The World Gamer

29. Launching Space Civilizations.

You'll get used to it someday, but it's going to take a while.

“Oh, the commercial's already on? ”

“Yes, starting today, it's all over the world simultaneously. ”

“Heh. I see. I totally forgot. ”

It's a gameplay video, not a real-life CF, but I still think it's better than I thought.

“How's the Internet reacting? Any response? ”

“Yes, everyone is excited. This is a situation where expectations have been raised due to the mention of professional gamers. If you blow up CF's filming heroes here, that will be the last resort. ”

“How's the ticketing going? ”

“The last debug operation is still in progress. ”

“When you're done with that, tell my man to double-check. It's not that I don't trust the employees of the company, but there's nothing wrong with checking in with someone better. ”

“Yes, I'll check for myself. ”

If Seria sees it for herself, there should be no problem.

“How long do I have to keep my schedule? ”

“Not for a while. Since you are already all set, participating in the issue at that time will be the end of this year's schedule for a later official issue date. ”

“I see.”

Which means I'm doing it pretty well now... I don't know when or how it's going to explode, so I think we should just leave it at that. Above all, I plan to participate in debug work.

Although the bubble is not a genius enough, there are still some things that the bubble learns from watching. There are parts that I learned by studying on my own, so it can be as easy as debugging.

“Let me go to work as soon as I'm done debugging. I have to say," Thank you. "Oh, and the local butcher shop is booked for a day's rent. ”


Now let's play it cool.

* * * * * * *

Seeking perfection never goes away!

Completed 12 debug jobs in total. Now only the real issue is in front of me.

A month from now, to launching the best games ever, combining the ideas of a dead genius with the ideas of a living genius!

A month ahead of the launch of the game, our publicity team was busy day in and day out. And just yesterday, the CF, which I summoned all the heroes myself, was posted on the official home page of the cosmic civilization and started spreading on TV and the Internet.

Not to mention the response. A real hero.It's not makeup. It's not an act, it's a photograph taken by the person who actually lived in that era.

People have to react differently. The CF has reimagined the history of the world. There is also a fan site. There were 3 female heroes who participated in the CF's shooting.

Jan Darhk, the holy virgin who calls herself a healing hero. Queen Seon Deok, who is called the greatest queen in Korean history. Finally, the namesake unit, Elizabeth I.

With her innocence and her sanctity. Queen Seon Deok has tenderness and restraint. And Elizabeth I is the charisma of the Underworld. The fansite of these three women, each with its own charm, showed the prestige of joining the Guinness Book of Books with over one million people in just one day, joining everyone in the world.

Of course, it's not that they don't understand. I don't know if they were calibrated or if they were originally like this when they died and came to the world of gaming, the world of cosmic civilization, but they're all basically beautiful.

There's a different kind of charm to be had there, so do men want to embrace it? Of course, it is all over. This did not hurt me at all because there are people who are guaranteed to buy a space civilization.

Sales revenue for the game has not become important at the moment, but there is nothing wrong with being successful. So far, the new one we've given has never failed. That's why I want to continue this success.

Given the current situation, it will definitely succeed. There is no reason to fail.

“Hmm... What a surprise. ”

I was amazed at the last debug job. We still haven't finished the issue a month ahead, but there's a reason for that. Every time, a new bug appears and corrects it.

The debugging of this thing never ends. Fortunately, the part that Seria did was perfect... debugging five games at 35G capacity takes a long time. It's all about finding the bugs.

“Will I be able to issue properly after I finish this? ”

“With the current pace, the ticketing date is likely to be delayed. ”

“What is the current number of bugs found? ”


“What's left unsettled? ”


“1,324... still a lot to do. In addition, if you correct it, there are other errors that arise...”

“Yes, it takes a long time. ”

“Ha. I can't help it. We have to do it as best we can, and give it to him two weeks before the launch date. Glad you didn't sell it on CD. ”

I thought about selling on CD, but I pushed the CD sale backwards because of this debug job. I'm only selling my coat via the internet

“Huff. We have to try our best. And we just have to keep patching bugs. ”

“Yes, I will continue with my work. ”

“Yes, we should keep going. ”

I'm tired of debugging, but I can't help it. It is a necessary task for a more complete game.

“What about my assassination attempt? ”

“Definitely reduced. It's okay to say very little. The assassination quest that's been going on up until now is clearly his own. After he died, he was definitely gone. ”

“That's a relief. ”

And again quietly we continued debugging work. Ticketing is a month away. We'll have to continue until two weeks.

* * * * * * *

“A cosmic civilization. No matter how much you look at it...”

Victoria Aris, who was released by the cosmic civilization and bought the game, mutters. The background of the cosmic civilization's game. It was the background of another world she was going to.

No, in the beginning, I thought that the game that was created in the background of the world might be this cosmic civilization. All those who are called transcendents can go to that world, so the universe can also go to that world.

“It doesn't matter if it's fun. ”

And she ran the space civilization back on the computer.

* * * * * * *


I smiled at the brightly selling space civilization. There are over a million intercept codes already. This game was being bought by an incredible number of people.

As a developer of the game, there is no greater joy than this.

“Your Majesty.”


“It's time. ”



In Seria's words, I nodded my head and headed to the place I had planned. The million-dollar anniversary is today and is starting right now.

It's not a great event, but there are three female heroes who are currently in peak popularity. It is simple to say that Jean Darhk, Elizabeth I, and Lady Seonduk are three signatories.

“Let's go, then. ”