It took me a month to repair three electric trucks to make them work.It took me a long time to procure the necessary parts.

Meanwhile, the remodeling of the luxury cruiser was over, and preparations were made to relocate the people of the temporary capital.Misaki and I were talking at the city hall in Yeosu.

I've heard from Takashima-san in the provisional capital several times, but it looks like the situation in the provisional capital is getting worse.

"Worsening? Why?"

"It looks like the coastal town got into a lot of trouble with the shift."So it seems that the evacuees are coming to the temporary capital. "

Perhaps the information that anyone can transfer to the food area from the temporary capital's transfer dome has spread.

"There were 500 people in the first formation, and eventually 20,000 people were supposed to emigrate, but the question was whether 20,000 people would end up there or not."

"But in terms of food, 20,000 people are the limit."

"Food can be increased."

Misaki says it is possible to increase food production if we focus on fishing, collecting peach potatoes, and raising armored pigs.

"But you can't just eat fish, petite potatoes and pork."What about vegetables and rice? "

“Yes, I think we have to be patient.”

Misaki says that we have to distribute rice and vegetables produced from palm trees.

Fortunately, agriculture in the food area was doing well.Rice and wheat were abundant, and many vegetables were harvested.The food area was a paradise when it came to agriculture.

“With less gasoline and light fuel, we have to expand our farmland with manpower.”

"Besides that, we should increase the number of people who can use the maneuvering technique."

After the migration, Misaki said that it was to develop a large number of human resources who could use maneuvering techniques.

And the resettlement began. The people who moved from the temporary capital to the food area got into the electric truck with an anxious look on their faces.A single electric truck can carry up to fifty people, and I can store and carry clothes and other luggage in a subspace, so I just have enough luggage to carry on my backpack.

Let's go!

One hundred and fifty people started in my voice.I can carry only 150 people at a time, so I go back and forth three times.Five hundred people moved to a city facing the sea on the side of the Sea of Japan.

"Mom, where are you going?"

A young girl of about five asked her mother.

Take the boat to a place called Ye Su City.

"Is there food there?"

Yeah, I got it.

I heard such a conversation, and Elena's face turned harsh.

Cojiro, are you all right with the food?

It's okay, Muto-san seems to go fishing every time on an electric fishing boat.

Fuel ran out in South Korea and China, and there were few fishing vessels from other countries in the Sea of Japan.No one in other countries would have gotten information about the red lightning stone power plant.

I am curious about the way people in these countries live.However, it seems that Japan cannot afford to help other countries now, so it has deliberately refused to contact neighboring countries.

Japan's neighbors include South Korea, North Korea, Russia, China, and Taiwan.Only Taiwan is likely to be able to properly establish a cooperation system, but since it is difficult to establish a cooperation system only with Taiwan, it is in a state of chain state.

Incidentally, the US military stationed in Japan is returning to the mainland to fight the alien beasts that have broken out in North America.And they must be starting to relocate, knowing how to transfer all but the Guardian Killer into the food zone.

Australia, which imports coal, is in contact, but if the production of red lightning stone power plants becomes full-scale, the demand for coal will decrease and Australia may become alienated.

Australia is rich in underground resources, so it will continue to trade until the end.The price you pay is going to be food, not gold.

The most precious thing in the world is food.

Isn't the resources of the sea diminishing?

Kawai looks strange.

“The good news is, the poison in the air doesn't seem to spread into the water.”

Seafood, a resource of the sea, seems to be increasing rapidly.Muto said he wanted to build a refrigeration plant.They want to process the fresh fish immediately and store it frozen.

Therefore, there will be no shortage of seafood.The problem is grain and meat.Apart from pork, there is a shortage of beef, chicken, and eggs.I haven't eaten dairy products in about a year.

The cows and chickens that were raised in Ye Su City are now raised in the palm trees in the food area.It turns out that if humans had it, they could transfer it from the unrestricted transfer dome to the food area.

Because of it, I carried the cows to the food area many times.I was the only one who could hold the cow.

Take the luxury cruiser to Ye Su City to transport the migrants and guide them to the assigned house.This work lasted for about two months and brought 20,000 people to Ye Su City.

The work of the settlers is the management of the remaining agricultural land in Ye Su City and the construction work in Yashiro.Spread paddy fields and fields and help build waterways and dwellings.


Repeated resettlement and construction have increased the population of Palm Springs to about half a million.

In the meantime, we've changed.Elena and I got married.Misaki became the official mayor of Yashiro City.

We're a couple running a weapons and armor shop.Some of the children in the nursery school have grown up and started working.Mecca and Coretica are taken in and raised by us.

Hospitals and schools have been built in Yashiro over the past few years.Mecca and Koletica are starting school as elementary school students.

Some of these buildings are constructed from quell resin extracted from the "resin fruit" of the tree.The area around the palm trees is planted with trees that produce resin fruits, cotton fruits, silk fruits, and oil fruits.

The tree is still only grown in the temporary capital on the side of the palm trees and the food area, but it is planned to be distributed and spread to Japanese towns that have been reclaimed in the food area.

Instead of Yashiro becoming an urban city, the city of Yeosu became a ruin.The towns of Tojo and Tojo are barely able to prevent the invasion of alien beasts, but only a small number of people are guarding the two towns in turns.

This condition was the same throughout Japan.The last thing the Japanese government did was take the Explorers from all over the country to the trial castle and get special link crystals.

After that, each region began to migrate to the food area independently.It was Yashiro who helped with the resettlement.Red lightning stone power generation equipment was distributed to help improve the infrastructure of people living in food areas.

I tried to improve communication and transportation in the food area, but it didn't go well.It turns out that radio waves can only be used at short distances.Radio disturbances occurred in the food area, and only wired communication was possible.

Since it would take time to develop the communication and road network, the reclaimed towns began to develop into cities like the city state in isolation.

Yashiro also ruled the city, with Mayor Misaki and the city council at the center.


At the same time, military cadres were holding their heads in towns on the continent.

"80% of the inhabitants died.This country is over, too. "

"Major General Son, don't give up."Why don't you ask another country for help? ”

"Where are you going to ask for help?"

"What about Japan?"

“People in that country are stupidly friendly, but they can't afford to help in these circumstances.On the contrary, it might be dead already. "


"We have sorted out the humans who should survive, and we have secured food.Do you think you can do the same thing in that country? "

When asked, Lieutenant Fan warped his face.It was something I didn't want to remember.

"Well, that's impossible." What happened in the United States? "

"The elites of that country will survive.And we must survive. "

“What are you going to do about it?”

“We'll have to increase the Guardian Killer and secure a large amount of food in the Food Zone.”

“I don't think that's the future.”

So, what do we do?

“I heard that Australia has few alien beasts.How about moving to that country? ”

"That's a good idea. We need a ship to do that." Let's get him ready. "