The World Gamer

40. If one is beaten, it is polite to return it to the 100th generation.

For the future of mankind, war must go away!

The real enemy is monsters and monsters, not us!

This isn't gonna solve anything, is it? The positions of citizens and leaders of many countries.

Terrifying that my press conference was over, reporters posted articles in the languages ​ ​ of the countries. And not all of them were good articles.

Especially when I'm human. Some journalists have actually chewed up the idea that people should stop fighting and see something bigger. I wish I could tell them to fuck off for the next press conference. The problem with the article is that it is not wrong.

Let's look at the relationship between my country and Japan as a single example. My country and Japan. The relationship between these two countries is not as good as the pain of the mouth.

Look at these two countries, and like I said, they're in danger, so cooperate. If we say, "Bullshit," there will definitely be those who continue to be hostile.

I don't want to be friends all of a sudden. However, I expected a bit of a rebuttal. You have to assume this hasn't come to your senses yet.

There's nothing I can do about this. It was just a matter of time. If they really think they're all going to die, they'll agree on what they want to deal with.

If you think there is still racism in the United States, discrimination or hatred against each other will probably not disappear for the rest of human history.

“I've said all I have to say, so I'll do what I have to do. ”

I have already told you what to warn you of and where to go next. He said the same thing several times. But if you ignore me and do what you want to do, I have nothing to say.

What will you do? Even if you shove rice in your mouth, it won't matter if you chew it and don't swallow it. Tell him not to eat it if he doesn't want to.

I'm not free enough to grab their jaws and forcibly chew them.

“This... is worse than I thought, by the way. ”

I frowned at the reports sent from MS1. The occupation of the MS1 planet was under way slowly and reliably. This part is good.

The problem is the situation of the other planets that we've identified through this planet. The monsters acted faster than I expected. If you look at the planets within two billion kilometers of MS1 right now, there are no planets without monsters invading them.

And some of them have already taken over, and some of them still resist. I want to help them because I feel like it, but I don't have the time to spare.

All but the smallest troops defending the Empire are mobilizing to MS1 and fighting the monsters. Five million troops are not that well-armed, not even to the planet MS1, which is 1.5 times larger than Earth. Rather, it was not enough.

That's why we're constantly spinning a production base that allows us to pull out military units we've been resting on for a while.

On MS1's planet, we did not create a place where we could build this army. It is a planet that has been thoroughly occupied for the development of food and technology.

Military units, such as fighters, are the only military machines built here. And all of those machines have one extraordinary ability.

For the first properly constructed Space Battleship right away. It cannot be created in the Empire, but only in MS1. The size of this space warship makes it difficult to install in the Empire.

After the creation of this spaceship, however, the battle became easier. 30 laser guns, 20 railguns and 300 missile launchers. These are the weapons of this cosmic warship.

It is said to be due to the magic of spatial expansion, but it is a spaceship with this much capacity. Of course it's big. The length alone is about 1.1 km from start to finish and the height reaches 300 m.

And there are 500 soldiers riding here. If you think about the size of the Starship, you can say that a lot of them aren't riding there, but this is just the right number, so it can't be that bad.

But the good news is that this is a world game. And this is a unit of the game. In other words, the basic ammunition is infinite.

Typically, lasers and missiles can be used indefinitely. However, in the case of rail guns, they are recognized as additional weapons, so they are subject to unrestricted ammunition.

It's as if space fighters can attack a finite number of hydrogen bombs. I'm not complaining, because I think it's a match for Valence, too.

In fact, there is nothing to lose. The rail guns are powerful, but they will soon be unnecessary in the distant future. In the future, missiles are bad, mostly lasers. That is, the weapons by compression of energy will become mainstream.

Like a beam. Of course, missiles can continue to be developed to make them better and to maximize their destructive power.

However, Railgan will be buried in the future once it reaches a level that can no longer be used. Already, many scientists at the scientific institute have reported that they think so and have greatly reduced their workforce in Railgan's research.

Even a teenager of space warships carrying these state-of-the-art weapons can sweep hundreds of thousands or millions of monsters away. Just because the missile you're equipped with is infinite doesn't mean it's powerless.

Even though it is not a hydrogen bomb, a 300m radius is capable of simultaneously firing 300 missiles at a time, which is infinitely possible. Honestly, if we can stop the monsters from attacking us, we can wipe them all out with just one stone.

It might be easy to clean up the monsters as we continue to support them, but the worst problem with these monsters is that they evolve for the situation as well.

There's no evolution to deal with the starships right now, but these guys are blowing themselves up over the difference.

There are also spaceships shot down for that. We are actively exploiting space fighters to deal with those self-destruct monsters, but there must be some limitations.

But we can't just stand by, so we're building small interceptor drones ready to defend the starship.

It's the Nightmare that's being recreated this time. A spaceship is under construction to swear nightmares to its enemies.

“Hmm? You've already taken the next step? ”

I have divided my rank according to the size of the Starships. The starship I'm talking about now has a cruiser rating of up to three kilometers in length.

And then the next step. Battle Cruiser. This is a battleship of up to 20 kilometers, and I've been told that the construction of the Battlecruiser has begun in my report.

The Battleship's name is Helpas. It is said to be able to wipe out all enemies in a single room with a powerful laser cannon of 8 kilometers in length.

Of course, we are just finishing the design and collecting the materials and making them little by little, but I think it will be done okay when we see the technology that has been enthusiastic so far.

“At this rate, we'll reach Titan in 2020 by Earth time. ”

Titan. A battleship of my highest rank, small asteroid in size. Or based on the size of a planet. Even a small Titan-grade Battleship was only the radius of the Earth.

Of course, no one knows when it will be completed because it is a story with only a theoretical size set. It was the opinion of scientists that they could make as much time and resources as they wanted, even though they didn't think it was impossible to make it.

“I'm excited. What happens when we summon these starships from Earth?“ ”

This is my personal pleasure. How do I react when I see my battleships on Earth sail perfectly through space, which are just now traveling through space on a space shuttle?

They may be stunned to see a cosmic warship that exists only in their imagination. It will be fun as it is.

And you will be more dependent on me. It's a little annoying, but I don't hate people looking up to me.

I don't hate that other people think I'm great because I'm human.

“You have to work hard to do that. ”

MS1 had underground resources as big as it was. And if we use all of these to build Battleships and clear all the monsters, we'll be on our way to a new planet.

It's the beginning of my own space age. I'm really excited. Seriously.