After decadence (rebirth)

After decadence (rebirth)

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Loneliness is abandoned, after being given death Cold Palace Xiao Jiuzhen New, after being abandoned with great glory, loneliness was reborn after being abandoned = Yuzhi + Jealousy + Arrogance New Queen = Good Woman + Belly

Haven 2

If Chia knew Mary Su, then Xiao Jiu Achievement was such a Mary Su lady. I am the one who pushes for the vicious pair of women to support the presence of the female lead.

But she was reborn as a female partner, and she decided to revenge on the male lead, not against the female lead. But after being reborn, Chia found out that she seemed to have been set up by the female lead.

In the previous generation, Chia was a super straight daughter. In this life, she felt like she was about to be bent. The female lead is open and hung on her...

Content Label: Before the House of Haomen, she was born again.

Lead Character: Lonely Chia, Xiao Jiucheng Qiang Qiang: Li Jun Qian, Xiao Jingxi, Xiao Yixiang, Lu Jiexie, Su Qingshen's work was briefly evaluated in the last life. After she murdered the female lead, she died in the Cold Palace. In the last life, she was a new posthumous, and the world thought she was glorious, so much for a perfect life, but only she knew that she had a secret, a lifelong desire to love the death of the Cold Palace and to be alone. Jealous, Yuzhi, the arrogant abandoned and lonely was reborn. In order to change her and her family's fate, she made every effort to marry Xiao Jiuzheng, the last winner of the previous life,


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