The World Gamer

31. Secondary Monster Masquerade

“These emerging new monsters... are a whole new species. And I clearly warned him about this thing. What's happening now is the result of ignoring my warning. What happened when he insisted despite being warned clearly. This is clearly what happens with human greed. I vote for protecting people and I do it, not behind the scenes. So you're going to have to deal with this. ”

Does that mean that what's happening now is a human mistake?

“It's not a mistake, it's greed. I clearly warned the governments of each country. Monsters are dangerous, so we have to kill them. You ignored the warning and now you will pay for it. But here's a piece of advice: The scariest thing about monsters is their fertility. So we're going to have to do this as soon as possible. ”

Are you sure you don't want to do this at all?

“I'm thinking about it. I want everyone to think about this. When I'm not around. I don't know how to survive. It survived the massacre of monsters called monster meteors. So I think it's going to hold again. because I think the potential of the Humans is enough to do that. ”

Do you have anything you'd like to say about this case differently?

“This case should probably be called the Second Monster Masquerade. It's because monsters are monsters to us. But it's going to be different from the monsters we've experienced so far. because it doesn't die well, and its fertility is enormous, so if you sell even one eye, it increases to enormous numbers. So if you don't want to be destroyed, you have to explode. I'm going to close the interview. ”

This is an interview that the universe gave to journalists. The universe spoke plainly. Who is responsible for this case and why it happened?

The citizens of all the countries affected by the monster who saw this interview insulted their national government. Massive violent protests have also occurred in the United States.

Each country just said they would deal with monsters as soon as possible, and wanted to avoid taking responsibility for the incident with a separate announcement. There were many excuses.

Some say they were embarrassed by the sudden appearance of a monster, and some say that the monster they were studying had been dealt with separately since they were warned. Of course, anyone could have known that none of these places could tell the truth.

As the universe has said about this, the second monster masquerade was nicknamed: the first monster masquerade, when a large number of monsters appeared in the world.

Although it is still not a perfect aggregate, an estimated 2,652 million people have died worldwide. This was due to the sudden appearance of monsters.

There are still many things missing, but the response to the emergence of monsters has been remarkable every day. Especially Korea was the fastest. Because so many monsters appear, Korea is preparing in advance. After the monsters appeared, the evacuation tips and shelter recommendations were overwhelmingly more experienced than in any other country.

But what happened this time was different. It's not a sudden appearance. It was dealing with the monsters and monsters in their rightful place.

That's why you might think it's easier, but the problem is that what they deal with is monsters, not monsters. Is it easy to deal with because it's obvious to the eye?

No. The greatest strength of monsters lies in their ignorant reproductive power and numbers. Monsters' way is to push it with such enormous quantities. But it's not just fighting like this.

That's what the universe was worried about. When the universe subdued the monsters, the monsters were simply ignorant. Of course, there were monsters doing ranged attacks, not just thinking in their own way or simply charging in.

But it's nothing compared to now. A flying monster has been added. In addition, there is a hideout, a monster that hides its body, and even a monster that moves underground and attacks without showing up on the ground.

As the universe listened to these things, it became clear that the situation had become more serious than it thought. Suddenly, the universe thought that monsters could take on so many different forms that this time it was the effect of a patch.

The question is, can humans on this planet stop these monsters? The answer to this is that even though Serious Discussions between Serious Serious Series and Merlin, the result is NO. C. Impossible.

I told them not to intervene, but the situation is getting worse and worse, and monsters are growing in power, and the human damage is only getting bigger.

Even the United States would give up a state called Florida. Unlike monsters, monsters were able to strike with common attacks.

But the problem is regeneration. Even when shot, it regenerates immediately, making modern weapons useless in a different sense than monsters. Of course, using a bomb would change the story, but it was a huge problem.

It is the nucleus that is slowly talking about this. A means to humanity's end. There's a saying that a single nuclear attack will take care of the monsters.

Of course, it is a difficult method to use in Europe. As the cyst spreads everywhere, the countries around the country with a nuclear blast see significant damage. Neither is the United States, nor any other country in the world.

But we can't just stand by and watch monsters like this. That's why the world leaders have decided. Let's just use hydrogen bombs, not nuclear.

Nothing radioactive. Use a hydrogen bomb with pure destructive power to deal with monsters. The problem here is the power of the hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bombs are really powerful.

So I couldn't use it carelessly. Above all, when we say we use it, we can't do it with one or two legs to deal with all the monsters.

Florida says you need at least five shots to take care of the monsters, and then you need to take care of the monsters in person again.

At least three in Europe. Several other countries had to shoot at least two rounds. We talked a lot about this, but we didn't have a choice in the damage that was escalating into the day.

Nuclear warfare. This is really the worst war humanity can think of. It was a general opinion that humanity would perish when the nuclear war began, and many voted for it. But the nuclear war began.

Luckily, humanity didn't shoot at each other, it shot at the species that threatened them. October 10th. This was the day that many countries on Earth launched hydrogen bombs simultaneously.

And humanity was unable to... eliminate the creature. The hydrogen bomb certainly showed tremendous power. We've cleared up a massive number of monsters.

But the problem is the monsters that survived. The most annoying and terrifying power of monsters, Reproduction. It reappeared. Monsters killed by hydrogen bombs. There are places where the body is not left, but there are places where it remains.

And the monsters that survived the corpse of the deceased created new monsters by eating the corpse. Humanity then began to attack with all its might, thinking we should no longer increase the number of monsters.

Fighters and helicopters, battleships and chariots. I used everything I could. Nevertheless, humanity was unable to completely dispose of the monster.

Even if I kill them, they're monsters protruding from everywhere. I had no choice but to say that humanity is really bored with its fertility and viability. The human race, however, continued to deal with the monsters without stopping.

You begin repairing the areas occupied by the monster and move on. And the universe listening to all this applauded the people of Earth who had handled it better than they thought.

“I see you've done well for yourself. This should give you a good sense of crisis for the monsters, right? ”

“I'm sure they look great. ”

According to Seria, the universe nods. If I don't prepare properly for the monsters after doing this, it was time for me to go out and die.

“But there is still no complete subjugation. Your Majesty."

“Of course. But it'll all be over soon. I'm glad you're better than I thought. The damage is great...”

The United States has lost one state, and in Europe several countries have disappeared. Monster Jundong. It is said that the damage of the 2nd Monster Masker will be twice as great as the 1st, and it is actually estimated that at least 50 million people have died.

But even in this situation, people were moving without losing hope. I see hope and move in sadness. The only thing I could do was look cool.

“Are we the problem now? ”

Since the monsters appeared, the universe has been forced to stay on Earth without leaving the world of space civilization, just in case. And now that things are settled, it's time to access the cosmic civilization.