The World Gamer

29. Launching Space Civilizations.

Good morning. I've had a really good sleep in a long time. I slept in my usual talking honeymoon.

“Are you awake?”

And then there was Serena, who was always waiting for me, standing right next to my bed. It was a bit scary, but I'm used to it now, so I don't have a problem with it. Rather, I would feel disappointed if I didn't.

“Yes. It's been a long time. ”

“I have a message from Chiu. ”

“... Move? That's the move I know, right? ”


“How could he send a message? ”

The world of cosmic civilization and this Earth. I am the link between the two worlds. No one can go back and forth between these two worlds unless I summon them or call them back and forth.

“A message from Michael the Archangel. ”

“Michael? What's wrong with that angel? ”

“It turns out that the Archangel Raphael was involved in this week's light source, and Michael said that he would pay for it separately. In addition, Raphael was handed over to the main light source and later killed the main light source. ”

“Michael told you that? ”



It's no wonder angels got involved... Otherwise, it's ridiculous that our talented agents won't be able to find one.

“If there are fewer assassination attempts in the future, we'll know for sure. Whether or not the main light source commissioned the assassination. ”

“Yes. I'll get some more spies on the guard just in case." ”

“Yes, but what time is it? ”

“It's 1: 30 p.m. ”

“I think we should start with lunch. ”

“We are ready to eat. Would you like to go directly to the kitchen? ”

“Let's go. Let's eat and wash. ”

And I headed to the kitchen. The dining table in the kitchen didn't always have enough food to break my upper leg, but even that rich enough to eat alone welcomed me to a six-speed table made up of only the dishes I really liked.

Of course it tastes the best. Not to mention her talents. The combination of talent and genius is always thought of, but even if it's fraudulent, it's a combination of both. And the Seria that is achieving 10 is better than those who are told that they are good at whatever they do. Whatever that is.

After eating, of course I washed. Simple washing and brushing. Then I wrapped my head and sat on the couch of the house, relaxed, turned on the TV. And on TV, we were talking about the death of the main light source.

“Did you break it in half? ”

“I didn't hear that either. It was all I had to say about killing him. ”


Hmm. Looks like you made it clear once you did your job. I also want to applaud you when you see that you divide people into exactly half. Well, none of the heroes under my command or any of the Named Units...

“That leaves three people for sure now. ”

United Kingdom, United States and Australia. These three users are now living users. This has just begun the triad. The number of talented people is also very important nationally.

Whenever dungeons and monsters appear, mobilizing an army is too inefficient. At the same time, the modern weapons of the army do not work on monsters of Class C or higher. Unless it's a medium firepower.

So even for efficiency, the number of talents was very important. Of course, not to mention her strength. However, they can also be influenced by the game system to catch and grow monsters. If this is one of our misfortunes, it is fortunate.

It was fortunate to see that the limits of its growth were clearly limited by differences in talents and personalities, but the game system was able to grow as much as he wanted.

And the emergence of these talents makes Korea the strongest country in the world today. This is really surprising, but from the moment the game system is given to the talents, it may in some way be predetermined.

Koreans are good at playing games This is the general knowledge of everyone in the world and Koreans acknowledge it themselves. I don't know why, but Koreans are usually good at playing games on average.

Therefore, the growth due to the game system of these talents is the area where they are most familiar and able to do their best at the same time for Korean people.

Koreans, who are a fighting nation, smile and say they are quite capable of combat. And the addition of a gaming system to that is the ability.

Of course I have to go ahead. There are only Koreans who are still ranked 1st to 10th in the competent rankings. This too has changed a lot since the old days. In the past, it was occupied by Koreans from 1 to 100.

Nowadays, even in other countries, talented talent has grown well and has entered the ranking, but even though the top 1 to 10 ranks are called their own leagues, the ranking changes are only happening here and there is a growing gap from the top 11.

One of the characteristics of our Koreans, a terrible battle arose. I showed the ranking openly, so I lit the battle for the Koreans properly. Of course, no one likes to lose, but it is still severe in Korea compared to other countries.

Korea is the only country that recognizes first place and discards second place. In other countries, being an Olympic athlete is a great thing, but in Korea it is a great thing to win a gold medal, so if you don't have a medal, you will ask why you went to the Olympics.

The first place is everything, so the competition is fierce, and it's no different than those who are competent. There are so many monsters and dungeons in Korea. They had better conditions to grow.

So, as everyone died, they continued to hunt for monsters. Funny story is that when monsters appear overseas, people run away, but in Korea, when monsters appear, they run away from their abilities.

South Korea's overwhelming frequency of monsters has become a reason for many talents abroad to come to Korea to become stronger, making South Korea a country with more talents on its own soil than other countries.

Some of them even migrated to Korea. As the government began to work properly, the government was working hard to attract foreign talent while treating them appropriately.

Even in other countries, Korea's capabilities were trying to be seen, but the government was doing well, so there were very few cases where Korean capabilities went abroad.

Above all, my existence is great. Korea, of course, has become a great country, but it is not enough to be called the strongest with just that. But I'm the best because I'm here.

I am the man who rules the seas of the world. You can push America away if you want to. I own more aircraft carriers than most aircraft carriers in the entire planet.

This is huge, but what's important here are the heroes I summoned. I once dealt with dungeons all over the world with Michael. Then I'm a hero. I summoned the great men and sent them all over the world.

At that time, the power of each of the heroes was known to some extent in the world, and as a result, I became the best transcendent among all the transcendents and the best among the talents. It's not in the rankings.

My power is not denied to anyone. I am strong. To be precise, those I summon are strong. That's why I became the best.

“I didn't expect to hear you say you were the best three years ago...”

Of course, my ability as a professional was the best. At that time, it was called the strongest. For professional gamers only. But now it's just called being the best. Honestly, I still haven't gotten used to it.