The World Gamer

35. Uh, what the fuck?

There are causes and consequences to everything. It's not what I said, it's just what a lot of people say. And it's actually not wrong. Everything in the world has a beginning.

I am now called the Emperor and rule the seas of the world (?) is also due to the launch of the Space Civilization Game. Without this beginning, there is no me now.

That is why I am the result of everything I have done in the past. Why are you telling me this all of a sudden? I was just staring out the window in my office today, and I suddenly thought,

“That's what I'd do, right? ”

I see ordinary people walking around outside the window. Basically, I have to be one of them. But luckily I met my friend well and as a result I am now.

Of course, I wasn't without my own efforts. But the start of that effort is because of the bubble, which is a friend. I studied to understand what the bubble was saying because my stomach ached too well on its own.

One of the things many people say is that if a bird copies a fowl, it tears there. I will say this as someone who has experienced it firsthand. It doesn't tear.

Instead, you can give up your life's sleep. Then we can pursue them at all costs. Of course, everything is pursued. It is absolutely impossible to stand on equal footing, and even if you pursue them, the difference is only increasingly happening.

Later, you will only see a small wall, but if you move without rest, you will chase after it somehow. You can trust me because I'm an experienced person. Experience it firsthand and say it.

I finally understand. Why am I suddenly saying this? I met another wall. That's the equivalent of a bubble, or a little slower.

“Here's how it works. Do you understand?”


A child who is studying hard from Seria right now about my business. Yeah, that's the kind of cheer. He showed tremendous fraudulent talents, and the Holy Spirit showed a value of 11 talents.

When I first saw him, he was about six years old, and now he's about 15 years old. In terms of time, I need to look over 20 years old, but I think I need to grow my body at each stage.

In fact, she is now very capable. But compared to her talents, she has an unparalleled ability.

That is, it can still grow more. I think it's fraudulent. My life is unfair because I still have abilities that I can't compare with, and I've grown up here.

Of course, that's not what I'm going to do, but it's not. Looking at it next to me makes me jealous. Even now, I realize it's empty and just dazed.

Looking at the cheers, even the bubbles look a little human. The rate at which the cheer learns something and absorbs it is beyond human common sense. Just learn it once and it's over.

The bubbles weren't that bad either. Of course, foam was this level for certain areas, but outside of that area it was just a little bit better than ordinary people.

Some areas were worse than others, and baseball was typical. Football, baseball, volleyball, basketball. In this ballgame, the bubbles were so desperate to develop.

This made me look like a human foam, but I don't have this human look... and I don't get jealous. Just another dimension of human being.

“Well, let's actually try it this time. Here's a billion. Take this and make 10 billion in the next week. ”


“Eeh? Wait! ”


Both Serie and Gwang-ho say, "Why? I look at it with my face. No, why?

“How do you make 10 billion in a week out of a billion? ”

“It's not making 10 billion won, so it's easy. I think I've given you too much for a week, to be honest, but it's my first time in the field, so I'll give you plenty of time. ”

“Is that it? ”


Am I weird, or are those two weirdos who say nothing and then take it for granted?

“No matter how much I think about it, I'm normal and you guys are abnormal. ”

I say they tilt their heads. Cute. Hmm. Oh, that's not it.

“No, just keep going. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. So let's start now. I'm authorized to use the King's first-floor workshop, so I'll start there. ”

“Yes! Serie! ”

“Then, Your Majesty. I'll bring him a little cheer. ”

“Yes. Bye. ”

“Of course.”

Greetings from Seria who moved into my house with warp magic. I look out the window, sighing again, looking at where they were. Do you know the people who live there? that this world is so incredibly unfair.

No, of course you do. I know, so I'm talking about Beast Master Black Suzie Diamond Suzie. It's just that they're all insignificant to me.

It is a modern society where if you have a lot of money, if you have a lot of money, you will not make money. It seems to me that if you're just born a genius, everything is covered.

Of course, when you think about Korean education, it's hard for a genius to grow properly, but that's because that genius is not a proper genius.

Look at the bubble. He has been living in Korea since he was born a native Korean and saved his talents. Killing talent as a genius?

It's your fault. What am I supposed to do? There was also a childhood bubble. Nevertheless, the genius continued to develop itself.

In the past, there is something very convenient about the Internet nowadays. Using the Internet, the talents of geniuses can develop well in this country without dying.

Of course, this could be the kind of genius where the bubbles are weird. But even so, I think a genius should do this.

No one didn't hear the sound of a commotion as a child. When I was growing up, I was called a genius and a prodigy. How you develop it is of the utmost importance.

Kids don't make any money. Talent and time don't wait for kids to grow up and grow up. I have to be good at what I do when I'm talented

I wish there were support around me, but that's not the way it works in South Korea. But isn't it better than being born in places like Africa?

If you are born with talent in Korea, then it is your problem. At least I think so. How you utilize and develop your talents as a genius is more important than those around you.

“I've been back.”

“Yes, it is. ”

The evidence is foaming. Why am I even saying this? Is it because of the eulogy?


“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Is everything okay? ”

“If you say work...”

“Work. Work. Anything is fine. Any big issues, other than paperwork payments? ”

“Nothing. The Empire and this company are thriving without any problems under your rule. ”


Ah. I never thought I'd say this to myself, but... I want to work. I want something big to happen. I'm going to spend the whole day thinking about genius if I stay here.

“Seria. Coming out. ”

“Where will you go? ”

“Of course not. ”

I don't know. I'll just go out and watch.

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