Hogwarts Blood Wizard

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Others who crossed Hogwarts were soul-wearing babies and were well prepared, but Ivan sadly urged Ivan to cross directly to the venue of the sorting ceremony. what? I have learned dark magic before? Home in a dark magic shop in Knockoff Alley? Mother is an evil dark wizard? Just as Ivan was worried that his identity when he would return home in the future would be exposed, or that he would be skinned and boned, he gained the ability to fuse the blood of a magical creature. Why did the Dumbledore family get help from the Phoenix so often? Why did the fat dwarf star Peter escape in the middle of the night in tears? What is the truth behind Voldemort's snake-like face? The shadow of the unicorn that transforms from reality to reality, the pupil of the petrified basilisk, the power of the phoenix that controls flames... In the process of collecting blood, a different magical world has been revealed before Ivan.


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