The World Gamer

49. Angels, demons and humans.

The war between angels and demons had finally begun. I know I can't stop it, but I didn't feel so good when it started.

I feel like I'm being ignored. It was the first time I had been ignored like this, so I couldn't help it. Tsk. I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming a pack of ashes that I thought I was going to be.

I have to be really careful about angels and demons ignoring my words because I feel bad now that I know there's a war coming and I can't stop it.

Or, I don't know, I'll turn into the ashless pack I thought I was. I don't know how the kings of the past controlled this.

“So far, no problem? ”

“Yes. They're still fighting quietly on their own. ”

As soon as the war began, the biggest change on Earth was that all abilities were able to move to the universe on which my planets were based.

In other words, we have the same abilities as those who are called Awakened. Of course, compared to the true Awakeners, they are immature, but it is not different to get a means of becoming strong.

And, of course, there were those who appeared on the planet I occupied, and those who appeared on the ship's manufacturing planet unfortunately did not survive.

It was one of the most important secrets of the country called Hanul. Instead, I didn't touch any of the powers that appeared on the other planet.

“How do you think this war will end? Seria.”

“In the end, you will be born. ”

“It means that angels and demons will start using humans as tools. ”

“Yes. In our case of Hangul, we have made it clear that religion is only a religion, but even our country has fanatics. Not to mention Earth. ”

“Of course...”

I am the center of Seoul. Religion? There must be two true gods in the case of Hanul. Chiu and Hwang immediately. These two were real gods, and they were helping me.

Therefore, among those who believe in religion, those who believe in ignorance and gospel were very sacred to me. Of course, some people tell me to fuck off, but I'm not free enough to care about it every day.

I organize around you even if I don't stand up. Because there was no religion towards me, the loyalty of the people living in Hangul to me was very high. Some of these are a bit excessive and others will be omitted.

“Then we'd better hurry up and build the infrastructure on Hanul. ”

How to keep as many people alive as possible without compromising nature. The best way is, of course, to use magic.

Science is good, but science is definitely finite. and pushing that boundary with magic and bringing science and magic together to a new place.

That's the way our Seoul has evolved so far and is the way forward. And it appears on the planet Hanul as well.

I put simple spatial expansion enchantments on every building, and in a more special place, I put spatial expansion enchantments dozens of times larger than what I saw on the outside.

In doing so, he sought to maximize its effectiveness with minimal land. In fact, it has been successful so far. The current population of the planet Hanul is over 40 million.

According to the population of the Earth's Appendix, it is only a few people, but it is now somewhat more suitable to be called a country. Of course, the ground is still too big, but it will be resolved in time.

And if Seria's right, it won't take that long, and frankly, so do I. Since ancient times, fanatics and human greed had no answer.

“What's the best we can do? ”

“The best thing we can do right now is leave the angels and demons alone. ”

“Leave it alone? ”

“Even for the sake of the development of the planet Hanul, it is imperative that we leave them like this to absorb the people of the planet with a legitimate reason. And even killing angels and demons can give people a good reason. ”

“Are you saying we have to wait again? ”

“It won't take long. In two months' time, angels and demons will reach out to the rest of the world, and within three months, Earth will be at war. At that time, His Majesty can step forward. ”

“The sacrifice must be minimal. ”

“Of course, Your Majesty. ”

The best scenario is that there are no sacrifices at all, but I know it's not possible without Seria telling me.

And most of all, what good does it do to be human? Most people would not listen to me unless they saw it with their own eyes or experienced it.

At the press conference, I said, "Let's move quickly to Hanul, because angels and demons are going to start a war and there will be heavy damage to the earth." If you say 'bullshit,' you are placenta.

Of course, journalists will ask how they got such information and what they say based on it, but it was not good for me to say anything about it.

Every time I ask a journalist a question, I will get tired and have to answer a difficult question. However, if we ignore them, they will annoy us again and will not believe me.

Of course there will be some who believe me. But it's literally a few. Not all of them believe it. Only a very few people will believe me.

And we don't know how many of them will really migrate to the planet Seoul. They have their own lives.

All the bases are on Earth, and home and friends are on Earth. I'm not asking you to change your country, I'm telling you to change your planet. I will not be able to listen and act easily

Of course, young people will like it. Young people from all over the country are gathering hard on the planet Hanul. The biggest reason is surprisingly employment.

It was a single example of how hard it is to get a job around the world. There were tourist vehicles coming, but many people my age were still coming to Seoul because of work.

They are teaching and hiring skills that are used on the planet Hanul. This will be the foundation of my planet. I believe it will be, and so will Seria.

Hmm. The story goes somewhere else.

“Let's make the war between angels and demons extreme? ”

“Epilepsy? ”

“I think it's better to start early and finish early. There's nothing good about pulling it long enough anyway. Is that possible?"

“We can handle it without any problems at all. But we need more time. Now is not the time to be having epilepsy. ”

“Not a good time? ”

“It is impossible for us to leave traces of angels and demons. That's why we can go out when angels and demons start using humans. ”

“So what do angels and demons do until they help us? ”

“Yes. If it's just catching angels and demons, that's fine, but it's not enough for us to exaggerate the war between the two. ”

“So that's what it is after all. ”

We have to do everything in our power to deal with the common people, but the way Seria said it would be to maximize the damage in the shortest possible time and make excuses for us to intervene.

It wasn't what I wanted.

“Hah, it's always time. ”

As a result, it's time again. Over time, we had to wait for angels and demons to face the humans and use them as tools.

“I'm sorry, Your Majesty. We are incompetent.”

“No, it's okay. There's always something you can't help. Just don't delay the surveillance for now. Let me know if anything happens. ”