall. You're walking towards a huge wall alone, but oddly enough, it feels smaller than Hercules.

“You there! Listen to those in the walls!!! ”

Hercules' cry soon spread to all sides.

“Surrender now and you will be finished without sacrifice! Emperor of the Ming Empire, surrender!!! ”

“Hahahaha! He's so loud! ”

Then a young man jumped off the wall and immediately approached Hercules from the air.

“I am the Eastern Defeat! Speak up, you rascal! Let's play with me! ”

“Tsk. Don't play. You're no match for me. ”

“I don't suppose you're qualified to say that. Let's test this Eastern Fire Lord! ”

And he reaches out his hands to Hercules. Looking at it, Hercules decides to take it as he considers whether to avoid it or counteract it.


You hear a loud noise, not the sound of a human body colliding. Soldiers in the walls smile, but the Eastern Fire cannot laugh.

“Told you? You're weak. It's hard to hurt me. You.”


With Hercules' words, the Eastern Fire Beat lifts the entire body's stamina while biting the lips.

“The Celestial Dragons!!! ”

The final attack that made him known as the Eastern Fire. The final attack of the Eastern Fire that no one has stopped so far. Then Heracles' body is pushed back. A giant heavenly dragon pushes Hercules against you.

“Tsk. Don't you understand? Or don't you?" ”

Hercules catches the face of a giant heavenly dragon invading his body. Then, as I tightened my legs, the pushed body stopped, and as I tightened my hands, the heavenly dragon was torn apart.

“You can't. ”

“Oh my...”

I watched the Eastern Flame as it shredded and disappeared. The man who had been called the Eastern Fire was defeated by Hercules.

“Still, it was okay. If I had the power, I wouldn't be feeble compared to my kids, but I'll be in the top 20. ”

After clapping the idle Eastern Fire Shoulder, Hercules starts running as he walks again. Then there was a commotion on the wall. Then people started jumping over the walls.

“The unmanned.”

Shifu saw them and said, The wall is 5 meters high. It is never easy for an ordinary person to jump. If I fell wrong, I could die.

The jumpers jump off the wall and attack Hercules with their weapons. However, Hercules has suffered the last of the Eastern Decline and has sustained no injuries. You are far too weak to stop such a Hercules charge.

Rather, they were thrown into the rush of Hercules, which was accelerating and accelerating, or they were crushed on the feet of Hercules. Overwhelming defense and power. Hercules was strong, even though it was the most basic. No, it was stronger because it was basic.

“Earth Slash!!! ”

And Hercules attacks at last. Used a skill called Ground Slash. Ground Slash is actually not that great. Compared to Chiu's thousand years old or the skills of a gunfighter, it is worthless.

It's all about hitting the ground with a club, very simply. And in proportion to its power, it gives a strong shock to the enemies. What is of note here is that the impact rises in proportion to the force that Hercules directly strikes.

Even if everyone in our Empire uses the same skill, it cannot be used stronger than Hercules. It is because of his overwhelming power.


Hercules' club strikes the ground and the ground is turned upside down, sending its power toward the wall. The power that went through the ground reaches the wall and the wall must bear it... but the wall cannot.

Along with the thunder, a part of the wall explodes as if it were exploding. I had no choice but to stare at the unarmed as well as the Eastern Fire.

“The road is open! Prepare to charge!”

All the cavalry prepare to charge at the cry of Qiu. And at the forefront of them are the tides and ports. There were follicles.


A total of 70,000 Celestial Army raids have begun due to Qiu's shout. Individual skills are directly below the name unit. The skill of ordinary soldiers is surpassing.

This is basically the story of the Celestial Army. The limits of the game have been lifted, and even those who are talented at nothing have joined the Celestial Army. They became, of course, name units. They are weaker than the Antiques, Folk Chiu and Hercules, but they are never easy to lose by fighting someone else.

This is the heavenly host where they were assembled and created. It is the finest unit of the Gagari Empire and the finest. And it's a symbol of invincibility. The commander of the gun who led them was a true strongman.

At the start of the Celestial Army's charge, of course, the unmanned people outside the castle were embarrassed. 70,000. It's also the charge of the perfect armored horsemen.

The force is determined by acceleration and mass. The weight of those armor and the weight and acceleration of a human being on a typical horse. The combined weight of all this is not something one can bear, of course, with a human body. If they have Herculean defenses, that's another story.

“Evade!!! Fall back to the Resistance!!! ”

Soldiers and unmanned men quickly start to flee, shouting at the one who appears to be a commander. Looking at them, Hercules stands and watches the wall he smashed. And the heavenly host who was charging slowly slowed down and crossed the walls broken by Hercules, moving at a one-sided pace.

“Aren't you going? ”

Hercules said as he watched the Eastern Fire break through the Wall and into the capital.

“What's your name? ”

“Hercules. I don't know if you've heard of it. ”

“... the great hero of Greece. Is that correct?"

“Oh, did you know that? Haha. Look at that. I said I made a name for myself. ”

Hercules said with a smile of relief.

“Are you here to fight us? If you want, this body called the Great Depression can deal with you. ”

At the harbor master's words, the Eastern Fire Blade shakes his head. He's already exhausted. The Celestial Dragonfield is an attack that uses all of its power. If you use it once, you won't be able to fight until you've accumulated bets again.

The enemy is a port called the Great Depression. There's no way you can fight someone who's considered to be the strongest in Chinese history.

“I don't fight. Because I already lost. I just want to follow you because I'm curious about what's going to happen. ”

“Whatever you want. ”

And the clearing slowly moved towards the imperial palace that was protected by the resistance, and the heavenly body followed behind it. Seeing them, the Eastern Fire Lord sighed and said.

“I guess you can't stop it... But you can't stop it. I couldn't stop him, but I couldn't stop him. ”

Speaking of which, Eastern Fire. He also silently followed behind the Celestial Army.