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To buy sweet-scented osmanthus wine with load
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To buy sweet-scented osmanthus wine with load ongoing


Qin Yi’s IPHone6S was struck by lightning and strayed into the heavenly fairy group, the Marvel hero group, the Naruto group, the vomiting trainee group...

From then on, the red envelope of the god of wealth, the hammer of Thor, the writing wheel of Sasuke, and the Kun Kun His basketball skills...all in Qin Yi's pocket!

As a businessman in Ten Thousand Realms, Qin Yi is also the strongest scalper!

The Jade Emperor: I want to drink Moutai~ Qin Yi: Yes, get the Nine Dragon Cup! Tony Stark: Qin, I need a soul-recovering pill!

Qin Yi: Good to say~ When you are resurrected, you have to give me a set of Iron Man armor and Lamborghini!

Barefoot Immortal: Brother Qin, it's cold, you promised my Nike shoes last time...

Qin Yi: First bring the invisibility charm, and then send me the shoe size privately.

Tsunade: When will Chanel's bags arrive? Qin Yi: First send me a picture of the private room where the hot spring bathes.

Cai Kun Kun: Chicken, you are too beautiful~ Qin Yi: First... Get out!


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