The World Gamer

41. Over Technology. The beginning.

“Here we are at last. ”

A spaceship eight kilometers long. The most powerful weapon is the laser gun on the front of the battleship. This laser, fired from a 300m diameter cannon, has the power to penetrate an asteroid at once.

Of course, this is our primary weapon. Other weapons are substantial, and the best of them are drones and space fighters.

In other words, an aircraft carrier in space? That's why it was made so big. All battleships that will be created in the future will be built this way.

It consumes a lot of resources, but it has that much power. There is also talk of storing Battle Cruiser-grade ships, such as Titan, which will be created later.

“By the way, I only heard this word. It's really big. ”

I am the first Battle Cruiser class ship in the sky. I was amazed at Helpas. Imagine floating in the sky something that looks like a giant ship, two kilometers high. Incredible.

This helix floats in the sky and its shade covers the earth. Of course, it's not entirely shaded, but it's still enormous.

I'm just amazed that I keep making things bigger than this. I told the scientists to do it, but I also made them do crazy things.

“How are you? Your Majesty. ”

At the words of the Eternal Hall, I nodded. I made it the way I wanted it to be. I couldn't help but say it was overwhelming. The size difference was surprisingly large compared to the first Starship First, a cruiser.

“I have to say, it's amazing. When is this going to happen? ”

“You can put it in right now. because we've already done all the experiments. ”

“Then we need to get him in there now. ”

“Yes, I'll do it right away. ”

As soon as Seria replied, Helpas started to move silently, saying something quiet. I'm amazed again that a battleship that size doesn't have engine noise in motion.

“With the advent of Helpas, it is anticipated that MS1's monsters will be defeated at least 10 times faster. ”

“Of course. That space fighter over there is 300. ”

I did not use the expression aircraft carrier for nothing. 300 spaceships in one of those helicopters. And there are 1,000 battle drones to fight the suicide bombers.

That's why it came out that size. Weapons that can destroy asteroids in a single strike, plus a total of 1,300 fighters and drones. This is the best weapon Helpas has. Of course there are guitar weapons, but let's skip that.

“Is that how it's going to be for all warships? ”

“Most of us want to make it Helpas, but not all of us. I have not yet reported to His Majesty, but I am also thinking about specialized Battleships. ”


“A single example. The difference between MS1 and Jutsin is very small, allowing you to travel to the Warp Wizards, but it is difficult to travel to the Warp Wizards because there is a minimum distance difference of more than one billion kilometers from now on. There's still too much to work on for warping with technology. That's why we're going to build a transport ship. ”

“What size?”

“It's only 10 kilometers long. ”

“It's huge. ”

“Yes, we aim to move at least 100,000 people at a time through spatial expansion magic. And what we're working on is support battleships. ”


“We've been working on repairs to battleships through drones as many as we can, and we're halfway there now.“ Once the repair drones are completed, we will specialize in these repair drones to build battleships to minimize the total damage to your battleships in combat, and to create an energy barrier across the region that will also include the ability to protect your allies. ”


It's a shield for automatic repairs. If you say they're made, you don't need to say they're awesome.

“In addition to that, there are a number of good opinions, and we will embrace them all and try to make everything practical. ”

“I'll let you build anything. Don't worry about the resources. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“By the way, how long will it take to complete one Helpas? ”

“A helicopter takes about 100 days. ”

“By combining space fighters and drones? ”

“Of course.”

“A hundred days...”

It will take a short time, but if you look at MS1's facilities, it will take a long time. Full automation was done and all facilities were fragmented and the final assembly was placed separately to maximize efficiency.

In the case of space fighters, it takes 100 days to build parts and less than two hours to complete them completely.

No, we have 300 space fighters, so this is going to take a while.

“Most of the time it takes to complete Helpas' gas. Space fighters and drones can be solved in 65 days, but given the size of the helicopter's gas, it can take quite a while. ”

“That's right...”

It's about building that giant battleship. Of course it takes some time. Rather, it should be commended that it is great to make it in 100 days.

“Also, Your Majesty. As I reported, it is not possible to build Battleships of all grades in MS1. We made this prediction by creating a Battle Cruiser, but Titan-grade ships require us to assign one planet at a time and build one on that planet separately. ”

“Of course it's the same size as this MS1, right? ”

“Yes. We need to cover the entire planet with Titan-grade Battleships so we can build Titan-grade Battleships as soon as possible." And the other battleships that go in there are stories of when they're built on other planets and they're built solely on Titan's gas. ”

“Can you estimate the approximate time? ”

“I'm sorry, but it's hard to predict. The definition of a Titan-grade ship is that it's over the Earth's minimum radius. Even a battleship the size of a battle hasn't been completed yet...”

“Not really.”

“But if you ask us to make a forecast, it will take at least three years to catch it. ”

“Three years?”


... it takes a damn long time. One month in the world is one hour on Earth. That's 12 hours a year, 36 hours in three years, but this is an estimate, and it could increase.

Titan is rated three times higher than it would take Helpas 100 days. No one really knows how long it will take.

“But Earth time will be built within a week, right? ”

“Of course, it is expected to be completed. ”

“Then that's enough. By the way, this is already quite the story of a new planet occupation. ”

“Seems like we're trying to make the best of our time...”

Yeah, I know. It takes a tremendous amount of space. The size of the factory is not a joke, as we are finishing the assembly in the process of making and moving parts. If you look at a factory that makes helicopters right now, it's a bit of an exaggeration, the size of South Korea. There's only one factory.

Seeing this, the land's leisure had to disappear quickly. Whenever we research and discover new things, we build additional laboratories that are involved in them, and we keep refining our fields because of the food, but we keep building additional basic improvements so that there is no land left.