Are You OK

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Everyone is sick in this world, yet everyone thinks that they have the cure.

The imperial court seeks for transmigrators, conferring them all types of positions depending on their talent, in order to improve the civilization that lags behind and create a brand new world.

As the young master of Pang Men, Zuo Yunqi disguised as a transmigrator to sneak into the imperial palace, wanting to save his father. After the professional transmigrator-identifier Lou Zhu saw through his disguise, the two of them played rounds and rounds of mind games, made dozens and dozens of scenes, and finally reached a consensus at last.

However, while they jointly stopped a shocking conspiracy, they discovered that the transmigrators secretly established an alliance, trying to overthrow the administration and build a new society, and this discovery forced Zuo Yunqi and the others to take part in this warfare of scramble.


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