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47. Is your friend watching?!

“I think you know that the changes are going to be very big, so let everyone know and ask them to let me know if they have any good ideas. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

This ends the story roughly. I did everything I could. Now all I have to do is hand it over to people smarter than me.

And I get to choose the best opinion of all.

* * * * * *


The serious empire officials who heard the story of Seria are in serious trouble. It wasn't a simple story. Especially what they're most concerned with is the emergence of new planets in the solar system on which the Earth resides.

“There's nothing to think about, is there? We just need to take the planet and expand our empire. No, we don't have a proper empire where the Earth was in the first place, so we'd better have a proper empire this time. ”

In the words of Alexander the Conqueror, Sejong the Great shakes his head.

“I'm all for taking the planet, but there's still order, right?" Even if Earth's technological strength falls significantly below ours, it's not enough that we won't be able to observe the planets that appear out of the blue. ”

“So what are we going to do? ”

“First we have to announce the existence of the planet and its environments. Then why don't we develop it first and tell them what we do fairly? ”

“Wouldn't the others touch it if they did? I'm sure they'll touch you, too. because one of the most important things on Earth right now is trying to find a planet with the same environment as Earth and find its own new home. To do that, we study Mars hard, don't we? ”

This time, Queen Seon-deok said.

“So we have to share it? ”

At Alexander's words, the Queen Dowager shakes her head.

“I don't want to say sharing, I want to say gathering people together and digging up the land on the planet. ”

“Will they go easy on us? ”

“We have the power to make things go smoothly. You have to use it like this. ”

In other words, Queen Dowager's words were to announce the existence of the planet at the same time as the capture of the planet and sell it for a fair amount of money if we wanted to receive the land of the planet. Of course, as Alexander said, there can be rebuttal.

There is no master of that planet. There is no country. It's just a sudden planet. Of course, life may live, but we have not heard anything about it from the emperor universe.

Even if they did, they had the power to clean up everything and take over the planet.

“That sounds like the best idea. ”

Sejong the Great voted in favor of Queen Seongdeok. Kwanggaeto the Great, who had been listening so far, nodded and said yes.

“So it's settled then? ”

The Lord of the Empire is space. And there's some serious stuff down there, and they're all people who used to be called kings all their lives. They seem to be more distant in ruling the country than the universe that has just become emperor.

That's why the universe asks them for advice when it comes to space. If something happens suddenly like this, she talks to Seria, and if she feels sorry for it, she tells them a story like this.

“How is Qiu? ”

The one who is regarded as godless. But he was clearly the king. The king who fought the Emperor for his place in the Middle Palace.

“I simply listened to the story. But I prefer Alexander's story. Where we can conquer the planet completely. And if there are any other species living on that planet, it shouldn't be that hard to absorb them and make a country. ”

“But if those heretics do not surrender to us, it will be a problem. So far, we've been lucky enough to take over planets with no particular species, but we've never taken over planets with the right kind. ”

“How many kings do you think there are here? And those who have left behind in history? I don't want everyone to think we can't do that either. That means you can't even afford a name. ”

The other kings keep their mouths shut. As he said, all the kings here are famous. Especially in Alexander's case, there are few people in the world who don't know him very well.

Is that all? There are Sejong the Great, renowned genius of the century; there are Seochong the Great Queen who has ruled the kingdom well and left her name in history; there are Guangqeto the Great, who made the greatest era of the Korean people.

They all have a clear name in history. Moreover, there are heroes from famous nouns to generals who are transcendent in history and time.

As Qiu said, even though the heroes were gathered like this, not being able to conquer a planet properly and establish a country was destroying their own name.

Despite his lack of power, he had to somehow make a victory, and that's why he was called a hero. It was only by his own tongue that he could not conquer a planet in an overwhelming, resource-rich and talented situation.

“The planet is entirely ours. At a time when we have no idea what the world will look like in the future, it's not a loss to have a planet that can be made ours for sure. Even though it is Earth, the ability to summon the current Emperor can make that planet ours enough. ”

The other kings nod at Chiu's words.

“And now what we need to care about is something else. ”

“Talents can appear on the planet we occupy?" ”

“No. I haven't reported this to the Emperor yet, but do you remember what I said the other day? Emperor's orders were to keep an eye on angels and demons' movements. ”

“Of course I remember. Chiu ‎. But you don't seem suspicious of their movements when you say that all of a sudden ‎. ”

“Not good. They obviously have a lot of interference on Earth. Just watching us try to transport our powers to our occupied planet. But the bigger problem is that angels no longer see us as their allies. The Emperor stumbled upon this matter by accident, but it must not have been informed by the angels. ”

“Are you a demon, then? ”

“They didn't like us from the start. So it can't be them. The important thing is that angels no longer help us than who gave us this information. Obviously, since we've had their help and it's gone, a lot of things we don't know are going to change. ”

“It's true that we had their help, but there's nothing we can do about their help disappearing from the situation. ”

All the others nodded, including the three of them. It was clear that the angels had secretly helped. However, the empire is not weak enough to wiggle around without its help.

“The first thing we need to do is to identify and repair the damage that angels do as they strike their hands. Everyone knows there's nothing you can do when the interior is shaken. Besides, now is the time to stabilize the interior. There is no need for unnecessary expansion or war. First of all, focus on stabilizing the interior. It's a planet on Earth, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the world's work, so you can leave the Earth's work to the rest of you. ”

At Chiu's words, the meeting of the mediators of the empire was over, nodding their heads and meeting with the kings like this.

* * * * * * *

“Hmm... I wasn't sure about the angels. ”

I wanted to give birth to angels, but I wasn't sure how much it really meant to them. Maybe as it says here, it affects more than you think.

“We need to be a little more clear on this. Tell him to keep it up. And it would be right to go to Earth and fix things. Most of all, it doesn't show up right now. ”

It doesn't say when, but it probably won't take long.