Douluo see you

Douluo see you

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  Cheng Ying, through the Possession Heaven Dream Ice Silkworm, came to the human world, only to find that Tang Chen is still a teenager, Bo Saixi is still a girl, and Shrek Academy has not been established. Everything has just begun, and it is full. Opportunity, the only shortcoming is that he has no golden fingers.

The soul master longed for him to approach a million-year-old spirit ring, and the soul beast longed for his delicious flesh and blood. The world is telling him that you will accomplish nothing in the end.


"In that case, I will blame me for subverting the world. The light of technology will eventually replace the grace of God. Stand up! Stand up behind my back!

Take your sickle and hammer, and lift yours. Shovel and steel gun, the mortals in the original book are not worthy of appearing in the plot! I will lead you to subvert this world with our hands. The hot molten steel reflects the red, which belongs to our future only.

Under the muzzle , All beings are equal! I will lead you with my ten thousand years of life, so that the gods and Buddhas will be wiped out in ashes!

Listen! Our goal is-the stars and the sea!"

Cheng Ying: "Fuck! The second disease is committed again! "
Douluo see you


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