The World Gamer

46. Once you have started, you must see the end. Whatever the outcome.



“Are these people crazy? ”

I was eager to hear from Japan. I thought the conditions I asked for were a little excessive. So if they refused or wanted to negotiate, they were going to destroy Tokyo and then negotiate, but they just accepted.

“There's no reason to just accept these terms for no reason unless these guys get shot in the head...”

As I spoke more, Seria replied.

“We believe he may have intervened in the United States. We still have to do a little more research, but it's an intervention in the United States. ”

“What was the deal in the United States that the Japanese are giving up like this? ”

“Now that China has been hit so badly, if you raise your hand on the friction with China, there will be great damage in China as well. In the United States, solving the persistent problems of Korea and Japan can resolve some of the disputes in East Asia and reduce China's power by easing Japan's loss. ”

“Wow. Awesome. Did you calculate all this in the meantime? ”

“I think you were thinking when you attacked China. Or maybe he was thinking about it from the moment he warned us. You did what you wanted to do anyway. ”

“That's right. I just don't feel good. I feel thoroughly exploited. ”

I don't feel good because I feel so useless. Isn't this like dancing on the palm of an American hand?

“Do you want to attack the United States? ”

“I can't do that. It's because I'm totally fucked. I should have just pushed it all away like you said. ”

Seria's opinions were just to attack and push away. That vast territory of China and that of Japan. I'm eating both of them. That was the opinion of Seria.

Of course it was rejected. There were too many bumps, and I didn't want to tie my head to the operation of the country on Earth. At least not yet.

“The Titan-grade battleship must still be dry, right? ”

“Yes, I need more time. No matter how perfect the simulation is, something unexpected can happen in the actual drying area. From time to time, we will conduct interim experiments, such as Poseidon and the Starship, to ensure that the Battleship is properly completed at once. ”

“Yes. Speed is important, but most importantly, not bad. ”

Given its size, it doesn't really have to be hard to find out where it broke down and why it broke down. No, I doubt we'll ever find it.

“Let's clear the air on this. I have to admit what I've been through. I've done things too foolishly. I had to dig a little deeper into Japan and China's movements...”

In fact, trying to fight me right is crazy. Nevertheless, we had to investigate the two countries where the spies were kept until the end, why they did so.

The attack was not too late after that, but this happened because I handled things too quickly and foolishly.

“In the American political world, did you make a complete hand? ”

“I haven't hit my hand completely yet. Would you like to reconnect now? ”

“No, disconnect them all. Put a lot of agents on it instead. It's a waste of money to pay them off for nothing, isn't it? Let's just get our own information. They're not that bad. ”

“Certainly. Then I will do as you say. ”

“And China needs to dig into the more economical side of this opportunity. There's a lot of loopholes. Make sure you dig deep. ”

“How far are you willing to dig? ”

“Economic and back-alley. Dig into these two areas and take complete control. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Japan... is in chaos, isn't it? ”

“Yes, all the people on the far right stood up. Some even insisted on destroying their own cultural treasures that they wouldn't even give them back, and some actually did. I'm also full of the will to never hand over any other legacy. ”

“Of course. I honestly didn't think I'd just accept my request, but would the people of that country be mistaken?" ”

“Would you like to use your hands? ”

“As long as we get it, we have to get it right. Send out spies and tell the Japanese government clearly. And the things that are related to this are handled well with Korean information. ”

Just three years ago, working well with the Korean government was like dying from a tongue bite, but now it's different. There is no major objection to working with the Korean government because the current government is trustworthy.

“Somewhere quiet for a while. I remember I told you once to take out an unmanned man and make a vacation home. ”

“Of course I remember. And we built one on the Pacific Ocean, uninhabited. Would you like to go there?”

“I'll be there until it calms down. Oh, and how are your parents? ”

“They are preparing to travel abroad again soon. He said he was going to England this time. ”

“Have you ever been to England? ”

“Yes, you started in South America, and you slowly went up, and now you've traveled all the way across America, and you've traveled all the way to the North Pole, and you've gone to Russia, and you've gone to Europe. ”

“You're making a big circle. ”


“How many agents are you escorting right now? ”


“Charge 500 men and make sure they're protected. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Then let's go to that villa. I just need to rest in a quiet place for a while. ”

Just turn on the internet or TV and there is a lot of talk about me. I plan to stay in a quiet place until this situation calms down a bit.

You can always come back right away, so there won't be any big problem.

* * * * * * *

“Are you really going to hand this over to our government? ”

South Korea's newly elected president. He looks at the beauty standing in front of him and says carefully.

“That is the meaning of the Emperor. The current government of the Republic of Korea is the judgment of the Emperor that he considers quite reliable. Please don't make me think that the Emperor's judgment is wrong. Our team will continue to support you, so we hope you'll keep working. ”

“They don't know when to change their words unless they leave it as a practical document. ”

“It doesn't matter. If you change your words, you will really bombard Tokyo then. Even though you have been merciful so far, you have now reached the limit of your mercy. There will be no more mercy from now on. There will be only warnings and punishment. ”

A beautiful woman said, the president of South Korea swallowed.

“I think the reason I'm emphasizing this is because I don't need to say it. I want you to keep your journalists in line. We'll follow up with you if we see anything further. Sure."

The beauty who disappeared with it. The president sighed loudly when he saw where she was, looking at the prime minister beside him.

“How do you see it? Prime Minister.”

“How would you look at it? Mr. President, we just have to stay where we are. And that allowed this country to rise again. And now we have a real opportunity to deal with the rest of the past. We just have to do what we have to do. That's what the people voted for. ”

“Haha. That's right. So let's do our job. The first thing we need to do is make sure we document the right to poison. ”

“I won't make it easy for you. I definitely need help with this. ”

“Everything else is not all right... but let's do it all." For now or never, we have to try and get help. Don't we have something to say? Prime Minister. ”

“Of course, Mr. President. I'll get right on it. ”