The World Gamer

41. Over Technology. The beginning.

I don't know if you all remember, but one of the unmanned scouts we installed recently was destroyed. And over time, other scouts were destroyed and sent in the right scouts to investigate what had happened, and the results are now coming back to me.

“A new breed...”

There are other species in the cosmic civilization, except humans. And now I've found one of them. It wasn't just good. because they have a lot of bad feelings for us.

“Can't you talk at all? ”

“They said they tried to talk through magic, but they didn't answer, they just attacked. ”

“So why? ”

“We don't know the details, but our reconnaissance tells us that the Demibeast are where we found them this time. ”

“You don't know why you have bad feelings for humans, do you? ”


“I can't help it. If they're targeting hostile relationships first, they can't be facing them either, can they? ”

“Is this war?”

“Not yet. I'm not sure I'm ready yet. Let's just leave it alone for now and increase the number of scouts so we can be sure to be ready for any surprise attacks. And as more battleships build up, that's when the war begins. We also do more research on our enemies. ”

“Yes. We'll send our spies right away and make our move." ”

“Yes. And... no. Just have him investigate thoroughly. From habit to whole frame. ”


An encounter with the first of its kind. Although the relationship isn't great, it's still the first heterogeneity I've met, not a monster. I want to go peacefully rather than be hostile. I don't think that's gonna work. We have to try.

“We've finished cleaning up MS1's monsters... and how are the rest of the countries on Jupiter?" ”

“I'm just starting to use electricity. I think we need to get ahead of ourselves and start with computers. ”

“Send men to them soon to tell them. The name of the planet is Juicin, and nature does not destroy it too much. Tell them that if the destruction is too severe, I'll apply an agent. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”


I looked at the lists I had checked. As I was organizing the paperwork, I wrote down what I had to order through Seria, and that was the last thing I said.

“Done. Tell them to take care of the rest." ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Excuse me, then.”

After Seria left my room with the paperwork I had processed, I leaned back to my chair and sighed for a long time. I'm just finishing up here.

“Can we take a break now? ”

The busiest and most frequent was the perfect occupation of MS1. Since the war with the monsters continues to cause casualties and damage, the paperwork continues to be processed.

But it's over now. Now that MS1 has been completely ours, we can move towards a new planet. We already have a planet to conquer.

“It's been a long time. ”

I moved to meet her, thinking of her still growing. Now, there is a saying that you are traveling with Jan Darhk to help people preach about God. When you find her location on the minimap and travel there on the trident, there are Jan Darhk and her surrounded by many people.

“Your Majesty?”

“Emperor? ”

“Are those three birds? ”

“The Emperor is here! ”

The people around them find me and head down in haste. Then I let the three tribesmen down to the ground and looked at them and said,

“What were you doing here? ”

“Yes, I was treating them. Then why are you suddenly...”

“No, I just want to be okay. Is it much farther than that? ”

She's the reason I'm here, I say. A monster of more than 10... who I thought was my guardian and the limit to the number of talents with the only sacred talent figures of 11 today. Hwaeung.

She's still not finished growing. Of course, her growth has not yet been completely complete, although most substantial figures have already reached the maximum limit of 100 and beyond.

As evidence of this, those with outstanding talents will be divided into name-units or heroes when their growth is complete.

She's a Guardian, but I think she's no different. She's neither a hero nor a name unit yet. That is, to date, the growth is still less complete. In fact, his stats are still rising.

“Yes, I don't think so. I'm sorry."

At her words, I shook my head. If you continue to grow, I would appreciate it. You're stronger than that.

“There's no rush. Let's take it slow. If you continue to grow, it's very good for me. I'm just here to get along, so don't be too hard. Then I'll go back. ”

“You're leaving already? ”

Jan Darhk said I looked at the people around me and said,

“The others here are uncomfortable. Then keep up the good work. Both of you. ”

And I took control of the trident again and left. Then I thought about where to go. Honestly, there was nowhere I wanted to go.

“It's time to go back to Earth anyway, so let's travel until then. ”

The Empire is vast. Now that we've captured planets 1.5 times larger than Earth, the total is truly unimaginable.

MS1 has not yet traveled to any fishing vessels, but my home empire on the planet Jutsin is different. You can travel here at any time.

Those who are fearless may try to kill me, but I am not weak enough to face them alone.

* * * * * *

“Where do they live? ”

“Found it.”

“Hmm, good. What kind of power do you think they have? ”

“It's not that strong. There are many large facilities on the visible planet, but nothing else is particularly noticeable. ”

“I see.”


“So when we attack, what are the chances that we can capture without damage? ”

“I can't talk about it. At scale, we have to assume that they can build the right kinds of combat devices. And the machines that we didn't have that manipulator -- that was a lot of technology. ”


“If we attack, we also have to take some damage. If you could just give us a little more time, we'd like to investigate them a little bit more, and then we'd like to be perfectly prepared and attack them. ”


“In addition, the planet where they are is the one that drove the monsters from the planet where the monsters originally occupied it. Given that, we can't say their power is weak. ”

“Hmmm. So what are you going to do specifically? ”

“Give me a year or two. I will analyze the enemies thoroughly and then come up with a countermeasure against them. ”

“Let's do it. I will speak well at the upcoming Conference of the Races. ”


These two guys are talking like this. He was a man with a larger body than a normal person and a man who looked intelligent. The only peculiarity was the tiger's tail on the buttocks of these two men.