The World Gamer

35. Uh, what the fuck?

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“And... isn't there a better way for us to observe you? ”

“It's not that we don't have a solution, but we also need more time. ”

“How? ”

“That's where we're sending our people. ”

“I don't think the victim was joking. And how do I get back? ”

“We should set up an outpost there. ”

“Outpost... I think the monsters are racing like crazy." ”

“So Medea and I need to go there and deceive the monsters' senses with illusion magic. And this is also the only way we can attack the planet where the monsters are. ”

“Not yet. There are no missiles capable of hitting other planets." Hmm. Someone who thinks this is okay. ”

I said a lot of people raised their hands. But seven people didn't raise their hands. That is, 13 out of 20 raised their hands and 7 did not raise their hands.

“Then this is dismissed. But I don't think that's a bad idea. So come up with a more concrete and concrete plan to bring it to the agenda. Merlin.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Once we know there's not much we can do, there's something we can't let go of and something we can make clear. So let's go as far as we can save that part. ”

The emergency meeting is over. After the meeting, I went straight to the Science Lab. The most urgent thing we can do right now is technology.

Just because the age of space is open doesn't mean we can go directly into space. We just launched a satellite and started building the shuttle.

In other words, it still takes a lot of time for us to start moving properly in the universe.

“Still need more time? ”

I turned around and said to the science lab, and after the meeting, the marshal who came here with me shook his head.

“It won't take that long. But the problem is, we still need more processes. Even the spaceships that are currently being built are being built for reconnaissance and exploration purposes, and it's not yet easy to build an attackable spacecraft… ”

“How much more time do you need? ”

“We can't confirm that either. My apologies, Your Majesty. ”

“No, it's okay. There's definitely something I can do. ”

Technology is not just crumpled and completed. Games need such trial and error to develop new technologies now that they are beyond the limits of the game.

Once the development of the technology is complete, it can now be registered in the full game system and processed, but until then, it is a problem. That's the hard part now.

“For missiles that can be used in space, I believe they will be completed in less than three days with Earth time, unless there is a big problem because they are in front of us. ”

“If you sharpen the warhead, you can control his power, right? ”

“Of course. If you want, we can make a nuclear bomb and send it to the planet with the monsters." although, of course, it's going to take some preparation. ”

“I hope that's possible. I just want to blow up where they are. ”

“If we replace the fuel that is currently firing missiles with Zion energy, our range will increase even more. We're still working on this part, but once we're done with this, we should be able to hit the monsters' planet with one button. ”

“How long will that take? ”

“It's expected to take about three weeks for Earth's time to grow. We have to launch the first test, and then we have to make some stuff and test it. ”

“Please do it as soon as possible. The enemy won't wait for us. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

And we moved to the weapons development department. This is where all the weapons are made, and what I'm most interested in is this.

“How complete do you think it is? ”

Laser. The one that comes out of the SF film that will be the center of the future weapon. The lasers are weaponizing here now. I think it's almost to completion.

“Yes, we've made great progress since we dealt with the batteries in question with Zion energy. As soon as we're done with the final part of the experiment and the practical effectiveness, we're going to put it into action. ”

“You mind if I take a shot? ”

“No problem. ”

Then he went to the place with a laser gun the size of a normal rifle, put on his glasses to protect the eyes of the researcher, and pulled the trigger toward the opposite wall, and the blue laser shot at the wall and the laser disappeared when he triggered it.


As I took off my glasses and looked at the wall, there was a small hole in the wall.

“5 cm thick steel plate. Power is guaranteed. The problem is that we have to keep pressing this, and we're still working on ways that we can take one shot at a time in the film and hit it with certainty. ”

“But you can lose it if you keep pressing it, right? ”

“Yes. The power can be adjusted to some degree, so we should be able to use it when fighting monsters." ”

“What about the next weapon? ”

What I care about with lasers. It's a rail gun, firing bullets at seven times the speed of sound. That's the rail gun. It's not that far from the Earth because of the air, but it's a different story if it's a vacuum.

Thousands of kilometers of rail guns can be easily advanced. Of course, it is a weapon that must be made for us going into space.

“Yes, its completeness is quite high. Again, we were able to use Zion energy to reduce its size a lot. This is the latest rail gun that we've made. ”

What the warrant showed was a cannon of considerable size. Of course, it was generally a little smaller than the artillery on the ship, even if it was large. The wheels are large enough for a person to carry.

“We are currently developing a chariot with this rail gun. ”

“How long do you think it'll take to get it done? ”

“Five days is enough time on Earth, no matter how late it is. ”

“Is the rail gun complete? ”

“Yes, lasers and rail guns are complete, but it takes time to improve efficiency. In the case of rail guns, we need to study more Zion energy to reduce the size by more than this. And we need to develop new alloys. ”


“First of all, make it pure science without the power of magic. And then we do it by using magic to reinforce existing things. If there are some things that are impossible with science, they use magic, but if not, they're done by first completing them and then reinforcing them. ”

“I see. So you're going to magically strengthen this rail now?" ”

“Yes, I will find discomfort through hands-on inputs and fill it with magic. ”

“What discomfort did you find during the experiment? ”

“I've found all the things that can be solved by magic, but I think I need to do some more research because the fundamental part can't be solved by magic. ”

“I see. But now that these two have been completed to some degree, we should assume that the ship's basic weapons are in place. ”

“Yes. I will continue to research more and more and make better weapons. The weapon that we care about most right now is. ”

And I've been coming out of the Science Lab ever since I heard more information from the warrant room. As expected, they are preparing well.

“Time is of the essence. Time..."