Douluo's magical system

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Wang Xiaotian accidentally crossed to the Douluo Continent and obtained a magical system!

"Ding, you took a breath of vitality, and your soul power has been slightly improved."

"Ding, you have been attacked, the immortal martial soul is activated, and the immortal body has been slightly improved."

"Ding, you found a beautiful woman, anti-charm ability ." Get a little improvement."


There is a magical system. Wang Xiaotian said that he just wants to be stable and try not to interfere with the plot, so that the plot does not exceed his control. Who knows...

(This article focuses on ease. , Farming, of course, there is blood, there are also, from time to time, the protagonist does not hang up, hahahaha, hahaha, don't pull me, I am not sick, I am not sick!!!)


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