Two-dimensional figure maker

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Xia Hao, a part-time figure maker, a high school student, accidentally brought the figure to life in the process of making the figure, and at the same time gradually came into contact with the "real world"... The second dimension character: Tokisaki Kuangsan (three sauce game high!!), Hong Meiling, Aijiang, Titan Papa, Little Firefly, Lu Hua Na (God Hua Na), Raiden Teeth, Bronya, Deep Sea Yamato, Fu Hua Shangxian, Nagato HMS Empress, Lexington Empress, Bei Zhai, Suismaid, Liliusai Empress, Yixian Empress, Welsh Empress, Prestige Empress, Rita, Counterattack Mother, Sixteen Night Sakuya, Rem, Ram, Thor (Kobayashi's one), Boundless Tajiko, Teresa, Shino no Shu, Hecheng Katori, Stella, Einstein, Yubari Ship Niang and Wuhe Qinli welcome to join the "Two-dimensional Figure Maker" discussion group, group chat number: 832912723


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