Beginning, Infinite Skill Tree

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[Game Essay - Game of the Otherworld]

"Flame": 'In any case, a life that doesn't push its own limits is just too dull!'

Journey into the world of sword and magic.

The strongest talent that lights up the "Infinite Skill Tree" at the beginning of the game is the Simulation Star Creation Chart!

Flame began to ponder, it looks like he could make a cameo appearance as a Britannic Sword Saint from now on! Or maybe even Uruk Axe?

In the name of the Black Knight of [Wild Orchid], he turned the tide on the battlefield and led mankind to victory - not for his own glory.

In the name of the Holy Sword of the Star, the King of Knights, he made the 'Ten Manifestos of Knights', and spread the profession of 'knight' and the 'spirit of knighthood' in the foreign world.

Countless people thus embarked on the path of pursuing that knightly light.

Under the pseudonym 'Andersen', thousands and thousands of 'fairy tale' works were written.

People marveled at the ancient past that there were still so many outstanding heroes and kings of the First Emperor Jung-go, the Wise King Gilgamesh, and the Great Emperor Iskandar.

Until Flame held up the 'God of Games' divine fire-

A new era [of pleasure] has begun!

As it turns out, when humans gain power, they always think about experimenting with their powers!

He's mortal too!

By the time it comes back, the alien world seems to have been 'played' by him!


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