The World Gamer

38. Construct Expansion Base.

Those who cheered on heroes and Gentile soldiers and insulted them in the opposite order were the politicians.

Because they insisted, people kept dying, and as soon as they turned and left the universe, the great disaster that was talking about the destruction of only humanity was resolved in 10 days.

Of course, even before that, the transcendents and abilities struggled. People have not forgotten their hard work on this. That's why I was even more angry.

Earth isn't just about monsters, it's about dungeons and monsters. And in order to fight them, abilities and transcendents are essential.

That's why people were so angry that they kept dying because politicians were stubborn. Of course, they have nothing to say.

No matter how many excuses I made, the seeds didn't work. And then there's the article that exploded.

Politicians with ridiculous opinions. Do you know if there's a membrane that controls them?

Families that move the world. A tragic disaster caused by their greed.

The appearance of monsters may be a catastrophe in the sky, but the damage caused by monsters is a disaster invoked by man's greed.

This is the corruption of these politicians. That and why they keep studying monsters while saying nonsense like that.

It was money. It was a lot of money. That's what came and went. From the families and forces known to move the world.

Of course, the whole world has turned upside down. Terrible misconduct. That's happening on a global scale. Not one country, but globally, that includes almost every politician in the world, including the United Nations.

This terrible misconduct caused riots all over the world as the world trembled. And the most surprising thing about this was the place that gave money to politicians.

It was not a small thing, so they also worked very carefully, and it was known. How or the amount of money was exchanged in so much detail that they didn't even know it was theirs. All the people who were rescued were known.

So they had to find out who did this, and they soon found out. Suddenly, the Lost Childs disappeared. Someone has killed everyone who uses the castle known as Lost Child. I killed all the people involved.

The question is, who did this? No matter how much I investigated, I couldn't find a single speck of dust, and the incident is still spreading a lot. But through this, they were able to understand why their work was known in the world.

The place that destroyed the Lost Child family. I don't know where it is or who it is, but they were sure it was there.

And I was able to make some predictions about where it was.

“So you want me to move on? ”

“So you want to fight him? If that's the case, you're on your own. I'm out. ”

“Since when do we need to see that kid! We are the rulers of the world! The President of the United States can't even look up to us! ”

“The President of the United States is a joke. However, the opposing team destroyed the Lost Child family in less than a day. You want to fight a place like that? It's suicide. Do you know how the world sees us now? ”

“Since when do you care about such things? ”

“Fool. Without them, neither will we. The pyramid has the bottom layer, so the top layer exists. When the middle or the bottom floor disappears. Eventually, the floor above disappears. That's common sense. I got old and forgot all about it. Are you senile?”

“What!!! ”

“Come on, let's stop. What's in it for us to fight here? Isn't this how we gather around public enemies? ”

While the old man and the middle-aged man were arguing with each other, another old man intervened and stopped the fight.

“No matter how much we think about our enemies right now, That's him, because no one else would have done such a wonderful thing. The question is, how the hell did he do that? How far did he go to investigate us? ”

According to the old man, all seven gathered here were silent. They were the ones who could turn the world upside down in one word, but they couldn't say anything now.

Even if they rule the world. It is not for everyone in the world. As long as they get up with it. They had to calm them down quickly.

Usually at the same time, they would turn their attention to other big events, but now there was no greater event than what they had done.

“Let me turn my eyes away first. China and India, the United States and Russia. I want to terrorize these countries. Do you agree? ”

Others nod at the voice of another old man. You have to turn your eyes away first. As people continue to pay attention, it becomes difficult for them to move as well.

If they are interested, someone will inevitably investigate, and many of the things they have done so far will become known to the world.

What they have is certainly an absolute weapon in the modern society of money. But this money is not always universal. The evidence is a massive democratic movement in Korea.

The uprising of large corporations and political lobbying has all become useless. Everything was useless in front of that overwhelming number.

There's no way to stop them unless they think they blew themselves up and fired a nuclear missile. That is why the regime of Korea has collapsed.

if it's happening to them all over the world. At that time, even if they really did, they couldn't last long.

Even if you have a lot of money, even if you have a lot of power, you cannot win a battle against seven billion people.

So far, it has only moved in the pitch, but now its movement has been revealed and its identity has been lifted to the parish, and many people are now beginning to be interested in it.

For them, the situation they have been trying to avoid so far. Of course, I had to change my gaze somehow.

“I'm sure we'll be compensated for the damage we've done. ”

“Of course. I'll make sure you pay. Only America is the problem. ”

“It's a no-fly zone now, so let's leave it at that. They say we have a family, but we can't use our hands right now. ”

“That's not the problem. What if he sets fire to us for what we did? ”

The room is quiet again.

“We have to exclude America. ”

“I agree.”

“Ha. How did we end up like this? ”

“Come on, let's just hit him! ”

Though the opinions were divided, China, India and Russia were ultimately divided by the majority. The secret meetings of these three countries were concluded by turning their attention to terrorism.

* * * * * * * *

“This is why human greed. ”

I struck my tongue at the report that Seria brought me. Eight forces and families called the dominance of the world in the shadows. They gathered.

Now that the Lost Children are gone, there are seven forces and families. The conclusion that these people gathered to have a meeting makes me feel so helpless.

It's not that you don't know the advantages of being in the shadows. Knowing that, they brought them to the parish, and they are trying to do something big to distract people from going back to the phoneme.

“What would you do? Your Majesty."

“I don't think they're in their right mind. I need them to wake up. If they hire people, they get the evidence and they scatter it all over the world. I need these bastards to come to their senses and reflect. He's too old to wake up. ”

“Then why don't you erase the Rockefellers, as you saw them? ”


“Yes, we have excluded the Rothschild family in the United States, and we have absorbed that power, but we still have Rockefeller in the United States. If you get rid of Rockefeller completely, you can put America in the water. ”

“Hmmm... that'll have to wait. Let the world know they're trying to terrorize us. If you keep losing your mind. Then we erase Rockefeller from the world. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”