The World Gamer

45. So I'm going crazy with you.

“You know why I called, right? Clear.”

I told you, he nodded.

“Let's cut to the chase. What do you think I want to do on Earth? And why do you think I have this difference in behavior in both worlds? And...”


After Chiu said, I stopped talking.

“Now that you know what you're going to say, you don't have to say it anymore. First, we need to be sure about something. ”

“Tell me.”

“The solution to this problem is very simple. The question is, can we make sure of this? That's all.”

“... I'll do my best. Tell me the solution. ”

“It's simple. The world and the Earth. These two worlds can be seen as one. ”

“What are you talking about? ”

“I have seen so far that the Emperor Kim universe and the Kim universe on Earth are still completely different people. Even though they're the same person, most of their actions are just like that of other people. ”


“For example, this is how monsters are dealt with when they appear. As emperor of this world, the universe of Kim was resolute. You dealt with them unconditionally, no matter what others said. I didn't want to leave any grassroots. But what about the Kim universe on Earth? I took care of it without leaving any grassroots. But I've done it since the monsters jumped me. Why did you do that? ”

“That's why I stayed late to alert the monsters to the dangers. ”

“If I did, I would have moved immediately when the monsters had already done great damage. But the Earth's Kim universe didn't move. Until greater damage occurs and those who oppose their opinions bend over themselves. ”

“Is there a problem? ”

“No problem. But if it were Emperor Kim's universe, he wouldn't have done that. The first genocide was just a warning, but you wouldn't have watched the second genocide. You must have moved your troops, caught the monsters first, and then dealt with those who refused the Emperor's words because of their greed. ”


I put my hands up to clear my words and hung up.

“But there is no such thing. You did this to me. I will act as an emperor and do my best to show my dignity as an emperor. And I actually think I did a very good job. No matter how hard I tried, I felt anxious because of my happiness that could not reach 100%, but the cause was not in this world and was on Earth in the first place. It was shaking even the emperor of this world because of what happened on Earth. That's why I brought it up first. ”

“My actions on Earth have gone badly? ”

“Wrong. That went wrong, too. I still think it's okay to talk about monsters. But the problem comes after that. Things aren't going so well after that. Lost Child, Rockefeller. It was good to show its power by dealing with these two families, but it was a handshake to leave the rest of the group and families alone. Whatever it is, they have drawn a sword at you, emperor, and this is clearly hostile. As with the Demibeast, the misguided behavior was definitely not an act of becoming the emperor of the world's Kim universe without proper peaceful agreement. ”


“If you want to point out anything else, it's a lot. But the most fundamental cause is the two personalities I mentioned. What is the critical difference between the Kim universe in this world and the Kim universe on Earth? ”

“A crucial difference...”

Honestly, I don't know. We can summon enough henchmen on Earth. The Imperial Palace where I live? It's not that big. Secretaries are still on Earth. Then what is my difference between me and here on Earth?

“I don't know. I don't think there's much difference in the environment.”

“It is not the difference in the environment, it is the problem of the universe itself. This world was a Bondi game. That's how I started to know. Right?"

“I did. You still do, don't you? They say the limits of the game are off, but the basic framework is the game. ”

“That's the problem. I see the world as a game, and I enjoy it lightly. That's why we can make all the bold decisions we want. I'm just trying to have some fun. But not on Earth. There, Kim's universe is shy from making bold decisions. There are those responsible. But so is the world. There are more people in this world to take responsibility for. Nevertheless, the difference in behavior is that the world is more daring. So why is this difference happening? ”

“I don't know...”

“Because you perceive the world as just a game. If you die in this world, you die on Earth. It's no different than Earth. Death is the end. If you ask me to tell you the biggest difference, don't your parents exist? That's all. That means the environmental differences aren't that big. The biggest cause. And the fundamental cause is the idea that the world can be reset and restarted at any time with a game. ”

“I do. ”

“You never thought about it? Are you sure? I may not think so, but I don't think so unconsciously. That's why the behavior is so light. It's nothing, it's just a fun game. But not on Earth. It's a reality, so pay as much attention to everything as you can, avoid the body if you need to, and step back at all. They're letting us down even if we don't have to. ”

According to Chiu, I closed my mouth. Is that what I think it is? We know that this world is another reality. And I take it lightly?

No, I take the world very seriously too. If I look lightly, I will not fight with the documents every day, and I will not carefully check everything and check for missing parts.

“Of course not. But it seems to me. It's the same for everyone other than me. We can't do anything about this. The measures provided by Seria were designed to minimize your disconnection to the fullest extent possible. So try them all first. That strangeness of yours won't just vanish. It's impossible. So we're going to have to move slowly down to the next best thing. ”

“Will it get better? ”

“It'll get better. Even if you don't get better. If every human being on Earth bows down to you, then that's the only solution. So let's try to do things on Earth one by one while we're as conscious as possible about this disconnection. That way, you will be reborn as a true emperor, not as a unique Emperor Kim universe in this world. That was a long talk.I 'll be going now. I've given you all the advice I can. When I see him again, I want him to look more emperor. No matter what anyone says, you are the emperor we claim to be heroes, including me. ”

I left the room to say it and clean it up. And I looked at where Qiu was and touched the cup of tea in my hand.

Game and reality. These are two completely different things. Games are games and reality is reality. I know that this world is a reality somewhere in another universe.

But... am I fully aware of that? I couldn't honestly say yes to Chiu's question. No, think about it.

One game's system still remains because it is out of the limits of the game. Plus, I started thinking of it as a game in the first place. Suddenly, I feel embarrassed when I hear that it's another world.

“Like Qiu said, I still see this world as just a part of the game...”

UI windows that are still visible to me. Statistics, including minimaps, my current equipment. Equipment I can wear. The planets or regions I've occupied... all of them are just visible to me.

“Can I really believe that this world is real? ”

I can't breathe. I knew the cause somehow. But as Chiu said, this is not a problem that will be solved in a day. I need time, or maybe I won't be able to solve this disconnection for the rest of my life.

“Then we should take the next step. ”

If it doesn't change in one day, like Chiu said, I'll take the next step. Once I think of what I would do if I were Emperor Kim's universe, I do it all on Earth.

No matter what the consequences. I intend to do it. No matter what the outcome, I have the power to fix it.