The World Gamer

44. The world goes mad.

After completing the agreement with the Demibeast Alliance safely, I was returning to my home, Hwang Sung, to have a peaceful time. In an agreement with the Demibeast Alliance, it was frankly almost punctured above.

I was planning to get to a planet, but I didn't think it would be easy, so I thought I'd have to go to war again, and when I thought about all the other situations, I was overwhelmed with stress.

“Still, I'm glad you're doing well...”

Obviously, the world is based on games. But after the limits of the game were lifted, I had to manage things as an emperor, one of which was my achievement.

For example, when it comes to clearing, I have more overwhelming power. He has a strong charisma there, so his faith in cleaning from soldiers is almost absolute. Of course, so do the generals.

What about me? Once I am emperor, I am loyal to myself, but if I compare myself to the scales at the crucial moment, many will probably choose to be removed.

Now this is reality. Of course, those with a certain position like a general or an admiral will always save me, but not the soldiers below.

Therefore, in order to please them at all, we need to imprint the name Emperor a little more. There are many mental education, but it was good for me to move myself to achieve something like this.

In a few words, getting a planet with peace is a very good promotional achievement for me. Even the Emperor is hard to do. Seriously.


I was drinking tea and looking at the minimap. Now I'm not looking at mini-maps, I'm looking at the formations that I've captured through space and the planets that I've discovered.

“Now that I've eaten here, these two are next...”

Where I got it from the Demibeast Coalition. There are two planets around which there are environments that allow organisms to survive in any way.

The problem is that there are monsters in these two places. Monsters are just supposed to put battleships in there and wipe them out. In just a few moments, the warp transporter will be fully equipped, and by then it will be easy for the soldiers to get in and get a scholarship easily.

After eating these two planets. That's the problem now. If you look at the planets I'm occupying now, they're heading in a straight line. It's not that this is bad, but the planets around it are the problem.

“Now we have to find a planet to build a Titan-grade warship. ”

To build a Titan-grade Battleship, you must cover the entire planet with factories to build a Titan-grade Battleship. So, on this planet, it's okay if it doesn't survive.

All you have to do is make buildings out of rocks.

“That's three places here, here, here... Hmm. If we bind them together into one lump, do we have to conquer 6 planets in total? ”

Planets that make Titan-grade battleships are designated TMs, and these TMs are designated No. 1-3. And the rest of the planets are covered with facilities to build other warships...

“Only one planet can satisfy its food. ”

An environment in which only one of the six planets can provide food. The other five should just be used as a place to make battleships.

And when I finish this, I'll have 11 planets. And since it's in some range, it becomes a mass.

I will connect these planets well and scout unmanned fighters from time to time, correctly marking them as my territory and then I will advance again.

The biggest thing to do as an emperor is to plan for the future, as it is now. If you do nothing, you will eventually become stagnant. And that's never a good thing.

It's good to keep improving and moving. Of course, sometimes you need to stand still and hide, but now is the time to move.

The time for you to breathe will not be too late even after you've captured all of these planets.


I said, "My visit took place and Serena came in."

“The plan ahead is. ”

I spread the paper computer next to me. An evolutionary tablet PC. The paper is transparent on the outside, but when it is expanded, hold down the red part on one side for 2 seconds to turn it on. I hope to build something like this on Earth someday... but I don't know if it will be made while I'm alive.

Once I turned on the computer, I put a map of the universe we're looking at on the screen and marked six planets.

“This is how we're going to take over six planets. And...”

Check 3 planets in different colors.

“These three will go from TM1 to 3 as planets to build Titan-grade warships. Among the other planets, these two will build only battleships as pure as the TM mentioned earlier, while the other one supplies food. ”


“And create boundaries like this. ”

I've massively winded the six planets I checked and the 11 planets I'm going to occupy, including the two planets I'm going to occupy, into a single mass, with white lines.

“After conquering all the planets, we use this boundary to refine the inner chamber as much as possible before moving again. I won't move until then. ”

“How would you rate it? ”

“At least a dozen Titan-grade battleships will make their move. ”

“Teenagers... got it. ”

Each planet needs to have one to be built for peace. And this Jutsin planet, which has my star, has been cleared out of the way.

“We'll do this, so tell everyone to move according to these standards. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Then get out. ”


Then Seria leaves my room, and I turn off the paper computer on and drink the car again. The tea I drink is very special.

A car that has entered our empire that has succeeded in trading. It was built and raised by elves. The efficacy is mental and mental stability, but when you actually drink this tea, do you think it will bring peace to your mind?

One effect is fire, after all. That's why it's my favorite car. The price is... just a little out. Let's get on with it. As emperor, this kind of luxury is natural. Of course I am.

“Let's get going. ”

Where? Where, of course? Earth.

* * * * * * *


When I returned to Earth, I once again recalled and recalled all of Seria and her secretaries, refreshed their information, turned on the TV with the breakfast they prepared, and I almost spit out the breakfast I had.

There's something that can't be explained in any logic right now! What was that planet that appeared suddenly?!!!


When I got up from my seat, cursed, went straight to the window, and looked up at the sky, I saw a big planet in the sky.

“That planet...”

Do you know a planet? Of course you do. Because that planet.

“Why is MS1 there!!! ”

The first MS1 I captured. The planet is now in the sky. How do you know? MS1 is big. And the first gas-grade battleship, Poseidon, was built right here, and since then, the second gas-grade battleship, Hades, is being built right now on the surface of that planet.

That was Hades, a gas class warship, by the looks of it.

“Seria! Go back now and make sure the MS1 planet is gone! ”


Then I recalled Seria again for about 10 seconds and then recalled her again.

“MS1 now exists correctly in its original location. Your Majesty."

“Then what the hell is that?! ”

I summoned an unmanned reconnaissance plane to space once I reported the summoning list as I cursed. I had to check first.

whether or not that's a real MS1. Over time, reports have come from unmanned reconnaissance vehicles. And the report is... nonsense that it doesn't actually exist in the universe.

That means it's a hallucination, not a hallucination. It looks clear, but it doesn't have an entity. Which means it's an illusion.

“Ha. I wonder how the world works. ”

That's why we're in trouble. If we send any Explorers out there, we'll be left in the dark. That planet has something to do with me.

Then how much trouble are you in line for again? I want to solve that, but I can't figure out how to solve it.

“Once... it will become known that this is my planet, I will need to prepare accordingly." Seria, I'm going to summon some more children, so let's give them more protection against their parents. ”


“And get rid of the dung flies next to me. ”

“Remove? ”

“Yes, remove it. Find out for sure if it's a dung fly or not, and if it is, just get rid of it. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”