The World Gamer

44. The world goes mad.

MS1 continued to be visible to Earthlings. What is more curious is that you can see it anywhere in the world. This makes no sense.

Commonly seen in some parts of the earth, it must not be seen on the other side, but there is no such thing. Of course, scientists could only comment on this and not say anything.

And the scouts that went directly from the NASA came back with no harvest. Of course, it's not real, it's just a vision.

After all, people have now realized that this planet is an illusion and that it is related to me as a marker on that planet.

Thanks to me, reporters were really gathering, and the flies were watching me and trying to do something about it.

The dung flies sent a warning in silence, but the problem is those journalists. My parents also told me that they were able to go outside because of the reporters.

“Even if it's legal, I want to solve it by force because I don't listen to it, but it's ambiguous. This is driving me crazy. ”

Journalists, especially media relationships, should not be bad. Of course, if you're in my position, you can just chew it all up, but there's nothing good about making enemies for nothing. If it can go well, it's best to go well.

I don't want you to think too much of me. If it weren't for my parents, I'd just get rid of them. What if I'm wrong? It's a world that comes out of insulting my parents. As a child, at least try not to insult your parents.

“How about another big press conference? Your Majesty."

“No. If I did that, I'd still be too strong to fuck around, but I don't know what kind of crazy they'd do. We don't own everything on Earth, do we? ”

In fact, when I became too strong, there were those who moved to resist me, and the Rothschild and Rockefeller were the main ones.

The problem is, the rest of them are now bowing their heads, and there is some implicit agreement. I do not intrude on their territory and they do not interfere with my work.

This is the implicit agreement they made with me. Of course, I want to clean all this up because I feel like eating it all, but I don't think it would be so good to just leave it.

What do you mean? Hmm... I don't want to get hit by work on Earth. I think I need to rest somewhere, don't you? So I keep as little work as possible out of my hands and everything else out of my hands.

“It's hard now, too. ”

The illusion of MS1 continues to make me less interested. Plus, a gradually completed Period class ship. Seeing its appearance gradually, people are becoming more interested.

Think about it. A battleship the size of a small country. If you think a battleship of that size moves, it will be the reality of the SF films for people on Earth.

You will fear my power. I say I'm not interested, but what kind of person trusts someone so easily? Even more powerful?

I swear on my fortune, but it will never happen. They will hold me back by means and by means.

“Should I turn it upside down...”

Dealing with each other is very annoying. I just want to turn it all upside down because I really feel like it, but the problem is what happens after that.

I'm going to be the most powerful man in the world? Okay, so what's next? What should I do? I'll just wait and see. Okay, we can do this. But the problem is now the illusion.

What happened on Earth, of course, I informed the world of cosmic civilization immediately, and the geniuses under my command analyzed what had happened.

One of them had the worst opinions, and now there are two universes. That is, the universe with the Earth and other universes are joined together. This is a situation where space-time is warped and all the laws are warped.

I don't know what's going to happen. And the worst of all, my planets are being transported to the solar system where the Earth is.

Or the Earth moving to space where I have planets. This is one of the worst-case scenarios we can think of. Another worst-case scenario? Well... I'll just say there's a lot.

In this case, if I become the world's most powerful person, I have to take matters into my own hands. Of course, I still have to step up a little, but now I have people to step up for me, but not when I'm the world's greatest power.

“Your Majesty.”


“This situation is spreading gradually about the power of our empire. Then why don't you just announce everything? ”

“I thought about that. I can't be worried about the back. Either way, what we need to do is simple. Just like now. You don't have to move. We just need to do what we have to do. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Now let's stop thinking about this and just see how it goes. Take good care of your parents. Okay?"

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

Let's look at the flow. If something changes, then we can respond.

* * * * * * *

“Hmm... unblocked? ”

“Yes, it's so overwhelming. Monsters are still evolving, but we can't keep up with our pace. ”

“Of course. I've invested a lot. ”

All resources are being deployed to craft battleships, with the exception of the necessary taxes or other resources I earn. Period grade Battleship. Poseidon's succession in one blow completes Zeus, the strongest Battleship ever built.

Of course, Zeus has overwhelming firepower instead of just a small number of battleships. Battleships also have minimal numbers.

What's the rest of it? Of course, they are missiles and many other weapons. Weapons that can be used indefinitely are okay, but there are also weapons that are not, so we have ammunition for them.

Is that a lot of ammo? Of course. Weapons that can be used indefinitely are not that powerful. Weapons with ammunition are powerful weapons, but Zeus is full of them.

All new weapons are at stake. That's Zeus. Stronger than Poseidon, if you take pure combat power. If Poseidon and Zeus are at each other's throats, Zeus is strong enough to win.

Monsters won't last long after the Zeus has been dispatched and wiped out a planet occupied by monsters. The other planets have been well occupied since then.

“Hmm. I wouldn't have much to do at this rate. ”

Schools continue to add up and the population continues to explode. Just go like this. Then there's no problem. Any enemies?

I've never been enemies. Of course, the monsters are still out there, so I don't know when they'll attack, but considering my current power, I think we can take on all the monsters in space.

“I need some Titan-grade battleships to be completely reassured. ”

“We are currently making three simultaneous TMs. ”

“What is the completion date? ”

“We can't predict at this time. In the long run, it takes more than a decade...”

“Of course.”

Titan is currently being manufactured at 3,000 km in size. The moon is 3,476 kilometers, just 476 kilometers (?) is of no difference.

Not to mention how much these bastards are consuming the resources of my empire. It is a black hole that consumes resources.

I keep going in endlessly. I'm still pouring it out, expecting when it will be made. For now, MS1 is fortunate to be seen as an illusion on Earth. What would happen if the TM you're making now looked like an illusion?