Douluo Master of the Night

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Luo Yu, Dark Ye’s bloodline looks like an immortal against the sky, the strongest ruler in the history of Huaxia Town Yesi. In order to save the common people's one-faced ancient town, the real body traveled through Douluo. The face value is too bad...What should I do if I am chased by countless girls...This is really a troublesome problem. The most important thing is that they think I am not strong and want me to eat soft rice... How can it be! When night falls, what kind of waves will be caused by the bloodline that can incarnate as the master of the night and mobilize the power of the night in Douluo. When Hao Ri was in the sky, Luo Yu palms the sun on his left palm and Taiyin on his right palm. What kind of heaven-defying martial spirit will be awakened... At this time, because of the turbulence of time and space caused by Luo Yu's arrival, the abyss plane has his own at the same time. Thoughts and conspiracies have been calculated on the body of many gods and Qi inheritors, Douluo Continent is about to be surging... The sun in the left palm and the lunar right, yin and yang harmonize the universe. Wearing the Huang Demon Soul Calming Gong, the King of Dark Night comes to Douluo. ———————— The previous book was a single heroine, which met the requirements of a single heroine book friend. So writing a book is naturally... Of course, there will be absolutely no brainless plots and unreasonable feelings. of.


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