The World Gamer

34. Guardian, crisis?

I can see that. The police have left things to the Talent Society because they can't solve them, and they're busy catching monsters when they're distracted, so they don't have time to mediate until then, so they're probably ignoring it.

And maybe they're not as strong as they should be. If they hit one another really strong, they would have sent people from the association right away to do something about it.

“I'll take care of it. ”

And I headed to where the fight took place. People were watching, and when I showed up, I was surprised and made way right away. A stranger to my face is no longer on this planet. Most of all, I'm even more surprised to see my secretaries by my side.

“You really want this guy to go all the way? Huh?!"

“Ha! A bastard raises his voice. Come on, let's get out of here.

Two of them speaking up to each other. And there are women next to them. It's a face that listens to the sound of beauty, but it's 100% molded. Because they look exactly alike. I don't know where I did it, but I think I did it in the same place.

“Come on, you two idiots. ”

“What the fuck! ”

“Some guy! ”

Look at me, shouting confidently. And then it hardened. Tsk. That's why I don't want to deal with these guys. It is very unpleasant to see the strength of a rat's tail.

“You don't have to tell me what he's like, do you? Then make your own way. ”

Two men winking at my words. And these men all look at the woman next to them, and they look at each other again, and they see me again.

“This is between us. Stay out of it. ”

“It's none of your business. ”

“Yes. It's none of my business. You're taking the freeway. So get out of the way. I'll take care of the rest. So get those junk out there and move it to one side or I'll clean it up for you, so you can fight from over there. Let's not bother each other. Let's have a good time. ”

In my words, they look at each other and nod. Although there was an accident, the bumper was broken, so it was not a big problem to drive, and the two humans drove quietly and parked on the road. And again, the highway slowly started to move.

“You guys. I don't want to say anything about moving around with powers that don't have rats, but don't avoid other people with them. I said it nicely this time, but the next time this happens to me, I'll let you experience what it's like to press with real strength. ”

In my words, the two men nodded frantically and I headed to where my parents were. Because the cars moved slowly, I used the magic levitation to fly in the sky of Seria again and approached the car of my parents who were preparing to go slowly.

“We've got it covered. We can go. Where else are we gonna go? ”

“Ah. My mom wanted to go to Busan, so I was on my way to Busan, and this happened. ”

At that, I nodded. There are things like this and things like that in the world. I'm the only one who can tell, right now.

“Then drive carefully. Call me if you need anything else. ”

“Yeah. Don't play too much. Get to work. ”

“Mom would faint if she knew how much I was doing. ”

I want to tell you what I do mainly with my work in the cosmic civilization world.

“Please, I hope so. Then you two take good care of your son. ”

I quickly shook my head at my secretaries, looking at my speaking mother.

“No, we are simply incompetent, but your Majesty has greatly appreciated our help. ”

“That's what the dean said. Rather, we are learning many things from you. ”

“Tsk. Do you want to do that? What is it, Your Majesty? ”

“Because he's the emperor.”

“I'm really going to need a psychiatric consult soon. ”

No, really, he's the emperor. Mother, he's not a psychopath.

“Sure. Go on, then. Waiting for cars in the back. ”

“Of course, my dear. Let's go.”

“Yes. Enjoy your meal. Korean is rice.”

“Okay. Drive safe. ”

“Twenty-three years without incident. Don't worry.”

So the car left and we returned to the original Han River. When you return, you return using warp magic.

“Anywhere you go, that's the problem. He's in our empire, right? ”

In my words, Seria looks at me and nods softly. You can't say no. That's what happens when people get together.

“But we're working as fast as we can. High happiness is proof of that. ”

“Yes. It's just too bad it's not 100%. ”

“I'll try harder. Your Majesty."

“Yes, yes. ”

That's not going to happen until the land on the Chinese side is completely stabilized.

“Phew. Let's go. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

August 4th. It's hot. It is said to be in the shade, but also hot. So we moved back to the parking lot with the limousine and we felt like we were in heaven when the air conditioning came in.


“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Did you find out where the new selected user is this time? ”

“Yes, there is only one new user in China this time. And there's one in Brazil. ”

“China and Brazil. Where in the world of space civilization? ”

“The Chinese user has located, but the Brazilian user is still unknown. ”

“Well, we don't even have infrastructure there. ”

The impact of my empire ranges from Asia to Russia. Once we're out of here, we're out of Imperial influence. Of course, I was going to grow up and send all the spies to Europe and make an impact through commerce, but I still hadn't gotten there.

“What about the other three? ”

“Life on Earth is no different. ”


Due to the monster upheaval, the users have once again increased their stature. Where the monsters are herded into the group, they unleash their power and sweep them away.

I've become more famous than I am since this incident. And that was why I was getting more swearing. They fought hard, but I didn't intervene at all, so I have nothing to say, even if I curse.

I warned you, of course, but would I be able to speak to those who lost their families and their homes? Of course not. Rather, why didn't they warn me more strongly?

“Your Majesty.”


“Do you really have to pick a new Guardian? I think I'll be all right. ”

“It's okay with you, but it's better to have one more reliable person for my safety. That's why. Something seems to have happened when the bubble handed me the ruler of nature without knowing the angels. ”

The most frustrating thing is that I have no idea what's going on or what kind of crisis is coming for me.

“Let's skip that part. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

And when the limo got home again, I said without getting out of the limo.

“It's been a while since I've wanted to drive, but let's take the West Coast Highway. ”

“Yes, I understand. ”

The limousine moved again, I said. And on that day, I spent all day enjoying the drive and then came home and entered the world of space civilization again.