The World Gamer

30. Space Era

Defend if the monster is released. But not as organized as monsters. Of course. Monsters are not like other monsters at all. Besides, there's not much known.

“So I think we need to let the world know the dangers of monsters at all. ”

“Then you'll be more active in your research. ”

“It could be. But at least we'll have better defenses than we have right now. ”

It will be. Humans on this planet don't know the real fear of monsters yet. Even though an island in Japan was once occupied by monsters, to be precise, it was wiped out with overwhelming power.

What people admire is the power of cleaning up, not the danger of monsters.


“It's better to sell first. Your Majesty, what's happening in that world is affecting this planet as well. If the monsters on the planet suddenly start to move, the impact will definitely be on the Earth. I think it would be better to enlighten the monsters now than to prepare for Buryana Burya. ”

“I'm not wrong...”

But what worries me is people who will die from it. If we end up with 10,000 units, fortunately, if the monsters are out in full swing... the damage will be enormous.

There can be 100,000, not 10,000, damage per million. I'm worried about that.

“Your Majesty, you must give us the Dragon Clan. For the good of humanity, now is the time to experience pain. If you help them too much, you won't be able to do anything right later. ”


I'm worrying. Too many people will die. Even if I am a modern person who does not care about other people, it is not easy to do it if I say that hundreds of thousands, maybe hundreds of millions, depending on my choices, can die.

“Selling first...”

“Think of it as a prophylactic shot. Humans on this planet could have any antibodies in the worst disease known as monsters. Preemptive injection should be given. ”

Prophylaxis... yes, this is definitely the most appropriate expression. Inform those who know nothing about monsters about monsters. There will be damage.

But there will be less blood than real monsters. There aren't many monsters on Earth yet. I haven't settled down and settled down like I did in the world of cosmic civilization.

Now that we've eaten a planet, worrying about it is useless right now. Even if we do, we can assure you that the monsters are still inactive on Earth. If the monsters suddenly start to act here, will we be able to stop them?

It will stop them. I'll take it from here. However, we do not know how much damage will be done. Maybe people are dying in a billion units. In fact, in the world of space civilization, we've seen countries disappear because of monsters.

Monsters occupy all that vast territory of Russia on Earth. There must have been people. But I couldn't find any trace of it.

Completely wiped out by the monsters. Moreover, when life disappeared from that vast land, it moved to another place. So it was a concern not only for my borders, but also for the then commanding empire and other countries.

“How far are you willing to go? ”

“You can decide that. I was merely giving an opinion. ”

“So say that again. What do you think a good shot would be? ”

“At least one metropolitan area must disappear. ”

“... millions of people are dying. ”

In Seoul, 10 million people die.

“The Earth has seven billion people. Your Majesty, a few million of them are not that many. Above all, this way everyone around the world will realize the dangers of monsters. ”

“But there are too many of them. Keep it down.”

“When powerful monsters appear, more than 100,000 people will die at worst. In fact, when the monster first appeared, millions of people around the world were killed. If you think about it, millions will have to die before humans on Earth think of monsters as dangerous. ”


I'm not wrong. That's why I'm more concerned. Just a wanted man... how many are there? They're going to die in one word. Of course I'm concerned.

“Your Majesty, you don't have to suffer. We don't solve monsters. I just don't help when monsters show up. That's all you need. If Earth's human countermeasures are good, we can stop them without too much damage. ”

“That's impossible. I'll think about it. ”

“Again, we are not going to help you, so you can help us as much as you want. ”


I'm not wrong. Seria is right about everything. Well, then...

“That's right. Tell them not to go ahead and deal with all the monsters around the world from now on." Just figure out the number and the location. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

* * * * * * *

“You've made a big decision. ”

You'll need it once or for all. So I think you're free to come back. Top Lord.

“I should. Just a little sad. It's sad to think how many people will die as a result of ignorance and arrogance. ”

Seria, who is communicating with him, said Merlin.

There was a word for self-interest. If you warn them and they don't listen, they'll just let you experience it with your own body. To be honest, we humans on Earth rely too much on you. Of course, we continue to benefit in our own way, but it is also not good to just keep watching.

“Haha. Are you trying to set me free? ”

I'd like to do that if possible. The king is busy, but I'm worried that his body will get hurt because he's doing both worlds at the same time.

“That, too. He's an ordinary human being. ”

Ordinary may be wrong. However, the physical and mental strength of the universe is quite ordinary. Of course, seeing many things that I could not see, I was able to excel at my mental strength, but this also did not exceed the level of ordinary humans.

In other words, it is only right to worry about Seria. An ordinary person who is not properly educated as an emperor suddenly became an emperor and is doing his best to play his heavy role.

This should be quite stressful, but even more so, the universe has a lot to do on Earth. I'm also concerned about the monster-related events on Earth.

It is a universe that is shy, calm, worrying, and responsible. Such a universe cannot neglect the work of either of these two worlds.

I don't know what other people think, but the universe is doing everything in its best way.

“What are you going to do about subjugating the monsters? ”

Merlin has already concluded that monsters cannot be stopped by the people of Earth. Of course, the people of Earth are also strong. There are still three transcendents who are users.

But the problem is the number of monsters. In front of that overwhelming number, they will clearly show their limitations. Even the armies of the universe were no different.

Only strong enough to overcome the limit of that number, and in the meantime, there are heroes and name units that demonstrate overwhelming power, minimizing damage.

But there are no such things on Earth. There are no strong cosmic soldiers and no heroes called pillars of our empire. Fighting large numbers of monsters in such situations is, frankly, a no-win battle.

The king will make his own decision after keeping an eye on the situation.

“But things aren't going to get that big. ”

We don't know that. You know, the power of monsters to reproduce.

Merlin nods at Seria's words. He is one of the earliest figures in the universe before our Empire became a proper nation.

That's why I've had many experiences and of course I'm familiar with the fertility of monsters. That's why I had to talk to him about various things and devise a strategy for exterminating monsters.

“Then I hope things don't get too big. ”

I just hope so.

“The king's notebook is well received. Tell the king I will. ”

Yes, Lord Merlin.

“So you're done spinning? ”

Merlin nods at the secretarial chief's words.

“There it is. ”

“So what's next…”

“Let's go back to Korea and deal with the monster company and wait for His Majesty to arrive. You've done a great job so far. ”

“No, Your Highness. ”

Merlin says to the agent, shaking his head.

“We'll be back, so keep an eye out. Soon there will be other orders from the top. ”

“Yes. Well done, then. ”

“Good job to you, too. ”

So Merlin's exploration of the Worldwide Monster Lab ceased, and mankind had the opportunity to experience some of the worst disasters without even knowing it.