Divine Costume Holy Sword Fafnir

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In ancient times, the Gui Wood God Extinction Stream, the continent's most powerful swordsmanship that draws streams from the different worlds "Japan," which destroyed the evil gods that nearly destroyed the world.


 The sword trident was a sword technique that would destroy even God. After the destruction of


 the Evil God, after thousands of years, the "Gui Woo God Extinction" had borne fruit with illusory swordsmanship that neither the user existed.

 - And the age of magical supremacy. In

 the Altras continent, magic was the indicator of absolute power, and those without magical talent were the object of discrimination.

 One day like that, on the continent of Altras, only one legitimate heir to The Gui Wood God Extinction.

 Guigi and Kazu will travel to the outside world from the continent's most fearful Forest of the End, where they lived for many years with permission from their grandfather.

 Though the Guigi Man, out of the forest of the end, would help Rafra de Lawrence, the princess of the Kingdom of Lawrence, who had been attacked by an army of armed opposition parties - it was only a prelude to ordinary men fighting against the Evil Gods resurrection and those who planned the collapse of the world.

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