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34. Guardian, crisis?

“Hurrah!!!!! ”

Everything's fine. I'll take care of everything else, but you want me to go to the dungeon?! Do I have to go alone? No, I've got more Guardians than that.

“What's the matter? ”

Chiu said, holding on to the spirit that was about to collapse.

“So… hmm. What can I say? Something really big has happened. Or should I say the hell of my life is about to unfold? ”

Just everything. What the hell? What the hell was he thinking patching it up like that for? You want me to run a dungeon? Besides, you could be a little stronger? Pill up? If you're going to be strong, you have to be strong!

“Then I'll teach him myself. ”

I nod at Chiu's words. Then Chiu and the cheering girl went out and I sat down in a chair. What the hell does this guy think he did this patch for? Why would they put a system like this in there?

I don't know why, but one thing's for sure... my life ahead of me. WTH. What? Wellcome To Hell.

* * * * * * * *

“I should have taken that, too. ”

“Consider yourself lucky not to do it every day. ”

“Tsk. You guys are so stubborn. The dungeon had nothing to do with the universe, right? Monster spits are already causing the dungeon to spin hard. ”

“What we want is to know the dangers of monsters. ”

“And then what if he dies? ”

Michael closes his mouth to the words of the bubble. If the universe is now. If you die, you will end up with it.

“So I put the Guardian in place. ”

“But what if there is always something? We shouldn't have done anything so dangerous in the first place. But luckily, there's no telling you to clear the dungeon by yourself. ”

“The maximum number of people had been put on trial. ”

“There's nothing you can do to make the universe feel the danger of the monsters you're talking about, but to be honest, you know this is a patch that's not even theirs, right? Now, the universe is a panic, but if we find out later that we can get up to three people into the dungeon, the universe will take Emperor Qiu and clear the dungeon with ease. ”

“Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. We wanted him to see the monsters up close. Then you'll have a stronger awareness of the monsters than you do now. ”

“That's right. ”

And the bubble laughs as it sees the universe ripping its head off.

“Still, it shouldn't be a big deal. He gave us the ruler of nature. ”

“... the Black was a breach of contract with us in the first place. ”

Michael says the bubble shrugs.

“I asked for a sword, and you accepted it. And you did a thorough investigation into the power of the sword, and it was sent from that state. It's your incompetence not to find any hidden power in the sword. Don't look at me like that. You blame yourselves for your lack of abilities. ”

Michael was really upset by what the bubble said. But I couldn't argue with him because there was nothing wrong with him. The bubble does not say a word about the sword without special power from start to finish.

They were the ones who examined the sword there. And I couldn't find any special powers. After that, I handed the sword over to the universe. When the bubble asks for a message, I know there's something there, and I've checked again and again, but I can't find the power hidden in the sword.

That's why I thought the sword might be the key. So I was watching closely, but I wasn't. The sword itself was special. And I didn't recognize them.

About this, Michael couldn't blame the bubbles or the brass. They didn't recognize the special power of the sword, nor did they find it.

“If the universe were to question me about this, I would tell you the truth. So the next thing you know, you're on your own. ”

Michael nods at the words of the bubble. That is the condition for you to take the dungeon and clear it every week.

“Now that I've listened to your terms, can I do something about it? ”

“There were no Guardians on our terms. ”

“But you needed it. If the universe dies, it won't be me, it'll be you. ”

“Even so, it was you who asked me to put the words in the words, not us. We don't owe you anything for this. ”

“Hmmm! Is that how you want it to go? ”


Michael says the bubble nods.

“Yes, I understand. Let's back off this time. Now that we have the sovereignty of nature, let's pretend I showed mercy. ”

Michael feels bad about what the bubble said, but he decides to move on. Even if it's for the universe, it shouldn't make the individual universe too strong. I had to protect my humanity.

Of course, if the heroes like Qiu went through extreme trials and became stronger, Michael would have nothing to say, but he did not experience those trials properly and became too strong. It was never good to be stronger than this.

“Then you should go. You've said everything you need to say. ”

“You're not forgetting I'm watching you here, are you? Where do you think I'm going? ”

“Tsk. Tight. Yeah, keep your eyes peeled. ”

And the bubble said, watching the universe come out of the world of space civilization and come back to Earth and lie in its own bed frustrated.

“It's all over anyway. ”

* * * * * * * *

“Why is this happening...”

I liked getting the Guardian as a very deceptive character. But at the same time, I was very unhappy. No, it would be better not to leave the Guardian here forever.

The Guardian's eulogy has not yet grown. Would you still call her to the side?

Select Reject while viewing the notification window that appears in front of you. It's really unfortunate, but fortunate to say it's a cheerful existence. He is depicted as a god in the myth of my country. Dangun was only the son of this cheerleader.

It's quite shocking that such a cheerleader is a woman, but it's often the case when you look at other heroes, and most importantly her ability.

Name: Hwang-woong


Genius (10), Universal (10), Nothing (10), Magic (10), Spell (10), Charisma (10), Politics (10), Holy (11)

“Fraud is a scam. ”

In the case of Seria, genius and versatility. They have two talents, two of which have a mark of 10. With just this, I have tremendous power.

But the talent of shamanism and magic is 10. This is at Merlin, Medea and Harbor levels when it comes to talent. Here, genius and versatility are added back to 10.

I can't even imagine how strong it's going to be. You might even think that you can win a fight with the cleaner. This level of shame is worth it.

Above all, what I care about most is divinity. The sanctuary has Hercules, and it has a purge. There is also Jan Darhk. Talents that are owned by God and those who have direct and indirect influences. The higher this is, the less we know how it affects us.

He will also remove the person with the highest figures, but even if he removes them, this divine figure is only 7. However, it is 11, not 11.

Of course, I've never seen such talent figures. We know that the stats themselves are up to 100 and often exceed this, but this is the first time we've learned that the talents are sometimes exceeded.


“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Do you know anything about the gift of divinity? ”

I summoned Seria, tucked in a blanket.

“To the best of my knowledge, I only know of the talents of those who are involved with God. ”

“What is the impact of that talent? ”

“There's nothing known about it. because you don't even know how to study it. ”


Holy. What an ambiguous gift. Given this talent, it is definitely a talent that does something to a hero or a name unit. It's nothing, but he's so talented that he can't stand it.

“I don't even know what you're capable of...”

Saying so, I walked out of bed on my duvet.

“Seria, find out about the weakest dungeon in Korea. ”

“You mean the weakest dungeon? ”


“Yes, I'll look into it. But can we find out why? ”

“I have to clear it. ”


“I'm crazy, too, but I have to clear the dungeon once a week. I don't know if it's Earth or in that world, but the dungeon difficulty of that world is so high that I'm going to try it on Earth. Fortunately, I don't have anything to say about limiting the number of people, so when you go to the dungeon this time, you're coming with me. ”