Umi to Kaze no Oukoku

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Shou (翔) was a smart and handsome middleschooler, but he has an unusual dream to become a top class beautician (Hairstylist), and for that reason he was rejected by his crush who thought he was gay. Brokenhearted, he went home, on the way he noticed a truck heading towards a little boy. He saved him and in his place got hit by the truck and died.

The Overseer of Reincarnation pitied him and gave him the best condition of reincarnation.

Shou (ショウ) was reincarnated as the 6th Prince, born to the 8th Wife of The King of The Southeast Island Federation. Best possible condition for reincarnation indeed. Inheriting the beautiful features of his mom, the Dragon Knight talent of his dad, and his former knowledge allowing him to master ship navigation. He was part of the royal family thus all his needs were fulfilled. Since he was the 6th prince he didn’t have to succeed the throne. Everything is perfect!…… or so he thought…..

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