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Dimensional Forum

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"Others have gold fingers, what's the matter if I only have one forum?"

Determined to post: I, the successor of the Will of D, will clean up this decadent world government and Tianlong people! Please testify for me, and welcome friends with experience to make valuable comments! ——Poster: D Dorag.

Huh? Does the original poster want to be an enemy of the social system? Look very similar to me, encourage with you! ——Respondent: SOX teaches forever.

Raiders discussion thread: On the operating principle and use of the objectification of desire. ——Poster: Master of Xuye Palace.

It seems very similar to the props that can make alchemy not follow the principle of "equivalent exchange", we can add a friend. ——Responder: Iron Man's brother.

I also know a prop that can realize my wishes, called "Jade of the Four Souls", but it is broken now. ——Responder: Good beeps are made by dogs.

This is a story of a noble administrator who used the forum to travel across the world and protect world peace...
Dimensional Forum


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