The World Gamer

39. Fighting giant capital..? No, beating up capital.

[Unbelievable news is spreading through the world. Large capitals known to move the world are known to have planned terrorism. There's other evidence out there that Interpol and the police in each country are investigating. This pre-terrorism conspiracy has completely turned the world around.]

“Well done. ”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. ”

“Well, how did they react? ”

“Of course it's not a commotion. We're still discussing how their plans are coming together. Now, of course, we think that 90 percent probability of who leaked that information is what we did. ”

“If you're stupid, you won't be able to keep the family. Any other movement yet? ”

“Yes, I think he's buying himself some time. In fact, in the schools where the children of this family go, if there used to be flying flies, there is nothing there now, but they are being bullied. And of course, in the meantime, there are people who follow the money, but the power has been greatly reduced compared to before. ”

“What is the relationship between people? ”

“Some people are cutting off their hands, but they're not completely cut off. ”

“I don't think so. Not if they know their power." It's like a rain pouring down on them anyway. ”


“Just keep an eye on him. We need to cut down on their power this time. Do it quietly.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“And if you ever try anything strange again, Just like you said the last time. Erase Rockefeller and warn him properly. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”


I sighed, looking at the paper in my hand.

“I don't know why they're touching anyone...”

The Nobel Prize. It is awarded to those who achieve the best achievements in each field for a year. And here comes my call. They invited me as a nominee, and there were two areas where I was invited.

Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize for Physics. The physicist thought I made the right announcement about Mana, and the peace prize should be that my army dealt with the monsters and received them.

“I don't think it matters if you don't go. That's not polite, is it? ”

Nobel Prize is a great honor. And the only person in my country who has ever won the Nobel Prize is former President Kim. He was the only Nobel Prize winner in my country. Peace Prize.

In that sense, it means a great deal that another Nobel Prize reward comes from my country. Especially since it entered two parts at the same time.

Ignoring this is fine... but my parents also told me to go. He said it was an honor for the family, but there was nothing to say.

“It's annoying...”

Of course, the most famous person in the world today is me. I was embarrassed at first, but now I just have 365 journalists in my home or my company.

Of course, I can't set up camp directly, but I wait for myself to show up and run around like a police officer. to get the interview done somehow.

More journalists have been camping, especially since it was announced that they were nominated for the Nobel Prize. I'd like to just tell them to fuck off and get rid of them all. The problem is that they know it and are camping to the extent permitted by law.

But there was nothing good for me if I didn't get along too well with the media to just tell them to go away. So I'm just gonna leave it here, but...


“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“When was the last time I had a press conference? ”

“Based on Earth's date, it's been about 173 days. ”

“Almost six months. ”


“Huff. I'll give it a shot. ”

The date should be after the Nobel Prize ceremony.

* * * * * * *

“This is everything we know about him at the moment. ”

The old man lays down a pile of paper in front of him. Then the other six seated at the table, along with the old man, laid down a pile of paper.

“He certainly has the power to be called emperor. In fact, he's already put the ocean perfectly in his own hands. If he doesn't allow the trade of the seas. Some of you here are going to be very inclined. No, most people would say that. ”

Trading in the modern economy accounts for a very large proportion. And the biggest path to this trade is the sea. Going to land and going to heaven. Nothing was more profitable than moving through the sea. It was less efficient.

And the emperor is the one who can say that he rules the sea. The universe of Kim. Monsters and monsters in the sea. Today's humanity cannot fight them properly.

No, we can fight. The problem is that it costs too much. The price of missiles and torpedoes or shells is not great. Trading all of it?

No matter how you trade, it's hard to see black people. Only a few will remain. In this situation, the reason we continue to trade without such large price fluctuations is because there are reliable battleships guarding all cargo ships.

And the masters of these battleships are the universe. Manara is a warship made of strange power and magic that cannot be explained by modern science.

This battleship stands at the forefront of a powerful force, guarding the freighter going into trade with monsters and monsters from the sea, while the price of the freighter does not go up that much because it only receives the fuel price of the battleship.

However, if the universe decided to abandon these oceans and let someone return, someone would have to give up trade because of the oceans and suffer enormous losses.

There are no exceptions to the fact that they are here. Economies are constantly intertwined with each other, like spider silk. If you touch one, the other will react and touch all the spider silk.

The aftermath of maritime trade is unimaginable. It's a situation I would never want to avoid, even for those here. because they couldn't handle it either.

“We also need to complete the underwater tunnel quickly. ”

“It would be quicker to complete the railroad connecting Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. ”

“So America and Australia are abandoned? ”

“Australia needs to connect the islands and not abandon them. America will be a little isolated. ”

“In that case, would it be faster to connect Alesca to the eastern end of Russia? ”

“Then we'll do that. ”

“Do you know how much time and resources you spend on that? It's an enormous construction that I doubt is possible, even if all of us are out there. It's like tying the whole planet together. Especially in the oceans, there's no guarantee that the monsters won't touch us, so how are we supposed to do that? ”

“So you want me to keep my hands to myself? Begging him for mercy? ”

“That's not what I meant. just to keep an eye on the situation and stay indoors until you avoid this rain. ”

“That's it. What's the difference? ”

“I mean, ”

“No way! We're supposed to be swinging by one of those kids? ”

“How can reality do that? ”

A round table that quickly became noisy. Even at that round table, only one person was silently watching the situation. And when one sighed and hit the table hard, all the other six gazes that were talking to each other went there.

“What is all this inference? How are you going to do that when you're so excited about it? ”

“Just like this. We may be great, but a worldwide shambles movement has begun. And I know you were the one who was hit the biggest, but was I wrong? ”

“No, that's right. Why are you guys so excited when I'm not? Let's analyze the situation calmly and calmly. ”