Douluo's Haotian Myth

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sword of God to punish
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sword of God to punish ongoing


Tang Bufan, the only innate pinnacle strong on the earth, ventured to take the sky thunder into his body to sprint to a higher level, and finally turned into ashes under the sky thunder. However, Tang Bufan did not die. Instead, he was reborn as a disciple of the Douluo Continent Haotian Sect with the help of an ancestral mysterious little sword. From then on, the innate master of the earth, Tang Bufan, disappeared, and he was replaced by the Haotian Sect’s Tang Bufan. . In the first rebirth, can Tang Bufan fulfill his dream of fulfillment in his previous life and break through the realm above his innateness? At this time, the Haotian School had to close the mountain because of some external factors, and the first school in the world had fallen to this point. As a disciple of Clear Sky School, whether Tang Bufan can lead Clear Sky School to rise again and once again create the world's first supreme myth, let's wait and see!


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