The World Gamer

36. Humanity's Counter.

“On Earth, it's not counterinsurgency, it's survival. It's very different from ours. And if it's the counterattack you want, we can do it enough. ”

“The problem is that it's not enough. What am I supposed to do if I go in there like this? ”

“If the goal is to simply deal with those monsters, it's just me and Merlin. ”

“That's right. ”

There was a counterattack operation that Chiu mentioned. It was very simple, but I thought it would be possible, but I didn't have to say anything when I said it was possible.

Chiu's operation. Simple. Once we've made a simple space shuttle, we arrive at the monster's planet. We then slaughter the planet with monsters with all the power we can spare.

I say again, slaughter. That planet, one and a half times bigger than Earth, is literally going to be cut in half.

I want to see if this is possible, but it is possible because I put it away again. Above all, I can do it. It would be really nice if it was possible for Qiu to cut the planet in half.

You don't have to work hard to get it ready. It just ends right away. If the planet is cut in half, it will never end.

Why would Merlin go with you? Merlin uses magic to stimulate the nucleus towards the nucleus when the planet splits in half. And then it detonates.

The plan is to completely blow up the planet itself. And the feasibility of this plan is 100 percent. If we try to send it, we will send it.

And coming back is Merlin's magic, too. They say there's no need for such powerful magic to trigger a nuclear blast, so they can come back through the warp. Of course, I have to get Manaseok in advance.

“Sending you away is not wrong, but the problem is that the planet is a livable environment. We have to take that place. ”

Of course, it's not a perfect place for people like Earth to live. But if you look at it a little, it's a place where people can live.

This means that I can expand. That's why I'm against sending Chiu and Merlin.

“But we have to wait too long in this situation. I've been to the tower, too. They weren't even able to predict how long it would take. ”

“Work. But we can't just leave the planet like that, can we? It's not easy to find such planets in a universe where the fundamental laws of physics are completely ignored. ”

That planet is farther away than we are. In other words, it's further away from the sun. Nevertheless, people can live.

According to the solar system on Earth, it is farther away from the Sun than Mars, but the temperature is not very low.

Moreover, there are places closer to the sun than our Jutsin planet, and the surface temperatures are not that high. Among the other planets we've identified through the satellites we've flown, there are some where the temperature is not significantly different from Earth, even though they're at least 500,000 kilometers away from the Sun.

We don't know why, but what we generally know on Earth is completely twisted here. A world without common sense, or a world without common sense?

After all, these planets are not just smashed. This is where I belong. Even for a bigger future.

“I can't do it if it takes time. ”

“It's all over the universe anyway. Unlike the universe on Earth, this universe has its own laws. And because of that, there are more planets with environments that can be human than there are on Earth. The disappearance of one of them does not matter. ”

“Yes, but on the contrary, that could be all we've found. I don't want to take that risk. It's not that I don't know what you're talking about, but that planet is exactly where we need it now. ”

The power of the empire grows stronger by the day, but there is no place for it to vent. Moreover, growth is now reaching its limit. In order to grow further, I had to go to a new place.

If it were Earth, I would trade, but trade here? We must have some level of trade in the first place, but our empire has a very overwhelming set of skills here.

Where can I make a proper deal with us like that? Europe has just built a steam-powered train, and in America the steam engine has now completed its design and begun to apply it.

Even the most basic labor force is not lacking. Lack of talent. Fundamental workers are never lacking. A country with perfect self-sufficiency.

But the problem is this perfect self-sufficiency. If you want to be more conscious, you usually make a deal with people who have things that I don't have, but we don't have enough.

We need more manpower, we need more land. That's why we have to go to war again, but we don't want to waste our time on this little planet, Jushin, until we know that other planets have enough people to live on.

If I could see something bigger and move, of course I had to go to a big place. I needed more time, but of course I had to invest that much.

Besides, it doesn't end in one place. We don't know what else is out there in this vast universe. So for the future, I had to make sure that I was spending time right now.

“So are you going to keep waiting? ”

“I don't keep waiting. Of course we should attack this side too. To do that, we're constantly developing missiles. According to Medea's report, those who can now officially use railguns and lasers are now registered as units. This should be enough to fight monsters, right? ”

“Don't you know it's better for monsters to attack with Mana than with such attacks? ”

“But we can't all attack like that. Above all, it's too inefficient to just have elite soldiers fight monsters. You don't know that. We've done everything we can so far, but we can't just keep chasing elite soldiers if we expand our territory. ”

Work has already begun for it. All soldiers who can handle Mana are trained to be commanders. Now that my soldiers are armed with railguns and lasers, there will be fewer people who want to use Mana that are hard to use.

I'm not sure if I can train those who use railguns and lasers because they're outside the limits of the game. Most importantly, training Mana does not allow you to use dogs or cows.

Be talented. If you are not talented, even if you really work hard, soldiers who are not talented used only as infantry soldiers who only use guns now need to change their weapons and make them stronger.

Since the creation of the gun, shameless or magical has had to decline. Who will gain power while training hard? Just pull the trigger and we're done. It's like the bow is no longer used on Earth.

However, it is easy to feel and train Manat, especially because of the special training that Merlin, Medea, and Qiu made with their heads, but it is not enough if they do not have basic talents.

You can use them actively from now on. To do so, we made miniaturization of the rail guns and lasers as fast as possible.

“I know you're dissatisfied, but I'm going to keep going this time. ”

“If that is your will, Emperor, then I will follow. But keep in mind that we're not the only ones growing in time. ”

“I know. Again, that's why we're constantly developing missiles. ”

“I wanted to know. ”

And I left my room without hesitation because I said so. Seeing such a cleanup, I sighed. I touched the part that I still cared about.

Time. This is all flowing equally. In other words, the Mankum monsters that have grown in my empire grow just as much. Once we get to Jushin's planet, we're going to stop them.

But neither is the Earth, nor the monsters that have fallen off another planet. There the monsters will be summoned and moved again, and if we keep going, the other planets of the universe will be captured by monsters.

And then you really see the old SF movie. You will be filming the great war in space between monsters and humans. Honestly, I don't want to do it, but I feel uneasy because it's already begun.

“Your Majesty, may I come in? ”

“Yes. Come in. ”

The door opens and Seria enters the room this time.

“Sorry about work. ”

“It's okay. What's going on? ”

“I have a warrant to come to the Science Lab right away. ”

“Right now? ”


“... okay. ”