Unconventional screenwriter

Chapter 1 The Beautiful Boy in the Police Station

As soon as Mom and Dad entered the police station, they looked around and looked anxiously and curiously through the three or four police uncles who were passing by. The little girl who was on tiptoe and peering immediately locked a person.

The little girl has an apple face, very cute, fair and delicate skin, people can't help but want to pinch whether it is as soft as tofu, with a pair of cute and lovely double eyelids, her eyes are not big, but very pure and clear.

A set of cute pink sportswear makes the little girl more and more full of vitality, can not help but refresh people.

The man Xiao Xia Yan was looking at closely. The man was dressed in a straight blue-black school uniform and sat on a chair with his back facing them, with a pair of earmuffs hanging from his ears, his head slightly hanging, his arms spaced apart. Move it, it seems that you are looking at something.

Cell phone?


Although I can’t see what it looks like, it’s really rare to see an elegant and upright posture, and Xiao Xiayan can be sure that this person is definitely the third beauty who she often looks at and can’t help but daze. .

The man was very quiet, out of tune with the noisy police station, and he was full of a sense of alienation that seemed to exist.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Xiayan left her mother and father, stepped on her short legs and ran all the way, not in a hurry to admit her relatives, Xiao Xiayan stood in front of the person and first looked down at it. Human face.

That face is very handsome and familiar, and yes, it is her third brother, who will not admit wrong.

"Brother!!" The little girl's crisp voice echoed in the police station.

The man looked up, looked at the little girl in front of him in surprise, and said to himself that it was a pity that Xiao Xia Yan had also come. If Xiao Xia Yan was here, he would not be able to see the end.

Putting down the book in his hand, standing up slowly, the faint-faced man involuntarily showed a heartfelt smile, opened his arms without any precaution, and smiled silently, but his smile was warm, sunny, and dazzling.

She didn't care about the straight and sour eyes of the few policewomen nearby. In response to her brother's very enthusiastic gesture of hugging, Xiao Xiayan rushed forward, burying her head firmly in her brother's arms, and hugged her short arms tightly. He stayed on his brother's waist and asked in a cry.

"Brother, are you okay? I heard from my father and they said that someone was going to rob you, which ones? You pointed it out to me, don't you think I will take my eldest brother and second sister, mom and dad to beat them to death, no, mom and dad will come Now, we'll beat it up when we find a chance."

The police around listened to this simple and innocent childish language and couldn't help laughing.

The four unscrupulous girls who were the looters twitched their mouths, regretting that they were caught, and regretting that they had not made friends step by step.

Gently pressing his sister's finger pointing at someone else, Kim Sungze bent down and gently hugged her sister's shoulders, with the distinct white palms touching his sister's little black head downwards, with a gentle smile.

"Xia Yan, I'm fine. However, let's not just point at others with our hands, and don't just talk about the content of beating and killing. This kind of behavior is very rude and uncultivated. My brother thinks it is indecent. The behavior shouldn't be done by our most beautiful little princess, Xiao Xia Yan, can you not do it in the future?"

When she heard her brother boast that she was a beautiful little princess, Xia Yanle, who was buried in his arms, flushed red, and looked up at the beautiful smile of her three beauties. Before she knew it, Xiao Xia Yan couldn't help but start to giggle. .

"Hmm, I won't just point at people casually in the future."

Seeing his sister's cute and obedient appearance, the boy stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the little girl's soft hair, seeming to be rewarding.Because he was happy, when he laughed, the boy unconsciously showed his big white teeth.

Sitting quietly on the other chair was a thin, fifteen or six-year-old girl. The girl lifted her eyes and looked at the boy’s warm smile with a thick and coquettish smile. She seemed to be thinking of something, her pretty face rose with two moving blushes. .

This is the first time the beautiful big brother smiled since he stood up to save her. The only regret is that this smile was not for her, but for his sister.

I kept staying here, saying that I should pay close attention to this bad incident, but the policewomen who came to see the men turned their eyes straight.

The four suspects and the two victims caused a great sensation as soon as they entered the police station. It is not that such bullying incidents are rarely seen, but that the appearance of the two victims is actually higher.

Although the bullied girl looked a little embarrassed and her clothes were a little messy, she couldn't hide her natural beauty, slim figure, and timid and pitiful temperament.

And what the male victim said too much, this kind of male sex is really worth hitting...Uh, no, it's a laborious effort to "make" friends.

The male victim was very young and looked almost eighteen or nineteen years old. Later, the registration information revealed that the man was under eighteen.

He is tall, with a visual height of over 1.8 meters, but his body looks very thin.Regardless of whether he is sitting or standing, his back is very straight. It seems that he has a good family education. The legs are very long and straight, which makes the whole body beautiful.

The appearance is very outstanding, the thin face is very delicate, the facial features are distinct, but it is not the harsh and compelling of a young person, but has a kind of warm and moist feeling.

The bridge of the nose is straight, the rosy lips are not thin or thick, and the lip shape is very beautiful.The most attractive look is the look between the eyebrows. The black and white eyes are clear, bright, and quiet. They are like a quiet and clear ancient spring in a quiet mountain. When you squint, they look a little lazy, and the eyebrows are not thick. Sparse, there is a kind of just right handsome.

The skin is very fine, fair and delicate, and I can't even see any pores when I look closely.The only bad thing is that the boy's white is a little sick.

But for this skin, the women present wanted to ask.

Brother, what skin care product do you use?Can you recommend it?

Although most of them are older than the men, the men who make them look handsome are brothers.

The only flaw is that this beautiful man is too taciturn. Since being taken to the police station, he has barely spoken except to explain the process of being "persecuted."

Looking for an opportunity to hand him a cup of hot coffee, the beautiful man politely said thank you, if you want to chat, just nodded politely.Then when they waited for them to chat about something else, the handsome man nodded politely, put on his headphones, picked up a book from his schoolbag and read it quietly.

They are not easy to ask, this quiet and beautiful boy has a cold beauty that people don't want to disturb.

And seeing beautiful men so close is already a kind of commendable welfare for them who often deal with criminals.