Check in from Douluo

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Summer Harp
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Crossing the Douluo Continent, Wang Feng, who wanted to be a salty fish for life, accidentally turned on the clock-in assistance system! "Ding, the story of the Douluo Mainland has officially opened, and the host has successfully clocked in. Congratulations on getting: Meteor Tears!" ... At the same time, with the help of the system, Wang Feng began to acquire various powerful spirits. There are martial spirits of the power attack system, open the sky pangu axes! A powerful mysterious weapon that surpasses the Clear Sky Hammer! There is an auxiliary Wuhun, variant nine-hearted begonia! A healing martial soul that can kill people and live with bones! There is also the third martial soul of the peerless body, the seven deadly sins of the fallen angel martial soul! Control the seven emotions and six desires of living beings, dominate everything!


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