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First multiplayer virtual reality game first. The leading dog in the beta test for 1500 people worldwide is a sociopath with no blood or tears to make it stronger. The character questioning the fact that First was so realistic was chosen as GM's representative, and it turned out that First was a game between five transcendents and a god to choose the next god…

God and transcendent, mortal. A world that is a game, but not a game.

『 Heavenly Mother's Dungeon! The writer of Shinkon's Second Coming. A case happened to Puppy Jean, a free-spirited but eager

game planner, who was craving real fun while stirring up a

transverse gaming system with his veteran and VR game era opening.

"You're weaker than I am, so I'm going to eat you." An ultra-high level VR "First" with superpowers, magic, and masonry. In that world, Ajin finally fulfills the cruel desire he longed for.

His ruthless demeanor turns gamers against notoriety, and receives the attention of 'transcendents' who dream of revenge and victory against

their gods.

[Welcome to First World.] A battle of conspiracy, betrayal and desire unfolds in the seat of the fittest!


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