Unconventional screenwriter

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The screenwriter Kim is very distressed. He really just wants to be a simple and unknown screenwriter behind the scenes.

However, because of this nasty skin, he often has to go to guest roles for the actor of his script, and by the way, go to variety shows for the promotion of the new drama and do some red-faced mini games.

Because he is a capable and honest screenwriter, he often has to receive help messages from a group of poor and cute female artists.

—— Screenwriter Jin, at night, I... can I go to your room and play right?

—— Screenwriter Jin, can I go to your house and ask about the heroine of your second play?

-Screenwriter Jin, I think...

But he refused! ! !

Because he is a good screenwriter with integrity and loyalty!

A petite girl lying on the sofa playing mobile games glanced at the screenwriter Jin, who looked at her mobile phone with excitement and shyness, and from time to time bitterness, and then asked casually.

"Stay at home and cook for me honestly, don't you feel wronged?" A

certain screenwriter shook off his phone, wrapped his apron neatly, picked up the spatula and kitchen knife, and smirked: "No wronged, no wronged. Sister, what do you want to eat today, I will make it for you now!!!"

PS: Author of "Bianhu" and "Non-I".


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