The World Gamer

30. Space Era


“Yes, it's all collapsed. ”

“It's artificial, right?"



Florida. If it's famous here, it's a beach in Florida. And I was lying on this beach relaxing and relaxing. Actually, I'm here for work, but I've already taken care of it.

It was over before I got there. The eight-circle apothecary took care of it himself. The word "monster hero" suggests it's an emergency, so I moved on myself... I died very easily because I didn't grow up.

So I had nothing to do as soon as I got here. I came all the way here and I was enjoying the beach like this. By the way.

“What is the movement of the U.S. government? ”


“It's called a masquerade. Well, it hurts my head to learn that I'm studying monsters like that. And there were real victims. ”

It was absurd for me to believe that all the labs in the United States had been destroyed, but on the one hand, I didn't understand. I can understand, but it does not advocate for their actions.

I don't know why I just confidently hide what I'm going to do and do it like this. I am the head of a company, and in another world, I am the emperor of a great nation.

Even so, I cannot understand the thoughts of the high men on Earth. I'm on top of them, but I really don't understand their mindset. It's like they're from another planet.

“What do you want me to do? ”

“It's one way to go to the U.S. government and talk to them, but you want me to give you proof, right? ”

“If there's evidence, I have it. ”

“The problem is that they're going to stick their toes out to the end. Admit it, they killed their own people with their own hands. We know very well that if we do, no scientist will be involved in government work in the future. ”

Then America doesn't just end up in trouble. Of course, those scientists will advance science while working on projects in companies or schools, but they will never participate in projects in the country.

In other words, the work of the countries is not working properly. Given that NASA, one of the most important competitions of the future, is the center of the space business right now, there is an enormous loss that comes from screwing many scientists at NASA.

“Hmm. You want to tear something out of America, but you don't want to tear it out. ”

What I'm holding in my hand right now is the chief executive officer of the United States. I can use them to screw with America, but I can negotiate well to get what I want. The problem here is that I don't want anything from the United States.

I don't want anything. I don't live a life short enough for them. It's not lavish, but you can live a life more luxurious than anyone else in the world.

It's hard on Earth, of course, but it's possible to cross over into the world of space civilization. I ate China, ate Russia, and ate the Korean Peninsula and Japan. East Asia and Russia are all mine.

How many talents and how many beautiful women are there in this vast land? All my assistants are excellent, but they are basically beautiful to put in.

Whoever walked the street basically had to be pretty enough to look around. These are the minimum and they are even more beautiful thanks to the work of a cosmetic artist.

That's my current secretary. You can get drunk anytime you want. I just don't. I will grant them my request at any cost. Power... hurts my mouth when I say it. I'm the emperor. This is it.

Money... is a lot. There is a certain amount for me, the emperor. Most of it is taxable and the rest of the money is mine. But I'm hardly spending that money here. It was piled up and piled up.

There's nothing I can't do with all this money. So why don't I stone beautiful women like the dead and wield power? It's simple, because once you do it, you won't be able to quit.

Why would I say no to a bunch of pretty girls running around naked? I'm not an idiot enough to be unaware of the signals they send. But... if I had at least one...

I'm not sure if I can control it, frankly. Then why don't we just let him blow? What's going on? What's going on? The empire is not fully stabilized and we're playing in a situation where monsters might fly in from space?

They are said to be competent, but as a result they listen to me and work accordingly. No matter how little I separate things and come to me, there are limits.

If I don't work, the empire will cease one day. It's because they can't do what they want to do with the unpaid issues.

So you want me to make a quick payment and hand it over? What do you pay for when you think it's happening? I just want to play with peace like the tyrants of history. It's full of them, but that's not in my nature.

The civilized world is not a game and not a game. The people who live in this world are the real people. They also feel sadness, joy and laughter. They die and that's it. It is no different from ordinary people living on Earth.

How can I just leave if I'm responsible for their lives? In this way, tyrants and tyrants aren't just anyone. People like me can't ask me to do it. I know I'm an idiot myself, but what can I do? That's me.

“What about other countries? ”

“We have yet to discover a place where control of monsters has not failed. However, Merlin Tower and the Multigrave Leader are continuing to move and are warning against the dangers of monsters. ”

“To deal with monsters? ”

“That's what people do when they can't communicate. ”

“Does it even work? ”

“There have been no such reports so far. ”

“Of course... you think you have the possibility of immortality. ”

Monsters' regenerative power. Using it is not a dream. Immortality can be overrun, but still fire is possible. It can continuously regenerate cells and prevent aging.

It's a field we've been researching in our empire. I just quit in the middle. That's why I was experimenting with animals. And the results were successful. The problem is that it was good for these animals to get out of the fire, but over time they became monsters.

That is, if a cell of a monster enters another creature, it becomes a monster. We know this through direct experiments, and we've folded all biological studies on monsters.

It is because if we tell people about this fact and do not disclose it, they will try it, and fools will try it. And then something really big happens. I'm just telling you to stop to stop it.

On the contrary, even if it were me, I would ignore it. If I don't, I'll have to explain exactly why I shouldn't, but I'll feel bad just saying shut up and don't do it. And I'm gonna ignore that and keep going.

“Your Majesty.”


“Why don't you give this opportunity a firm warning to all the countries around the world? ”


“Only when they know the monsters are dangerous will they stop. We experimented knowing it was dangerous. They don't even know the dangers of monsters. So why don't we start by recognizing the risks. ”

“... to unravel the monster? ”

“It's not part of the solution. We just don't want to do anything about it. ”

“If you don't deal with the area where the monster appeared early, all the animals will die. No insects. Later, the plants will die, and all living things will die. Monsters will remain, but they won't stand for it. ”

“At least once, I think it's necessary. Monsters perform experiments with great care and with a few layers of defense to know the dangers. But monsters are not enough to defend themselves. And yet, it's not that defensive. ”

“That's right. ”