The World Gamer

48. Birth of Hanul.

We found Earth Two! A planet with enough environment for mankind to live on!

Development has already begun. This planet belongs to an individual?

The name of the new planet is Hanul. And there's only one owner on this planet. Is he really going to be emperor?

The planet came out of nowhere, two days passed, and in the meantime, I released a lot of information to the press. And I made it clear. This planet is mine.

There is no opposition to this. But I simply compressed the half-word into a single sentence. If you want a piece of the planet, develop it like I did.

The rebuttal is silent. With modern science and technology, it took me too long to get to that planet and develop it. No matter how powerful they were, they couldn't cross the universe.

On top of that, with the minimum materials to develop, I have a clear limit on my skill level to other planets. But it was impossible for them to develop that big planet at the moment.

Of course, given the time, it is possible. But in the meantime, if I can build up that planet, that's it. I've already gone to that planet once and unleashed all the units I have.

In order to fully mine, the research into the ecosystems that live on that planet, as well as the workers, has already begun to build roads and buildings.

The required materials? Of course they are all provided. I bought every construction worker on the planet as soon as I could. The money was full of garages.

Thanks to me, every company that sells construction materials is making more than twice as much money as usual. The Earth was a reality, so every time I built a building unlike the game, I needed the right materials.

And I had to spend the right amount of time, not just being built like in the game. Because of this, there were many errors at first, but they almost disappeared in just one day.

It is because the magical power has eliminated such errors and our Empire's construction technology is already far superior to Earth's construction technology. I'm just not used to touching the ingredients. My workers are amazing veterans, by the way.

Just a little while longer to get used to handling materials. And now we're not building complex buildings, but we're prioritizing simple buildings. The same goes for roads.

“All research on the planet is done. These are the research data. ”

I read the pages one by one, taking the Tablet PC that Seria handed me.

“The animals that live there rarely match the dinosaurs that were on Earth in the past. There are similar parts of the environment. ”

“How does it work? ”

“Rather than killing them all, I intend to give them enough land to build a sanctuary. And I'm going to turn the whole area into a zoo. And in order to do that, we have to throw away a part of the continent. ”

“Of course. But the animal environment and prey will be different. How do you prepare for that? ”

“Once we have a piece of land, we plan to create a new environment for it. That shouldn't be a problem. ”

“The sea?”

“The giant fish that live in the sea are a problem, but if you build a special ship, it shouldn't be a problem for the ocean environment. The tourist areas only need special care, so I'm going to stop the fish from going through the enchanted nets. ”


We directed development in the direction of protecting animals and plants as much as possible. To do that, the animals on the ground are pushing them to one side of the continent. Of course, flying men have a bit of a headache, but that shouldn't be too difficult with the drones.

“How long do you think it will take for a city to be completed? ”

“It is expected to be time consuming. There are many workers, but unlike the rest of the world, the system doesn't affect this area at all, so it is clear that even if you work without rest through four-hour shifts. ”

“How many cities are we currently building? ”

“There are seven of them. And it takes roughly 100 days for all of these seven to be completed. ”

“To Earth's time? ”

“Yes, I'm using all the mechanical equipment, but it takes time, because it's so big. ”

All seven cities are not just that kind of city. This planet is said to have once been one giant piece of land. It was still a huge continent, although we don't know how the land would transform due to the perceptual fluctuations in the future.

And at the heart of this continent, I was building seven cities the size of Seoul at the same time.

“What about contact with companies? ”

As cities are built, the immediate thing to do is to attract people. And it was natural to attract companies into engaging people.

Once I hand over the land at a very low price. Of course, I'm working on all the amenities in advance, and I'll do it myself when I move through space.

Engage people and build cities There are many things that are needed to form a country. And most of all, we need people, land, and power.

I view these three as essential to building a country that I own. And I have the land and the strength. So the last thing you need is a person.

The population on Earth is 7 billion people. Among them, I plan to actively attract people from Africa and the Middle East.

It will also actively attract the poor. The least I can do for them is not to starve to death.

Of course, it will be difficult to live. We don't have the proper facilities. But it's not impossible at all. Farming alone is enough to live on.

If they farm, I can sell the crops for them and keep the country for a small fee. Of course it's deficient, but it's going to be incremental.

If the primary industry does this much and attracts companies to build factories, get people to work in those factories and collect taxes there, that would be perfect.

“It's going well, but they're not sure yet. ”

“Of course. How can you be sure? This land isn't even human yet. Let's do it one by one. ”

The first thing to do is to complete the city.

“Once the city is complete, let's move people. And from now on, I want you to investigate people. If it's not legal, you can ignore everything. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

* * * * * * *

“Massive migration? ”

“Yes, it's already widespread. And in Africa and in many other developing countries, many people are applying to migrate. ”

“What number?”

“We don't know exactly, but we estimate at least 50 million. ”

“Fifty million minimum? Is that a lot?”

“Yes... at least we have the conditions to keep them from starving to death. How many starve to death right now? I think they're all attached. And a lot of people in my country applied for a migration. ”

The old man sighed.

“Not good. Not good at all. ”

The power of the Kim universe, now called the Emperor, is so powerful. There are no enemies on Earth. It is already well known. But he's alone.

Even if he summons his own people from this world, there are some limitations. They are not people in this world after all.

But if he alone possessed a planet called Hanul that perfected the people of this world and named itself, the story would be completely different.

“This is crazy. How does America react? ”

“I still do. I think he's going to bow completely. ”

“Tsk. Those bastards without Baal. ”

“What would you do? ”

“For now, we must bow down... If we are attacked any longer, our country will really be torn apart by the others." ”

“Yes. I'll tell the party members to do so, then. ”

“I will.”