Infinite Differences

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This world is a giant meat grinder. The danger that Tang Cheng has to face is not only those characters who are dangerous in the original work, but also those competitors who are thrown into the world by the main god to fight with him.

To be alive, of course, even if the corpses of other traversers are trampled on, beautiful women are also an indispensable resource. Naturally, they have not let go.

Even if it is a toy teased by a high god, it must climb to the peak bit by bit, and then push the invincible existence off the god seat!

The original Smasher, wandering through the various animation worlds, by the way overturns the story of the girl.

The current world progress is the deathmatch of Fate's five battles. The second world will be the devil's modified version of the mystery of the devil (backdoor chaos), the future diary, etc., including the survival of Apocalypse, Giants, Iron City and other battle royale Competition


I just want to ask, do you know the true meaning of my pen name?


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