The World Gamer

43. Overwhelming power!!!

“But this is my place, right? ”

At the word of the universe, Gumiho nods. And in that vacant space, the universe finally began to meet properly.

“I'm sorry to see each other like this. We could have met on the good side. Of course, it's never too late to make things right now, so I want you to do things peacefully. ”

“Of course I do. In order to do that, mutual opinion coordination is essential. Oh, I just want to make things easier for you, okay? It's okay to make yourself comfortable. ”

“No problem. And I'm more comfortable with this, so I'll just keep going. ”

“Good. Let's get down to business, shall we? Tell me what you want first. All I want to do is talk about it later. ”

“Non-silence treaties against each other. And the slow exchange under the table. These are the two things we want. ”

“I'll take it. Now's the time to tell you the terms." Is that okay? "


“Give me one planet. ”


“Give me one planet. All the terms you said are what I want, so of course I accept them, and we will never betray them first. And I want you to have a planet to use in return. Of course, the planet will go out. ”

“A planet... You can't be serious. What's the point?" ”

“The goal is a planet. You didn't make me come all the way out here for nothing, did you? Don't get me wrong, all of you. We are winning this war with a force so overwhelming that we are embarrassed to even call it a war. And with Poseidon out there, our power difference is even greater. ”

“... is that a threat? ”

“Of course. Honestly, I didn't want to get any planets. I was just trying to end by accepting the promises you gave me about this unfortunate, peaceful exchange. But you told me to come here myself. So I'm just trying to make my own move and get what I came for. ”

“How big do you think it is to say one planet you want in return? ”

“The value of everything is relative. One planet is a big planet, of course, but I don't think Mount Sujita is that big of a difference compared to what I came here for myself. I've been coming here since the beginning, and I'm pretty prepared. I walked to where there were people trying to kill me. ”

“I commend your courage, emperor, for that, of course. But that doesn't make one planet...”

“Again, all values are relative. I think what I did was worth a planet. And most of all, if you had called me here in the first place, I would have known I had to pay for something. ”

The word of the universe silenced Gumiho. Of course, that was what I was expecting. It was like he had summoned the emperor of a country. Moreover, the emperor is winning this war.

Even if she changed her mind, the universe came to a place where she would never come. This alone made her realize that he was a great man.

"But no matter how many planets..."

“I'd rather make it up to you. ”

“No. What we lack is land. That's why we need a planet. ”

“Then I'll give you the largest planet in our alliance. ”

“No. What's the point of just being big? It's only useful if the creatures can survive properly. Don't worry too much. Would you ask me to give up the nature of each race without conscience? ”


“I did some research, Seria. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Here you go."

And Seria, standing in the back of the universe, gave me a transparent piece of paper that showed me what the planet looked like. This was before the development of the hologram but was a useful paper monitor.

“You see this? This planet is my target. ”

Gumiho frowned as he saw the universe. The planet he showed us was a very promising planet with abundant underground resources and environments ideal for living in the Demibeast Alliance.

But on the contrary, that planet is a talkative planet in the Demibeast Alliance. It's because there were a lot of people arguing about the planet because it's a nice place to live and has a lot of underground resources.

“Is this about the Demibeast Alliance? It's a waste to give someone, but they care about other people, and besides, there are two planets with monsters living around here. Right?"

The universe is not stupid. He found a planet in the Demibeast that was definitely valuable and refined, among other things, the planet he was most likely to take with him.

First and foremost, there are two planets with monsters living around them. There are not many Demibeasts who say there is not much response yet, but there are no foreigners who do not know that it cannot continue.

But let's just throw it away, the potential the planet has is too poor. That's why it was a planet that couldn't do this or that. The universe wanted to have it.

A monster? It's definitely a problem, but right now, he just needs to destroy the planet where the monster lives or deal with it through a massive subjugation.

You can accept it with a smile from the Demibeasts and use it as an excuse to attack them and take what they have.

It was the best planet in the universe.

“I'll take care of this one, the most troublesome of them all. That's not a loss for the Demibeast, is it? Think of it as a gift to win a good score for me this time instead of something that they don't even have. ”

“It's not up to us to decide. It's also a matter of asking others for their opinions and deciding. ”

“You don't expect me to believe that, do you? Every decision the Demibeast makes is made by five people here. Aren't you?”

“Yes, but this is a different matter. There's a lot of talk on that planet, so if we just take care of it ourselves, we're going to have a lot of hostility. ”

“Then I'm done being the bad guy. It's just that I blackmailed him. Then there will be very few people who abuse you. Then we'll take it from here. ”


“I don't care. Mr. Gumiho. As the Emperor has said so far, the planet was a blur that we could neither discard nor get rid of in our alliance. So it's not bad to throw it away completely on this occasion. Besides, isn't the location of the planet the most external to our hydrocephalus? This is the longest place for monsters to send support when they invade the planet. ”

Gumiho was a little embarrassed by the words of the dragon chieftain. I didn't think he'd say that. However, all the other chiefs nodded in favor of the words of the dragon chieftain. It's because they don't know the gravity of the planet.

However, it was decided that if I could hand it over to the emperor universe and use it to promote the friendship of two more forces, it would not be a bad idea to just throw it away.

“Ha... I'll do it if you say so." So let's just say that the planet is completely abandoned by us. So we're not going to provide support for the monster invasion after that. ”

“Haha. Worry all you want. We can't lose to those monsters. Rather, the two planets would be occupied if there was a chance. We're really low on land. Building a battleship like that will leave no land behind. ”

Seeing the universe pointing to Poseidon, the chiefs and gumihos nodded. To build a battleship that size, there was no need to tell me how big the facility was.

“Then this concludes our conversation. If you want, I can write you a treaty. You don't have to go there. ”

“For us, an insecure but peaceful exchange is based on each other's trust and belief. So I'm going to trust you. But if we break the treaty, we will make sure that we pay for it, even if we all die. ”

“Of course. It doesn't matter. This side really doesn't intend to break the treaty. You'll just have to control the Hoynes and the Lanterns. If they attack us individually, we'll deal with them in our own way. ”

“I'll leave that to you. ”

“Good. Then this concludes the treaty. Then I'll be going now. I have a lot of work to do, but I have to hurry because I came here as part of it. ”

“At least eat...”

“Ah, it's okay. Next time, I'll invite you to dinner with me. I have a lot of work to do right now. I'll see you later, then. Confederate leaders of the Demibeast Alliance.”

Thus, peace negotiations between the Demibeast Alliance and the Empire ended.