The World Gamer

47. Is your friend watching?!

As a god, cheering has many abilities. But she also clearly had limitations on her abilities, and perhaps now my question was out of that limitation. So let's say you don't know.

“Hmmm... You think they could help our empire in any way?" ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Of course, we don't have to antagonize them first. ”

“Of course it is. If they don't attack first, there's no reason for this to attack. ”

I say again, I am a pacifist. If you get hit first, you don't have to fight first unless you touch first.

“Then that concludes the meeting. Let's get back to work. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

And as he left my office, I was poking around the UI system of the game and looking at the status of the planets, the current food or units.

The situation is much better. Happiness finally reached 100%, and in everything, every sector was growing.

Honestly, even without me, the empire will work. because we continue to embrace the talented, and through education we are raising the standard of people's skills and knowledge.

Suddenly, I remember talking to the bubble. It was a conversation we had about what we would do if the company we created grew bigger and more good people got together and we didn't need to touch it.

At that time, the bubble said it would never happen. He loved making games, and so did I. And, as a bonus, I loved playing that game, so we both laughed at each other to die while we worked.

But I tried to talk about it on the condition that it was. And surprisingly, neither of us could say anything. We were the ones who had to make a game all over our heads.

There was nothing I could do to get it out of my head. And at this time, for the first time, the foam who felt that the situation was serious, let's do it first, and dragged me to Japan.

The place where we arrived in Japan was Yoshiwara. There we had our first experience. I took off my bucket of shells. We were only 20 at the time.

And this is when we experienced the new world. Since then, we have stayed in Japan for five more days. In Yoshiwara, of course. In Hanwha, I would have spent 20 million won in five days.

As crazy as that, we played to the point that we would do everything we couldn't, and we came to our senses on the sixth day. And I came straight back to Korea.

The reason we came back was simple. I feel like my life is going to be ruined if I stay. Since then, we have been trying to forget about the experience as much as we can while not being self-centered, but being obsessed with making games.

Of course, it was all worthless, but over time, it was resolved somewhat, and now it's just a good memory.

Why am I suddenly thinking this? Maybe it's the letter from Foam. Marriage stories. If there is a combination of me and bubbles or opinions, marriage is about slowing down and not just doing it when it's good.

You don't have to get married. If you wanted to fuck a woman, all you had to do was take advantage of our reputation a little. Instead of getting married and living alone, when you get older, you can adopt kids and keep playing games and making games.

That's our future, as we thought. Of course, if we meet a woman who truly loves us, we will marry her, but unfortunately neither will the bubbles, nor will I, and we have never said that we are in love.

He would have been until he died, and I still am. A lot of pretty girls. It's a lie to say you don't have feelings for them. But it's desire, not love.

Among the conversations I had with Bubbles, there were conversations about love. When the hell are we going to make love like we do in a drama or a movie or a game we make?

In this story, we didn't even talk hard. I was the first one to say this, and the answer was yes.

One day, or the other.

This is my answer and it hasn't changed. It's just a matter of thinking more seriously and actively than ever before.

I'm getting old, too. Although not even 30 years old, my parents are already asking me if I have a girlfriend. From my parents' perspective, it was natural.

This is a story I saw on the Internet. As a parent, the end of what you have to do for your child is marriage. When a child marries, the parents think that they have done everything they can to give to the child.

It was an Internet article that said, "If you want to be kind, you must marry." I actually asked my parents, and they said, "Of course I am."

I am not a great believer, but I still think I have never been deceived in my life. And I want to do it again. Even for my parents' sake, even with the bubbles, I had to start thinking seriously about marriage.

“Hardly ever. ”

There's very little to do now. Of course, if a new planet appears, it will be busy again, but it will still be a moment. Just summon my units and send them back to the planet and they'll take care of it.

Then I have nothing else to do. I only had a stake in the company and hit my hand at all. Because I don't have anything else to do with the company.

There are very few humans on Earth who can resist my words. The president of the United States doesn't want to fight any Middle Eastern terrorists. You've already demonstrated enough powerlessness.

If he sees it and wants to fight me, he's crazy. Or maybe you're confident you can beat me. However, it was important that there was no one on Earth at this time.

That's why I and Bubbles wouldn't dare to intrude on our company's policies, including those set by the trousers owner or others. I specifically told you never to touch this area.

My parents are living happily and now I just have to be happy. The bubble is... He seems to be doing well in heaven, so it's a pass for him.

“Do I have to face you? ”

Face it. It's like going on a date with people. I think just the opposite means we meet with marriage in mind.

The only problem is, if I want to do the right thing, I don't know how noisy the world will be. I'm sure all the flying and long women or women who want Cinderella will be there.

It's annoying to deal with them all. But seeing each other everyday seems like a hard thing to do... and marriage is the best thing, but I want to make love.

The hard or sad thing about being a sole person is that there is no hard or sad thing, but these days, when I am so numb by myself, I think a lot of such thoughts, and most of the thoughts I think about are related to marriage.

Many sports stars tend to get married quite early. It is said that it is lonely. After exercising, they say they have nothing to do during the rest period.

They say they can do it with a hobby, but their body is quite limited in their hobbies and if they don't fit, they should just blunt like me.

So I find my family or make love and get married early. In fact, if you look at a number of sports stars, you can see that there are a lot of early marriages.

They are also famous enough not to have a name created that separately calls their sports stars' wives or girlfriends, and you can see that their marriages and relationships are much faster than celebrities.

Even my only friend, who is now dead, feels lonely when I'm alone, not once or twice.