The World Gamer

29. Launching Space Civilizations.

In Raphael's words, Michael smiles deeply.

“What kind of duel? I was unilaterally pushed and I saved what I was about to die. ”

“Don't be ridiculous! You think Raphael is going to get hurt by a human like that? ”

Michael shakes his head at Raphael's cry.

“This should clear things up somehow. Rafael, you lost the fight with Chiu. So give me the main light source. Human work. Human work. Isn't that what you always say? ”


“You're the only one who's going to be ugly if you try to buy yourself more time. Rafael, and now to see your arrogance is beyond measure. Now we don't have the luxury to make you feel better about your arrogance. ”

“Michael!!!! ”

“That's something we all agree on. Raphael, if I'd known this was gonna happen, I wouldn't have given you my nomination. ”

“This has crossed a line. Rafael.”

Then two angels appeared. One was an angel with glasses and an intelligent atmosphere, and the other was a beautiful female angel.

“Gabriel, Uriel...”

All four of the five archangels, called the Great Angels, gathered in one place.

“This story is over. Our conclusions are the same. Intervene with the main light source. Raphael, or we will arrest you. ”

“Why!!! He is the talent that can sustain this universe! We chose humans in the first place for the survival of the universe! And you're just going to kill a talent like that? ”

You hear another voice from Raphael.

“You're wrong. In addition to that, there are three other human beings that we have chosen that are alive and in the Kim universe at the same time. He stays. Now, I don't think it's worth mentioning whose mood this universe is more likely to endure, am I wrong? ”


The scribe of God. It is said that since the birth of the early universe, he has written down every walk of God. He hates to walk and hates to fight, but his power is stronger than Michael's.

“It's decided. Rafael, I will not tolerate any more arbitrary behavior. ”

Michael's strong words mean Raphael has to back off with his teeth sharpened. He was not willing to fight against the four archangels. And I hate to admit it, but it was clearly stronger than Raphael. Of course he won't admit it.

“It's decided. If we return to that world, we will find him now. Clear.”

“I believe I will. And I want to talk to the Emperor about this, because I need to know exactly what happened. ”

“I see.”

“I'll take you there. ”

The world of cosmic civilization again with Gabriel's guidance. Among other things, we are returning to the planet where our Empire resides. Among the remaining four archangels, Uriel opened his mouth first.

“Your selection was the worst. Rafael.”

“What do you mean? ”

“The ones you chose were the ones with dangerous ideas. Even if it wasn't the universe of Kim, in time we would have died by others of our choosing. ”

“Am I making the wrong choice? ”

“Was it right then? They had dreamed of being too reckless, and if that dream had come true, the Earth's war would have continued without end. You were going to tell me that in a situation where only one life is too bad, that we had to go and fail when they all died? ”

“I'm not wrong! If a winner appeared after both of them had survived to the end and waged the final war, he would have been responsible for taking care of all the humans on Earth! ”

“That's a good idea. Given their personality, it is unlikely. Kim's universe is more reliable. At least he's keeping his word. ”

“He only thinks of himself!!! ”

“The people you chose only cared about their own country. Or should I say your race? It was those who would oppress others. Don't you think about the people who are affected by them? ”

“Hmph! All you have to do is live. ”

“... Raphael. Your words and thoughts now. Behaviors are words that would be completely strange if they were corrupted right now. You're gonna have to refrain from doing that. No matter how we are called the Five Heavenly Angels, it is not infinite to be free of the other angels. ”

“Are you saying I'm like the rest of them?!! ”

“Not now, but not later. So play nice. Rafael. A sign of corruption is coming. Then you'll have to control yourself. I repeat, do not cross the line. You know damn well that this was a close one. ”

“No way! Uriel! I am one of the five archangels guarding the kingdom of heaven! ”

“Pride is good, but arrogance is not good. Recently, you've become too close to the line. ”

“I didn't cross the line, so it's no problem. ”

“... There's no point in saying it anymore. Yeah, don't forget that idea. Never cross the line. Raphael, if you cross that line, you'll fall. ”

And when Uriel is gone, Raphael looks at the remaining archangels and turns around and disappears. Michael sighs.

“This is the worst. ”

“I told you. That guy's arrogance. You're the one who told me there wouldn't be a big deal about it. Michael.”

According to Metatron, Michael bows his head. I had nothing to say.

“With this, Kim's universe will have a bad overall perception of our angels. This will make it very difficult to work with him in the future. ”

“Of course... but I really didn't expect him to do this. He didn't usually have such a good eye for humans. I didn't think he'd protect himself.”

“For his pride. He was commissioned to elect Uriel and a total of two people. But one is already dead. By the hand of the Kim universe. And the fact that the other one dies by his hand means he's incompetent, so he can never be looking at it. ”

“Fool. So foolish. Since the choice was wrong in the first place, there are natural consequences, so why don't they understand it? ”

“Among the words on Earth, Well, I can only see things. Raphael is an orthodox dominant. Even if angels think that everything is just angels, even demons, angels, and humans are all slaves of angels, he is the one who will die because he is happy right now. Seeing someone similar to you is the best match for you, so of course you chose them. Uriel's choice to empower Raphael was wrong. Fortunately, the rest of us, the three of us, are doing well. ”

“Phew... My head hurts. I'm gonna go get some rest. ”

“You know you have to do something to change the mind of the Kim universe, right? ”

“I know. ”

“I'll do it this time. ”


“You look tired. Get some rest. I am somewhat responsible for this. I'll deal with this item and negotiate well. ”

“... please. ”


At the end of the encounter with the archangels, I returned to the world of the cosmic civilization where our Empire was cleaning up, and found the main light source again. And this time I was able to find him.

The tidying up of knowing where he was had to admire the judgment of the main light source. He was so bravely hiding in the capital of the Gaelic Empire as well. I couldn't find it in front of my nose.

Of course, Raphael did his trick here, but this was also quite humiliating in the personal way of Shifu.

“Hmm? Who are you? ”

I held my breath as I looked at myself and cleared up the main light source speaking confidently. He was drunk, wondering if he knew his life was threatened.

“Let me ask you something. You're the one who ordered the assassination of the Kim universe on Earth? ”

“... who are you! ”

With a long shout, there is a sword in the main light source's hand, and the sword is swiftly swinging, but the opposing Pokémon is a full-body atheist, and Rafael, one of the five archangels, can't help it. Of course, he grabbed the sword from the main light source with his finger, which he purged with an unavoidable attack.

“One last question. If you answer well, you can save them. So answer me carefully. You're the one who ordered the assassination? ”

“Can you save me? ”

“I definitely asked you one last time. ”

That said, Chiu opens his strength slightly, and the main light source under his power urgently says that the liquor is awake.

“I-I did it. ”

“I see.”

And without hesitation, I cut off the main light source by swinging the sword of the waist dance.


“I told you I could save you. I didn't tell you I could save you. And killing you is an order from the Emperor to me. I had no intention of saving him in the first place. ”

The corpse of the main light source, which was split in exactly half from its head to its groin, falls to the ground, and those around it are surprised and look away.

“That's it. You guys clean up the back. ”

“Yes!. ”

According to Chiu, the agents who were waiting came in and recovered the body from the main light source. And this was the end of the main light source.